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2009 Aug 11
Fuse problem
Hello all, I''m running a 64bit Centos5 setup and am trying to mount a gluster filesystem (which is exported out of the same box). glusterfs --debug --volfile=/root/gluster/webspace2.vol /home/webspace_glust/ Gives me: <snip> [2009-08-11 16:26:37] D [client-protocol.c:5963:init] glust1b_36: defaulting ping-timeout to 10 [2009-08-11 16:26:37] D
2011 Apr 14
allow_duplicate_certs = true not working?
I saw this feature became available in 2.7.0rc1 and wanted to try it out. I entered ''allow_duplicate_certs = true'' on both my master and agent systems in the puppet.conf (not sure if its need in both, saw it in genconf for puppetd and puppetmasterd though ...). I also have autosign.conf configured to allow autosigning for our domain (* I had my agent register with
2011 Sep 11
How To Expand an .erb Template Without Doing a Full Puppet Run?
We use puppet to distribute named zone files, like many of you do. We use git to maintain these files, which are then pulled by the puppet master machine. These zone files are actually puppet template .erb files. The other day, I made a mistake which resulted in some zone files with syntax errors in them. Puppet faithfully distributed the erroneous zone files to the name servers, which killed