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2008 Jan 09
mongrel, monit, and the many, many messages
Monit 4.9, Mongrel 1.0.1, Rails 1.2.6, Mac OS X 10.4.11 (PPC) I don''t know whether this is a mongrel issue or a monit issue. I''m trying to poke my way around a system set up by someone else. I have no more experience w/ mongrel that local Rails dev at this point, and a conceptual...
2008 Sep 21
Monit; BackgroundRB; environment variables
I started emailing monit mailing list because I started getting this problem where I couldn''t start backgroundrb with monit anymore, thinking it was a monit problem. However, I back tracked a bit since I had added code to my project, and monit was able to start backgroundrb again. I seem to have zeroed in on the...
2010 Jun 11
Service monitoring/"Monit"?
Has anybody here tried the "Monit" utility ( I need to set up some kind of "watchdog" functionality for a custom service otherwise started via init (i.e. via a script in /etc/init.d + rc*.d links managed by chkconfig) and it seems like this system may give me near...
2007 Aug 26
monit not executing start/stop/restart mongrels
Alright, I have googles and read through the docs on monit I get this error when adding -v starting monit monit: Cannot connect to the monit daemon. Did you start it with http support? monit: Cannot connect to the monit daemon. Did you start it with http support? Am I missing something here? set daemon 120 set logfile syslog facility log_daemon set ma...
2011 Mar 19
httpd cannot serve web page on port 2812 (for Monit)
Might there be anything CentOS related on why I cannot access the Monit GUI system on ? I am using a very basic /etc/monit.conf config, but I cannot get it serve the web page on my box The service start and stops fine (e.g. "/etc/init.d/monit start"), and I have it set to listen to port 2812 in t...
2016 Jan 26
system refuses to install monit.
_**_So I have epel enabled on this centos 6 server, but yum -y install monit will not install monit. yum search monit does not show monit as available to be installed. [root at lb1 ~]# yum install monit Loaded plugins: fastestmirror, presto Setting up Install Process Loading mirror speeds from cached hostfile * base: * epel: reflector.we...
2006 Nov 05
logrotate, mongrel cluster and monit
While I could figure this out, I''m asking here first to see if anyone has already dealt with/created this. I''m running a mongrel cluster, running 4 mongrels on ports 8001-4. I''m using capistrano to deploy. And I''d like to use monit to check to make sure everything is running nice. I''d like to have monit restart only single mongrels if they fail, and also have monit restart the mongrels after logrotate does it''s thing. Any quick suggestions/examples on a script for monit/logrotate? Thanks BTW I'...
2007 Nov 07
mongrel - monit issue
Hi, was wondering if anyone else had a similar problem and knows why or a solution. basically my mongrels seems to work fine. i am running three clusters all which are monitored by monit. monit has the ability to restart a mongrel if it doesn''t pass a port connection test. so the problem is that after some time. aprox. 6hrs. to 20hrs. after clusters are started, the mongrels get restarted by monit due to monit not being able to connect to said port. not...
2007 Apr 03
monit vs mongrel cluster
Is there anything mongrel cluster gives you that monit doesn''t? I''ll be using monit to monitor a number of other services anyways, so it seems logical to just use it for everything including mongrel. Chris
2007 Mar 29
Machine reboot - monit fails to start mongrels
Greetings - I dug around a bit and I couldn''t find a definitive answer to this question, apologies if it''s been covered before. A box running a apache 2.2 -> mongrel cluster for a rails app got power cycled at my ISP. Unfortunately monit couldn''t start the mongrel processes because the pid files were still there. Here is my monit config (for each mongrel process): check process myapp_mongrel_8000 with pidfile /data/wwwroot/ log/ start program = "/usr/...
2007 Aug 10
what is the correct way to stop/start a mongrel instance using monit with mongrel cluster
Hi -- I have been reading documentation and googling around to find the correct way to do this but I have found many ways that seem to not work, or the documentation makes no reference to. I am using mongrel cluster with 10 mongrels for each server. Recently I installed monit but which lead me to find the correct way to start/stop mongrel instances one pid at a time. I am assuming one pid at a time is the correct way... Currently, when I do a cap deploy we just kick mongrels with /etc/init.d/mongrel_rails.. I am assuming I should be using monit now when...
2012 Feb 16
Could not set present on ensure: Read-only file system
...-y -o DPkg::Options::=--force-confold install curl'' returned 100: W: Not using locking for read only lock file /var/lib/dpkg/lock E: dpkg was interrupted, you must manually run ''sudo dpkg --configure -a'' to correct the problem. err: /Stage[main]/Monit/Package[monit]/ensure: change from purged to present failed: Execution of ''/usr/bin/apt-get -q -y -o DPkg::Options::=--force-confold install monit'' returned 100: W: Not using locking for read only lock file /var/lib/dpkg/lock E: dpkg was interru...
2007 Jul 05
Does Puppet ensure that a service is up and running?
Just curious as to the functionality of puppet. Does Puppet ensure that a service is up and running as long as puppet is running? Ie, I want to make sure ssh is always running, if for some reason ssh get''s shut down, does puppet start it back up when it does it''s config sync run? Thanks! --------------------------------- Pinpoint customers who are looking for
2008 Mar 13
Merb in production with God/Monit
Hey All, I just wanted to get other peoples take on problems when running merb in production? Just as Rails used to do, the mongrels tend to get heavy/unresponsive over time so need a good kicking by a watcher daemon like god or monit. However, I have had serious problems getting God to restart the process, as the "merb -k <port>" command doesnt appear to work reliably and it cant kill off the old merb successfully so restarting the new one fails :''( What have other people experienced? How are you...
2012 Jun 27
Unicorn workers under Monit
Hi there, I would like to config Monit to monitor our production-unicorn-workers What memory size would you recommend to be the maximum reachable for a worker? so Monit can restart it. Thanks a lot ! Manuel Palenciano
2006 Oct 18
Segmentation bug - file_column?
Hi there everybody, We''re having mongrel processes slowly die on us, with a segmentation fault. I''ve seen a few other people mention similar issues. Any info or suggestions would be nice: Error: /var/www/apps/heritage/current/config/../vendor/plugins/file_column/ lib/magick_file_column.rb:7: [BUG] Segmentation fault ruby
2007 Mar 26
Monit + Mongrel woes
Hello all, So, I''ve been using monit with mongrel for a while now, since the 0.3.x days (I think it was). It used to work fine, but now I seem to be having some trouble. I''m currently using mongrel 1.0.1 and I am using the same monit configuration I''ve always been using, yet everytime monit should restart mongrel, I...
2007 Feb 27
mongrel_cluster and Monit
On one of my development servers mongrel dies when idle for any length of time. Since I''ve not been able to solve that problem I thought I''d route around it by using monit to kick things when necessary. My monitrc contains the following... -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- check process mongrel_8310 with pidfile /home/valleyc/apps/cms/dev/current/log/ group mongrel st...
2007 Sep 11
Merb & Monit
greetings, i have been trying to get merb and monit to play well. but monit won''t restart merb. neither will monit stop merb if it is still running but not responding. below is the monit config for the merb app. anyone know what i am doing wrong or have good strategies for using monit and merb? thank you - john weir check proce...
2006 Sep 26
Clustering - Avoiding "dead" processes?
I have Mongrel Cluster setup with Apache a mod_proxy_balancer. I''ve seen (from time to time) mongrel instances become non-responsive. Is there anyway to configure the balancer so that it "knows" which processes are no longer good and stops trying to use them? _______________________________________________________ The FREE service that prevents junk email