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2010 Apr 09
lattice background grid
Hi, I wonder if anyone knows how to control color and darkness of the background grid generated by ' type = c("g", "p") ' in a lattice plot (e.g., in xyplot). The documentation does not seem to offer a way to change them. Thanks a lot! Wen
2010 Jul 12
Xyplot or Tin-R problem?
...following script from xyplot Examples using Tin-R on Windows and saw no plot produced. EE <- equal.count(ethanol$E, number=9, overlap=1/4) xyplot(NOx ~ C | EE, data=ethanol, prepanel = function(x,y) prepanel.loess(x, y, span=1), xlab="Compression Ratio", ylab="NOx (micrograms/J)", panel = function(x,y) { panel.grid()(h = -1, v=2) panel.xyplot(x,y) panel.loess(x,y, span=1) }, aspect = "xy") The Rgui showed > source(.trPaths[5]) Without any error msg. Did I miss anything? Please enlighten me. Richard [[al...