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2003 Oct 19
problem with win.metafile( ): traceback()
For the first error message: > win.metafile(file = "//.../plot1.wmf", + width = 8.5, height = 6.25) > lset( list( background = list(col = "white"))) Error in get(x, envir, mode, inherits) : variable "win.metafile://.../plot1.wmf" was not found > traceback() 4: get(device) 3: tre...
2002 Mar 13
win.metafile and multiple plots
I'm having difficulty using the win.metafile command. I'd like to place three plots in one window and then save the window as a metafile. The commands I want to use are: win.metafile("mike.emf",width=3,height=2,pointsize=10) nf <- layout(matrix(c(1,2,3), 3, 1), heights=c(1,1,1)) plot(rnorm(10)) plot(rnorm(...
2010 Dec 22
Poor quality plotting symbols in Windows metafile
Hello, when I try to use the filled circle (pch = 16) in a Windows metafile, it appears highly pixelated rather than as a smooth vector. The other filled circles (pch = 19 and 20) are vector circles, filled with pixels. Results are the same whether I use windows() and save or copy as a metafile, or win.metafile() Also, some of the other symbols are misshapen, e.g. the d...
2003 Mar 15
plots to metafile and x/y ratio
...ype="l", asp=1) where val is the object with the latitude/longitude data. In the screen the figure is perfect, and I can copy to the clipboard and paste it to other places. I can also saved using png() or jpeg(), althoug the quality is much lower. However when I try to save it as metafile (from the plot window or by using win.matafile), the file I obtain do not keep the x/y ratio. I'm interested in this metafile because the quality in much higher then the png, jpeg. Any suggestion? I'm working with R.1.6.1. on Windows. If somebody is interested, I could send them th...
2000 Dec 15
resolution of windows metafiles
I am having trouble getting smooth-appearing curves in figures produced as windows metafiles using R (R-1.1.1 on Windows 98). When I import them into a word processor (either MS Word 97, or WordPerfect 9.0), the figures appear only slightly bumpy on screen, but when printed, there is a clear jaggedness reminiscent of aliasing. Is there a fix for this (if the answer is "upgrade to...
1999 Jul 05
win.metafile use
...h happily handles repeated calls: psf<-function(filename){ dev.print(postscript,file=paste(sep="",filename,".ps"),horizontal=F) return() } To produce metafont files, I adapt this to, for example, test<-function(filename){ dev.print(device=win.metafile,file=paste(sep="",filename,".wmf")) return() } Repeated calls to this function work satisfactorily for the first few calls, (e.g 15 calls work, the next does not) but finally it fails with these messages: (in a new windows box) Impossible to create metafile (in Rg...
2007 Jun 29
Print grid/ggplot to a metafile
Dear UseRs called Hadley, or Paul, I am trying to print an edited ggplot2/grid graphics to a metafile. With the commented line below it works, but when I edit the plot by uncommenting the line, it fails, because it's illegal to have 2 graphics in a metafile. It works with pdf, but even then I get two plots, which is a nuisance. I found a workaround by using windows(); savePlot, but it only wo...
2004 Jun 04
Error() term in glm model formula
Hello, My data are numbers of trees in plots sampled in a number of forest stands. Some stands were subjected to a treatment, others not. Several plots were sampled per stand to get a better idea of what the stand means were, but replication is really at the stand level. Therefore I think this is a split-plot design. I would like to know whether the treatment affected the number of trees, so:
2003 Oct 20
win.metafile and Linux
Hi Folks, I see that people have been discussing the win.metafile device on the list since before 2000. Yet I have never seen this on a Linux distribution of R. Is this because the device works by making calls (GPL calls of course!) to a proprietary Windows library? In that case I can understand that it would be far from kosher to implement it on Linux. But I...
2004 May 08
Re: metafile copy and R 1.9.0, trellis, grid
OK. Deepayan sent me the copy of a chat on another list between John Fox, Duncan Murdoch and Paul Murrell. The bug in the gui.exe looks like being reported with an example to turn it before he has been definetely fixed. Just try: trellis.device("win.metafile", file="test.emf") data(iris) cloud(Sepal.Length ~ Petal.Length * Petal.Width | Species, data = iris, screen = list(x = -90, y = 70), distance = .4, zoom = .6) This set of commands create a file ("test.emf") in the working directory, write a cloud plot in the fi...
2000 Feb 08
Windows metafile
Running R : Copyright 1999, The R Development Core Team Version 0.90.1 (December 15, 1999) on NT 4.0 gives me problems with: win.metafile(file="./x.emf") x <- 1:100/7 plot(x,cos(x),type="n") lines(x,sin(x)) abline(v=0:15,h=-2:2/2,col=gray(0.8)) Only labels and titles on axes are in the file. No axes or lines of any kind. (I look at the file by inserting it in Word, which is what I need for my cli...
1999 Jul 21
rwinst + metafile + gif
...rd-disk). It should be available tomorrow from Wien (and in few days from the other mirrors). 2) gif There was some problems in rw0641. It used to work before and it should work again in rw0642 (at least, it does on my system). So, please, if you need it, follow Brian advice: update to 0.64.2. 3) metafile Can someone send me some code which reproduce the problem. I have just now tried with some of the demo plots (demo(graphics) and demo(image)) without experimenting problems. What happens if plots are sent directly to the metafile (not copied from a running window device)? I.e., > win.metafile(h...
2007 Apr 16
Histograms of lots of variables
...o produce histograms of the 3rd through 20th variables in my dataframe, but R doesn't like that. Could anyone provide a suggestion? Also, once I produce the histograms, I'd like to save them as graphic files on my computer. How would I do that using code (rather than Right-click | Save as metafile, which would be tedious for dozens of histograms). Thanks, Mark [[alternative HTML version deleted]]
2003 Oct 20
Re: win.metafiles in linux and R; for instance I had to apply a rotation argument so that when I transferred the resultant EMF file to Windows and then imported it into Word it would be right-side up. Plus, I only tried some basic examples, like plot(1:10) and a couple of snippets from example(xyplot). So yes, in theory a win.metafile() function is possible in R under Linux. But as has been pointed out, (1) There are many more important things for the R-core developers to concentrate on, and (2) all contributions are welcome. Note for example, that at the libEMF site (,...
2017 Nov 11
Wine release 2.21
The Wine development release 2.21 is now available. What's new in this release (see below for details): - Still more metafile support in GdiPlus. - Indirect draws support in Direct 3D. - Calling convention fixes on ARM. - Improved serial port detection on Linux. - Services fixes on WoW64. - Better DPI scaling in the Shell Explorer. - Various bug fixes. The source is available from the following locations:...
2002 Dec 13
R: help needed. Slow output to metafile
Hi! I am using R 1.6.0 with ESS on Win2000. My code outputs a lot of graphics to the win.metafile graphics device (a .wmf file on disk). When i start my code through 'ESS Evaluation' code works slowly, but output works fast. And when i run my code through R Term directly (without ESS), output to win.metafile device takes a _lot_ of time (approximately, 1.5-2 minutes per plot). Please,...
2017 Jul 21
Wine release 2.13
...e development release 2.13 is now available. What's new in this release (see below for details): - Unicode data updated to Unicode 10.0.0. - Nicer looking default mouse cursors. - Persistent connections support in WinHTTP. - Message Framing protocol support in WebServices. - Improved metafile support in GdiPlus. - Debug registers support in x86-64 exception handling. - Anti-aliasing improvements in DirectWrite. - Various bug fixes. The source is available from the following locations: http:/...
2006 Jul 21
Problems with character spacing in windows metafiles...
...any good solutions. For Windows users, the WMF is the most convenient format for saving vector graphics. EPS is not an option for me. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Cheers, Dan -- View this message in context: Sent from the R help forum at
2017 Oct 31
Wine release 2.20
The Wine development release 2.20 is now available. What's new in this release (see below for details): - Improved event support in MSHTML. - Preloader support on ARM64. - Interpolation modes in Direct3D. - Improved metafile support in GdiPlus. - Initial version of Kerberos5 Authentication Package. - OLE clipboard cache improvements. - Various bug fixes. The source is available from the following locations: http://mirrors...
1999 Jul 23
Getting R graphics into MS Word (more)
...have looked at the problem in some more detail. I am using Rgui.exe Version 0.64.2 (July 3, 1999) running under Windows NT To demonstrate the problem, I run the program: > win.graph(width=5, height=3) > data(women) > plot(women) Then, in the graph window, I select the command Save as metafile using the right mouse button, and save the file in c:\temp\women2.emf Then, in Microsoft Word (97 SR 2) , I can import this file using Insert/Picture/FromFile When I do this, the picture is truncated to about 70% of its correct width and height. I have looked at the metafile produced by...