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2007 Jan 19
Merb Init Script to emulate the mongrel_cluster_ctl but it takes a -c conf_file option... meaning I can run it from anywhere as long as I tell it where the conf file is. Merb doesn''t have that capability does it? (it has an additional/supplemental config like mup.conf etc) Do I have to be under the merb_app root /path/to/merb/app/ to be able to run merb? Let me know. Thanks, rogelio
2007 Aug 31
Bootstrapping from SVN
...ems/rubigen-1.0.3/lib/rubigen/lookup.rb:164:in `instance'' /usr/lib/ruby/gems/1.8/gems/rubigen-1.0.3/lib/rubigen/scripts/../scripts.rb:30:in `run'' /v/build/merb-trunk/lib/merb/generators/merb_app/merb_app.rb:13:in `run'' ./lib/merb/server.rb:216:in `run'' bin/merb:6 Cheers, Brian.
2006 Dec 23
Generating a merb app skeleton...
I have just started playing with merb. I think this framework has great potential so ATTA BOYS are in order !! Perhaps I missed something in the readme file, but how do I generate a default app in merb. I was looking for something like the cmd below to generate the app hierarchy ?? > merb myapp -Fernand -------------- next part -------------- An HTML attachment was scrubbed... URL: