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2004 Jul 24
I wanted to direct packageInfo to a file, so I could add comments, e.g., in MS Word. The following command stored the desired information in an object: mclustInfo <- help(package="mclust") Then "mclustInfo" displays it on my screen. To direct it to a file, I tried the following: sink("mclust.txt") mclustInfo sink() This sequence created an empty file "mclust.txt", while displa...
2005 Jul 19
Library mclust in 64bit compiled R
Hi, All; I tried to use library mclust in 64-bit compiled R 2.0.1 but failed. Installation went smoothly without any warning or error. However, when I tried to use them with the following simple code, it crashed. Library(mclust) Dat <- c(rnorm(20, mean=0, sd=0.2), rnorm(30, mean=1, sd=0.2)) Ind <- Mclust(dat, 1, 5)$classification...
2008 Jul 21
Mclust - which cluster is each observation in?
I'm trying to test a method of identifying individuals (birds) based on measured data (their calls). I have test data from known individual birds, and I am using the Mclust package to see if the program can correctly identify which calls come from different birds. So far, mclust has correctly ID'd the number of birds in the test data set (i.e., the correct # of clusters). However I also need to correctly assign each call to the right bird (i.e., data rows (calls...
2002 Feb 14
Subsets in mclust
Dear group, I want to use the mclust package on large data, and therefore I want to use a subset in the initial clustering phase. From help(mclust): k: If `k' is specified, the hierarchical clustering phase will use a sample of size `k' of the data in the initial hierarchical clustering phase. The d...
2003 Nov 15
r 1.7.1, MacOS 9.2.2, mclust 2.0-2
To Whom It May Concern: I am new to r and mclust, so this may be a silly question. It has also been a lot of years since I have used unix regularly. I have version 1.7.1 of r, precompiled for Classic Mac OS (I am running 9.2.2 on a PowerBook G4). I downloaded the precompiled version 2.0-2 of mclust for Classic MacOS. The implementation of r...
2009 Dec 07
Sweave and license message when loading mclust package
When loading mclust, it shows a license agreement message. This message shows up in my document when I use Sweave. I did the following: <<echo=FALSE,include=FALSE>>= library(mclust) @ Is this a problem with mclust, Sweave or with me? How can it be fixed? Thanks for any suggestions! Titus
2004 Oct 21
Cluster Analysis: Density-Based Method
Hi people, Does anybody know some Density-Based Method for clustering implemented in R? Thanks, Fernando Prass _______________________________________________________
2008 Mar 26
out of colors in Mclust with 12 clusters
I'm running Mclust 3.0 in R-2.7.0 and have run into a situation where the optimal number of clusters, 12, seems to be greater than the number of colors available to Mclust. The code below, which demonstrates errors, does not if the max no of clusters is set at 10. sessionInfo, after a restart of R and loading of...
2012 Nov 26
cluster analysis error - mclust package
I am following instructions online for cluster analysis using the mclust package, and keep getting errors. These are the instructions (there is no sample dataset unfortunately): # Model Based Clustering library(mclust) fit <- Mclust(mydata) plot(fit, mydata) # plot results print(fit) # display the bes...
2000 Dec 07
mclust was Re: R or Splus
> > However... I could become an R convert if I'm told it's > > > > a) mind-bogglingly simple to install on Win Nt > > there are firm limits to my geek credentials > > b) can handle cluster analysis with 2000 records (mclust, preferred, > > although I'd take kmeans if nec'y). Splus 5.0 on the > > Manchester Cray has been falling over on this, much to my great > > annoyance, no matter how large a workspace I give mclust, hclust > > or kmeans, etc. > > There is an mcl...
2003 Nov 15
r 1.7.1, MacOS 9.2.2, mclust 2.0-2 (Update), lapackLib
I am new to r and mclust. I have version 1.7.1 of r, precompiled for Classic Mac OS (I am running 9.2.2 on a PowerBook G4). I downloaded the precompiled version 2.0-2 of mclust for Classic MacOS. It appears (from the example I was using below) that I need a library called lapackLib. There does not appear to be a precomp...
2010 Sep 22
Help with mclust package
Hi, I am trying to run th mclust package on a variable "Tuberculin indurations" recorded as mm. The file has only one variable. When I run the package I get NULL value for mu and sigma. Can anybody say why? This is the program: library("mclust") mc<-Mclust(x.trab,G=1:9,warn=TRUE) mc mc$mu sqrt(mc$sigm...
2009 Dec 04
flexmix and mclust help
Hello, I'm trying out flexmix and mclust for the first time on some univariate data which is typically best described as lognormal, but can sometimes be gamma distributed as well. I first tried using EM on mclust assuming the data was lognormally distributed and could only get it to work in "E" mode, i.e. the equal variance mode...
2007 Jun 28
prior covariance in Mclust
Hello, I'm trying to use Mclust to fit a Gaussian Mixture Model to a mulitdimensional data set. Because of the specific source of my data, I know that all components have the same variance and that the covariance between dimensions is zero (modelname=VII). Furthermore, I have a reliable estimate of the variance of the component...
2004 May 06
Problem with mclust surfacePlot function
I am trying to follow the mclust examples in "MCLUST: Software for Model Based Clustering, Density Estimation and Disriminant Analysis" by Chris Fraley and Adrian Raftery, but I cannot reproduce the density and uncertainty surfaces for the Lansing Woods maples. I am using R 1.8.1 with the code below. The same code work...
2005 Oct 22
package mclust: cdens, EMclust?
Dear Knowledgeable R Community Members, Please excuse my ignorance -- I apologize in advance if this is an easy question, but I am a bit stumped and could use a little guidance regarding parameters in 2 functions in the "mclust" package. -------------------- PROBLEM DESCRIPTION -------------------- I have a finite mixture modeling problem -- for example, a 2-component gaussian mixture -- where the components have a large overlap, and I am trying to use the "mclust" package to solve this problem. I need...
2007 Mar 23
plotting dnorm() issued from mclust models
Dear all I have a problem in fitting lines() of the normal distributions identified with Mclust on a histogram or a mclust1Dplot. Here is some sample code to explain : set.seed(22) foo <- c(rnorm(400, 10, 2), rnorm(500, 17, 4)) mcl <- Mclust(foo, G=2) <- sqrt(mcl$parameters$variance$sigmasq) mcl.size <- c(length(mcl$classification[mcl$classification==2]), len...
2007 Oct 17
question about mclust and prior probabilities
I'm sorry, this is probably a very simple question. I am relatively new to R and am having difficulty understanding how to use the mclust options to change the prior probabilities for a mixture model. I am dealing with a situation where I have 2 groups of data and it is known that the sample sizes are different in the population. I want to incorporate the probability associated with each group into the mixture model to obtain b...
2010 Jan 06
positive log likelihood and BIC values from mCLUST analysis
My question is with respect to mCLUST and the values of BIC and log likelihood. The relevant part of my R script is: ######################### BEGIN MDS ANALYSIS ######################### #load data data <- read.table("Ecoli33_Barry.dis", header = TRUE, row.names = 1) #perform MDS Scaling mds <- metaMDS(data, k =...
2008 Jun 12
using MCLUST package to estimate a poisson-gaussian process
...ise, this should not include the conditional probabilities for the noise component. I am confused... Also how to specify the model-specified parameters in the em() function besides just mean and variance? what if i want to estimate the mean reverting speed?? Can anyone share the experience of using MCLUST package to estimate poisson-gaussian process? THanks! Tessa [[alternative HTML version deleted]]