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2011 Oct 25
difficulties with MuMIn model generation with coxph
...coxph is supported. However, when I run the code (see below), it gives me the following error message: Error in UseMethod("logLik") : no applicable method for 'logLik' applied to an object of class "logical" ##RCode #read in the data >data1<-read.table('MaleData500.csv', sep=',', header=T) survival<-Surv(data1$, data1$Died) #create the full (global) model, a coxph object >globemodel<-coxph(survival~ edgeden + pctroad + pctcc90+ pctcc80 + pctcrsog + ravine + canfrag + pctoldc, data=data1) #evaluate all subsets of models us...