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2013 Mar 21
Processed (with 1 errors): Fix broken submitters (double encoded)
...e names in list view Changed Bug submitter to 'Matthias Bl?sing <matthias.blaesing at>' from 'Matthias Bl??sing <matthias.blaesing at>' > submitter 430379 G?raud Meyer <geraud_meyer at> Bug #430379 {Done: Loic Minier <lool at>} [evince] evince still does not support gzipped or bzipped DVI files Changed Bug submitter to 'G?raud Meyer <geraud_meyer at>' from 'G??raud Meyer <geraud_meyer at>' > submitter 433682 Patrick Sch?nfeld <schoenfeld at in-medi...
2011 Mar 30
(fwd) Bug#618616: arm build failure with latest binutils - usr/klibc/syscalls/_exit.S:29: Error: .size expression does not evaluate to a constant
fwd'ing to klibc malinglist. ----- Forwarded message from Lo?c Minier <lool at> ----- Date: Wed, 16 Mar 2011 23:34:51 +0100 From: Lo?c Minier <lool at> To: Debian Bug Tracking System <submit at> Subject: Bug#618616: arm build failure with latest binutils - usr/klibc/syscalls/_exit.S:29: Error: .size expression...
2006 Apr 26
Search multiple models
Hello, Lets say you have a few models like Post, Article, Wiki, Comment, And you want to use ferret to search all of them at once. How would I set up the latest acts_as_ferret to accomplish this? And what would be fastest for searches? 1 index for all models, or have an index per model? Thank you -- Posted via
2011 Nov 12
Time series analysis with random effects
Hi folks, i have some problems with my evaluation. We have collect tons of data from 23 testpersons for our new road study. I have now a time series for each person and all the logs when he accelerates or hits the break trying to solve five different tasks. The dataset lools like: # Unixtime time accelerate break UserID task #10372 1312358742 10:05:41.600 3.054 0.000 2 "lane" #10373 1312358742 10:05:41.700 3.056 1.000 2 "emergency" The break variable is bina...
2011 Oct 17
Bug#645588: Shouldn't recreate alias on upgrades
Package: logcheck Version: 1.3.14 Severity: normal Tags: patch Hi I don''t want the logcheck email alias because I configure logcheck to send email to a different address, but it keeps getting re-added on upgrades. I''ve prepared a patch to only add the alias on install, not on upgrades, but I''ve noticed some small issues with the rest of the postinst
2012 Feb 18
Bug#644583: Extra patch for smtpd_client_port_logging
Hey Still related to the use of smtpd_client_port_logging = yes in Postfix'', here''s an extra patch for the "too many errors after" log message. Cheers, -- Loïc Minier _______________________________________________ Logcheck-devel mailing list
2012 Oct 23
Bug#691258: Missing / in RE for "reducing the advertised EDNS UDP packet size"
Package: logcheck Version: 1.3.15 Severity: minor Tags: patch Hi, Got this log from time to time in System Events: Oct 23 13:48:16 pig2 named[28880]: success resolving ''26.0/'' (in ''0/''?) after reducing the advertised EDNS UDP packet size to 512 octets Changing the regexp for the