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2011 Sep 16
CentOS 6.0 Heartbeat missing logd??
...easy to fix with a quick source rpm rebuild, but now I have run into a new wall I am hoping someone can help me with. The latest Heartbeat package from EPEL (heartbeat-3.0.4-1.el6.x86_64.rpm) I thought would be the easy way to go for EL6 (was using v3.0.3 on EL5), but it appears to be missing the logd daemon that it is supposed to include. Heartbeat logd With Heartbeat v3.0.3 I had the daemon installed as expected as: /etc/ init .d/ logd . In CentOS 6, I installed the v3.0.4 from EPEL and there is no logd installed. Of course heartbeat is complaining that logd is not running, but...
2010 May 05
heartbeat package in extras trouble with 5.4
...heartbeat-2.1.3-3.el5.centos The heartbeat daemon no longer starts.. the init script reports a success, as well as the logs: May 4 22:33:10 fc-fmcln02 heartbeat: [9344]: info: Enabling logging daemon May 4 22:33:10 fc-fmcln02 heartbeat: [9344]: info: logfile and debug file are those specified in logd config file (default /etc/ May 4 22:33:10 fc-fmcln02 heartbeat: [9344]: info: Version 2 support: false May 4 22:33:10 fc-fmcln02 heartbeat: [9344]: WARN: logd is enabled but logfile/debugfile is still configured in May 4 22:33:10 fc-fmcln02 heartbeat: [9344]: info: ****...
2017 Aug 02
Problem with IPTABLES logging message to the screen/console
Hi I am not sure how to solve this. I am constantly getting messages that should go into the kern/message log printed on screen - MOSTLY from iptables. The messages are ALSO logged to the syslog files. It still prints those message onto the console screen even if I am logged off (security issue). When logged in on the console its anoying as I constantly have to hit CTRL-L to refresh the
2006 Nov 11
Ubuntu experience
What is everyone''s experience with Puppet on Ubuntu? Does it work as expected? Any caveats or oddities? -- DK -- Digant C Kasundra <> Technical Lead, ITS Unix Systems and Applications, Stanford University
2005 May 29
I am googgling right now but am unable to find a simpler description of how to get logrotate to do what i want it to do. I have a cs 1.6 server that generates quite a bit of logs. That log generation is going to increase significantly with one of my plugins i am going to be installing(logD and the impressive plugin). I want to tell logrotate to daily rotate all the logs inside my /servers/hlds/cstrike/logs folder. A new log is generated every map change and when any on-the-fly configuration is changed. Over the past 5 days there are 350 logfiles. How can i te...
2006 Jan 18
4.2 Lockup on Fujitsu-Siemens Primergy Econel 200
...pot without kernel panicking. I altered the rc.sysinit file so that at the configuring hardware step it does not load any modules. It passes (forcefully) the configuring hardware step but it freezes at the next "Configuring kernel parameters" step. There are no errors in the log as the k(logd) is not started at that point. For a change, i installed a FC2 and it's stable. However i want that Centos running! Please give me some advice. CM lspci output: 00:00.0 Host bridge: Intel Corp. Server Memory Controller Hub (rev 0c) 00:00.1 Class ff00: Intel Corp. Memory Controller Hub Er...
2000 Dec 06
No subject
Dear , I want to import Excel data (.XLS). Can you help me to this. Best regards. Nour-Eddine HAKIM -.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.- r-help mailing list -- Read Send "info", "help", or "[un]subscribe" (in the "body", not the subject !) To:
2017 Aug 06
Problem with IPTABLES logging message to the screen/console
...ed levels see the --help output. For example, -n 1 or -n alert prevents all messages, except emergency (panic) messages, from appearing on the console. All levels of messages are still written to /proc/kmsg, so sys? logd(8) can still be used to control exactly where kernel mes? sages appear. When the -n option is used, dmesg will not print or clear the kernel ring buffer. ...
2006 Aug 23
bcmxcp: stop whining (and log spamming)
corrupted checksums happen all the time with the 6-port serial card, even when only using one port (and I don't give a shit about the other ports, if anybody has a one-port laying around...) so stop whining already. $OpenBSD$ --- drivers/bcmxcp_ser.c.orig Wed Aug 23 11:15:54 2006 +++ drivers/bcmxcp_ser.c Wed Aug 23 11:26:37 2006 @@ -168,8 +168,8 @@ int get_answer(unsigned char
2005 May 09
shorewall suddenly dropping all from outside
...he DSL-link and shorewall, which happens every 24 hours anyway, I doubt that the problem is related to that. I also tried to set up logging, to see what happens to the dropped packets in which chain. but that''s also very strange - I can''t get logging to work, either! I installed ulogd and I think I have the ulogd-support in the kernel - I compiled the kernel myself, and the .config file has a CONFIG_IP_NF_TARGET_ULOG=y - is there a way to tell if it really works, if I don''t have support for /proc/config.gz? I setup ulogd like told on the shorewall homepage, rep...