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2007 May 25
[new script] smbldap-userlist
...rent_user = getpwuid($<); if ($current_user and $ARGV[0] and $current_user ne $ARGV[0] ) { die "Only root can change other users inormation\n"; } } else { if ( $ARGV[0] ) { $user = $ARGV[0]; } $pass = 1; } if (!defined($user)) { $user = getpwuid($<); } my ($dn,$ldap_master); # First, connecting to the directory if ($< != 0) { # non-root user if (!defined($pass)) { # prompt for password print "UNIX password: "; system "stty -echo" if (-t STDIN); chomp($pass=<STDIN>); system "stty echo" if (-t STDIN);...
2004 Nov 03
Samba3 + LDAP - troubles joining domain (have to do it twice)
Hello, I have the following test setup: 1) Samba3 + slave OpenLDAP - the same PC, win2k in same LAN 2) OpenLDAP master OpenLDAP slave and master are divided by a rather slow internet VPN link. Whenever I want to add a PC to a domain, I have to do it twice - with first time I get an error on a client side, second join is successful. I guess it's because master and slave are divided by
2007 Dec 07
CentOP 5.1 Problem with smbldap-passwd
...;///////////////////////// # Update 'userPassword' field if ( $update_unix_passwd ) { my $shadowLastChange=int(time()/86400); my $modify; if ($< != 0) { $modify = $ldap_master->modify ( "$dn", changes => [ replace => [userPassword => "$hash_password"], replace => [shadowLastChange...
2009 Sep 18
Failing to add XP SP3 client to Samba domain
Hi, I'm running samba 3.2.5 as a domain controller on a Debian Lenny server with authentication data stored in a local openldap instance. The server has been running smoothly since I originally set it up on Sarge. I upgraded to Etch a while back and then to Lenny about a month ago. I'm trying to add a new Windows XP SP3 client to the domain for the first time since the latest upgrade
2005 Jun 04
smbldap-tools and joining workstation to domain
...chomp($pass2=<STDIN>); print "\n"; system "stty echo"; if ($pass ne $pass2) { print "New passwords don't match!\n"; exit (10); } my ($lmpassword,$ntpassword) = ntlmgen $pass; my $date=time; my $modify = $ldap_master->modify ( "uid=$userName,$config{computersdn}", changes => [ replace => [objectClass => ['inetOrgPerson', 'posixAccount', 'sambaSAMAccount']], add => [sambaLogonTime => '0'], add => [sambaLogoffTim...
2004 Jul 23
Base ldap access file.
Hi, Having set up a few Samba-ldap installations, I always end up with the feeling that OpenLDAP ACLs is what took time. The following patches / scripts might help someone else. I would appreciate some input on the file so that it is even better tuned. Mr Tournier and the sambateam: Please include the files you find usefull. The attached files are: : A