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2007 Nov 13
rails story runner returning a nil response code
...blems with the Rails story runner returning a response code of "0" when doing get/post/etc methods? I just grabbed the latest rails/rspec and just started noticing this problem, Regular controller specs pass as expected. -- Josh Knowles phone: 509-979-1593 email: joshknowles at web:
2007 Apr 13
ZenTest autotest now handles RSpec, yay!
Josh Knowles just let me know that ZenTest Autotest 3.50 now handles your RSpec specs. That''s a great news. Josh also shared with me a quick hack to make...
2007 Apr 13
rspec on rails won''t install
Hi: This command: svn co svn:// Gives me this output: svn: URL ''svn://'' doesn''t exist If I go the
2007 Nov 26
Renaming RailsExample to RailsExampleGroup
Fyi, I made the following renames: * RailsExample -> RailsExampleGroup * FunctionalExample -> FunctionalExampleGroup * ControllerExample -> ControllerExampleGroup * ViewExample -> ViewExampleGroup * HelperExample -> HelperExampleGroup * ModelExample -> ModelExampleGroup This was done to keep the naming consistent with ExampleGroup.
2008 Jan 10
Hey, we''re currently using shoulda ( shoulda/) on a project and I saw some things that would be really nice to see in rspec, namely the should_ methods, and especially the should_be_restful method. Do these go against the rspec goals at all? Or could an ambitious programmer go to town implementing these for rspec_on_rails? Nathan
2007 Mar 28
Is anyone using rspec with autotest? Scott
2007 Apr 17
using rake db:fixtures:load with rspec fixtures
Hi, I''m new to rspec. I have some fixtures in /spec/fixtures. If they were in /test/fixtures they could be loaded with rake db:fixtures:load. Is there any way other than a symlink to load my rspec fixtures into the database with rake? Or, can I cause rspec to load the fixtures from /test/fixtures? Thanks, Paul
2007 Mar 29
a better "should have valid associations"
This is pretty much the same as last time around, if you recall. Thanks to Wilson for converting to the new form. I''ve added a few lines. Basically, it iterates over your model associations and does two things. - First, just try to call the association. Usually fixes speeling erors or other such silliness. - Second, try to find a record with an :include on the association. This
2005 Mar 02
Don''t Try This at Home (rails --help)
So I was attempting to determine what version of Rails I was running; I first I did rails -v which went off and created a -v directory. I then did a rails --help which created a --help directory... I dont know if you have ever tried, but deleting a directory named --help from the cli is about impossible! I had to write a ruby script to clean up the mess I made!
2005 May 17
Basecamp API
Seeing as how the new Basecamp API reflects a similar use of RoR that I have been working on I''m curious as to what we can expect to be extracted from there in 0.13? Was the API written as an ActionWebService or just as a set of controllers? Any generic AR xml parsing/output methods that we may see in 0.13? Any reason you decided to do everything with HTTP Get instead of utilizing
2006 May 02
Mongrel on Textdrive
As anyone deployed on Textdrive using Apache + Mongrel? If so did you just install the GEM locally? I have filed a support request with Textdrive querying when we will see the Mongrel GEMs installed but have received no response yet... Thanks! Josh -------------- next part -------------- An HTML attachment was scrubbed... URL:
2006 Apr 20
ActiveRecord: Many-to-Many problem
I am trying to make many-to-may relationship on classes Section and Content. Both Content and Section has: has_and_belongs_to_many :contents and has_and_belongs_to_many :sections and I have an exception when trying to access model properties: "undefined method `add_contents'' for #<Section:0xb745c514>" def add_content_entry @section = Section.find(params[:section_id])
2008 Jan 16
All, Sorry for spamming this list about this but I think everyone who could help me with this problem is on this list... If there is a better place to post this question let me know. Anyways, I am trying to use rspec_on_rails_matchers in my rails app to improve my view specs but I can''t get them to work. The helpers for the form tags never seem to be called. I created a new Rails
2007 Aug 13
Oracle support for rake db:reset
...he rake db:reset task. I don''t consider myself an Oracle expert by any means, and would appreciate if someone familiar with the database can take a look and verify that I''m going in the right direction. Thanks. 1. -- Josh Knowles --~--~---------~--~----~------------~-------~--~----~ You received this message because you are subscribed to the Google Groups "Ruby on Rails: Core" group. To post to this group, send email to To unsu...
2005 May 19
GUIDs vs. Auto-Increment id's
I know this thread has been discussed before, but I have run into this problem and would like to re-open it... I have come to a point in my project where I need to provide an import/export feature for Active Records. Since a user could export off one system and import onto another auto-increment integers will not work (collisions on ids due to lack of uniquness). Listed below is an initial
2005 Aug 22
XML "Un-Builder?"
I''ve been unserializing XML in PHP with the XML_Serializer class, and I''m wondering if anyone knows of such a class for Ruby. Nothing fancy, just perhaps a simple way of converting arbitrary XML to a Ruby object. Maybe this has been implemented somewhere already? Thanks, Raymond
2007 Jun 18
Phoenix Rails Users Group
...Where: Office of Integrum Technologies 290 East El Prado Court, Chandler, AZ (north-east of Arizona and Warner) Topic: Overview of alternative Ruby web frameworks ---- Please join us Tuesday evening at 6:30 pm for the Phoenix Rails Users Group. This month Josh Knowles and Jade Meskill will be giving an overview of Merb and Camping, two of the many alternative Ruby web frameworks, as well as discussing when it may be appropriate to use a framework other then Rails for your web development project. Please note that the location has changed, Molly Brannigans decid...
2020 Feb 12
encrypted storage on the fly using user's password without storing password on the server
Hi all, I just joined the list. I've read through the mail-crypt plugin docs here I'm still unclear (I'm not an expert) about the following: Is it possible to obtain on-the-fly encrypted storage using the user's password without the password being stored on the server? Basically a
2007 Jul 09
Mocking User.find( :all, :limit => 10 )
Hi, I''m trying to setup a mock for my controller test but I can''t get it to recognise the mock. I use it "should find all users" do User.should_receive(:find).with( :all, :limit => 10 ).and_return([@user]) do_get end and in the controller @users = User.find(:all, :limit => 10 ) But this does not work. It gives me User expected :find with (:all)
2006 Jul 19
Using Application.rhtml as layout for all controllers
I put my nav system in application layout. that way any controller loading will have the nav system. I have one problem though - the <%= yield %> is in the body, so how would my controllers specify other css files? my application layout would look like this: <html> <head> title css include javascript include </head> <body> nav system <%=yield%>