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2012 Jun 28
Best practice on Javascript and rails
Hi, I get constantly nervy whenever trying to implement any javascript / jquery in rails, basically because I''m not sure where to put things in the project! I know the people at rails have thought long and hard about how to best structure an app, so I''d like to learn the correct way. I''m using rails 3.2, ruby 1.9.3 //////...
2010 Jun 02
Ajax with JQuery
I have used Ajax link and live validation in index.rhtml Ajax link requires JavaScript "prototype" and live validation requires "jquery". i got "element.dispatchEvent is not a function" on the firebug console when i used "prototype" and "jquery" in same page index.rhtml after i removed javascript "prototype" library, i got "Ajax is not defined" on the firebug console when i cli...
2011 May 25
trouble using jQuery in Rails 3.0.7
I''ve tried to install JQuery a couple of times now, and I''ve followed the steps for Rails UJS mentioned here: The last time I went ahead and added jQuery UI as well: $ rails generate jquery:install --ui remove public/javascripts/prototype.js r...
2011 Sep 01
couldn't find file 'jquery' rails 3.1 stable mountable engine
When I create a new engine in Rails 3.1 stable and then access the dummy app or the engine I get an error say that the app can''t find jquery. I''ve created the engine using rails plugin new coffee --mountable I''ve also created a basic controller in the engine and the dummy app. If I remove the javascript include tag, everything works. But with the tag there it just bails since it can''t fine jQuery. The jquery...
2011 Jul 07
Rails 3.1 + jQuery + jQuery UI = data is null
Trying to get jQuery UI to work with my rails 3.1 setup, but i keep getting errors that i cant see posted anywhere, this is driving my insane so please have a look => [application.js] // This is a manifest file that''ll be compiled into including all the files listed below. // Add new JavaSc...
2011 Aug 10
javascript_include_tag error
<!DOCTYPE html> <html> <head> <title><%= @title %></title> <%= csrf_meta_tag %> <%= javascript_include_tag "", "jquery.rails.js" %> <script type="text/javascript"> syntax error, unexpected '','', expecting '')''
2012 Nov 02
jquery error in production precompiled
In my rails project, for production precompile I do : rake assets:precompile RAILS_ENV=production But it not work for jquery. In my firegub console, I got the error “ReferenceError: JQuery is not defined “ at production.rb # Disable Rails''s static asset server (Apache or nginx will already do this) config.serve_static_assets = true # Compress JavaScripts and CSS config.assets.compress = true config.a...
2010 Sep 09
Rails3: jquery-rails gem sets 'config.action_view.javascript_expansions' but cannot be overriden in 'config/application.rb'
Hello, I''ve created a new Rails3 app and I''m using jQuery instead of prototype. Gemfile: gem ''jquery-rails'' in my config/application.rb I want do the following: config/application.rb if Rails.env.production? config.action_view.javascript_expansions[:defaults] = %w(jquery.min rails application) else config.action_view...
2007 Feb 12
document "expando" properties broken in Konqueror
I noticed that some of my event handlers and scripts evaluated in ajax responses didn''t work in Konqueror (3.5.5). document.getElementsByClassName is not defined in these contexts. I can work around this, by saving document.getElementsByClassName in a (namespaced) global variable once and reassigning it before each use. Still, this misfeature is annoying and not restricted to this
2007 Mar 19
jQuery Users...
Any jQuery users out there? I would like to learn more about incorporating jQuery with Rails as the performance seems to be the best of any library I''ve seen and it is great in separating the JScript from the HTML. Any suggestions on where to get started? I''ve read this (http://b.les...
2010 Apr 09
dynamically linking to ajax.googleapis jquery
Hi I am using jquery and jqueryui in my application And in layout I use <%= javascript_include_tag ""%> <%= javascript_include_tag "
2012 May 10
getting started with jQuery rails 3.2
Hi all, I''m trying to work out how to get started using some jQuery in my rails app. rails -v = 3.2.2 ruby -v = 1.9.3-p194 I''m only sporadically a web-developer, and still quite inexperienced with jQuery especially, so I may be making an obvious mistake. Essentially, I''ve done very little after creating a new app, I''ve learnt that jQue...
2011 May 04
using jquery datepicker within a jquery dialog
...tepicker no longer appears. this is where the dialog is created: <%= link_to ''Close Escalation'', new_version_path, :class => ''popup'' %> these are my includes <%= stylesheet_link_tag " jqueryui/1.7.2/themes/redmond/jquery-ui.css", "application" %> <%= javascript_include_tag " jquery/1.4.2/jquery.min.js", " jquer...
2011 Sep 07
jquery and ajax query in rails 3
hi people I don''t know much about ajax - jquery. And right now I need to use some functionality with them. In a form (sales model) I have the following code: <div> <%= f.label :product_id, "Product" %> <%= f.collection_select( :product_id, Product.all, :id, :name, options={} ) %> </div> <div...
2011 Dec 19
Jquery Modal Dialog with Jquery DatePicker field strange behavior
Hi people. I need your help here, please. I have a rails 3.0.9 app, and I''m using Ajax to save some records to the database. To achieve this, I use a jquery modal form, but one of the fields is a datepicker, and if I click on it to display the calendar it doesn''t work. The thing is, I press submit without fill all the fields, so, my custom validations were shown, telling me that I must fill some fields, and when I did that... surprise... the...
2013 Jan 23
Need to change jquery version in my rails project
Hello everyone, Currently my rails 3.2.8 project loading jquery 1.9.0 In this jquery 1.9.0 live() method not working. How can i change loading jquery version? Please help. -- You received this message because you are subscribed to the Google Groups "Ruby on Rails: Talk" group. To post to this group, send email to rubyonrails-talk-/JYPxA39Uh5T...
2013 Feb 12
Rails parameters get lost because of jQuery link
(Original post:, unfortunately no response) I saw this Railscast ( the other day and wanted to use the techniques for an application of mine. I have a page with elements on it and I want to sort them by values and select t...
2012 Apr 15
JQuery-rails gem spec removal
Hi there, I don''t know if this is the right place to discuss such a topic. I''ve suggested to remove jquery-rails spec folder, since it hasn''t got any tests, they are not adapted to RSpec2 and not even to latest rails. They are one year old and it contains only one empty test. I have an application that runs all tests on all engines, being jquery-rails one of them. I have to explicitly skip thi...
2009 Aug 07
calling a jQuery function from RJS/onclick
Hi, I have the following jQuery function on the head of my page. <script type="text/javascript"> jQuery.noConflict(); /* calling jNice on document ready */ jQuery(document).ready(function($) { $(''div.jNice'').jNice(); }); ..... </script> On page load, this get...
2011 Oct 21
How to transform my html form into a rails 3 form
.../td> <td>You</td> </tr> </table> With that code I can hide rows in my table by just checking the boxes and show them by unchecking the boxes! Now I want to do that in pure Rails 3 code with a check_box_tag, but I don''t know where to put my jquery code. I already watched the Railcast episode about jquery, but that didn''t helped me at all! I hope some can help me! The best would be to get a short example how to do that. Sebastian -- You received this message because you are subscribed to the Google Groups "Ruby on Rails: Tal...