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2020 Jan 07
[ANNOUNCE] fonttosfnt 1.1.0
...pper. This release includes a few code changes that warrant the minor version number bump, but for a summary the git shortlog is about as useful as any summary I can come up with. Alan Coopersmith (2): Update README for gitlab migration Update bug URL for gitlab migration Jouke Witteveen (3): Correct a string literal Mention .otb as an extension Accept a BDF font on stdin Maya Rashish (1): Avoid undefined behaviour Peng Wu (1): Round font size to integer value when reading bitmap font Peter Hutterer (2): Mark vsprintf_alloc as print...
2005 Jul 08
Compile errors and warnings with samba-3.0.14a
Hello folks, While compiling samba I get a lot of warnings and errors which I don't know how to handle. I've been searching the internet and I found several notes from other people having the same errors/warnings, but never found a solution. In fact there was no response at all to these cries for help. Hopefully somebody will react to my cry... Can somebody give me a clue of