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2008 Jul 15
[PATCH] ioemu-remote: Fix pci pass-through
ioemu-remote: Enable pci pass-through by default. -- Jean Guyader _______________________________________________ Xen-devel mailing list
2007 Nov 08
Bug#450638: Rebuild fails even if only debian/changelog updated
...ian/changelog~ 2007-10-19 17:03:06.000000000 +0100 +++ debian/changelog 2007-11-08 15:55:48.000000000 +0000 @@ -1,3 +1,10 @@ +xen-3 (3.2~0changeset16319) unstable; urgency=low + + * Updated to xen-unstable changeset: 16319:dfe9c0c10a2c + * Made patches apply. + + -- Ian Jackson <iwj at> Thu, 8 Nov 2007 15:43:40 +0000 + xen-3 (3.1.1-1) unstable; urgency=low * New upstream release: mariner:xen-3-3.1.1> dpkg-checkbuilddeps mariner:xen-3-3.1.1> debian/rules build if [ -f debian/control ] && [ -f debian/control.md5sum ]...
2011 Oct 12
pv-grub Solaris support
Hello all, I''ve patched pv-grub to allow it to boot a Solaris PV domU using an unmodified menu.lst. The attached patch has been tested with various Solaris versions (Solaris 11 Express, OpenIndiana 151a, OpenSolaris 134, Nexenta Core 3.0.1; all 64-bit). I appreciate your feedback. The patch consists mainly of Oracle''s grub modifications, which add ZFS support and
2008 Jan 25
xen-unstable debian/patches against 16890:c2216dce87fb
Attached is the output of svn diff after I dealt with conflicts between svn:// r486 and xen-unstable.hg 16890:c2216dce87fb. I hope this is helpful. Regards, Ian. -------------- next part -------------- An embedded and charset-unspecified text was scrubbed... Name: debian-adjust-patches-2008-01-25.diff Url:
2007 Nov 09
debian/patches/* for xen-unstable 16319
I've resolved the conflicts between the xen-unstable svn tree's patchset and xen-unstable 16319 (which was the tip a few days ago). The result is below, as the output of `svn diff' - so a series of interdiffs, unfortunately. Also, I noticed that after installing the resulting packages, it wasn't able to correctly select the xen-unstable tools; instead, it fell back to the default.
2013 Mar 15
[PATCH 4.1] Add DomU xz kernel decompression
...19:36 2011 +0000 Signed-off-by: Ian Jackson <> [ This is byte-for-byte identical to Bastian Blank''s backport of the same changeset to xen-4.1, as found in Debian xen_4.1.4-2.* patch debian/patches/upstream-23002:eb64b8f8eebb -iwj ] diff --git a/tools/libxc/xc_dom_bzimageloader.c b/tools/libxc/xc_dom_bzimageloader.c index 73cfad1..c5737db 100644 --- a/tools/libxc/xc_dom_bzimageloader.c +++ b/tools/libxc/xc_dom_bzimageloader.c @@ -187,11 +187,10 @@ static int xc_try_bzip2_decod...
2010 Jun 28
[PATCH] add xl ocaml bindings
Signed-off-by: Vincent Hanquez <> --- tools/ocaml/Makefile | 2 +- tools/ocaml/common.make | 2 +- tools/ocaml/libs/xl/ | 209 ++++++++++++ tools/ocaml/libs/xl/xl.mli | 209 ++++++++++++ tools/ocaml/libs/xl/xl_stubs.c | 706
2017 May 04
Xen package security updates for jessie 4.4, XSA-213, XSA-214
Moritz Muehlenhoff writes ("Re: Xen package security updates for jessie 4.4, XSA-213, XSA-214"): > Yes, the distribution line should be jessie-security, but please send > a debdiff to team at for a quick review before > uploading (I have no idea whether dgit supports security-master). Here is the proposed debdiff (actually, a git diff) for xen in jessie. My
2013 Dec 01
[PATCH 00/13] Coverity fixes for libxl
Matthew Daley (13): libxl: fix unsigned less-than-0 comparison in e820_sanitize libxl: check for xc_domain_setmaxmem failure in libxl__build_pre libxl: correct file open success check in libxl__device_pci_reset libxl: don''t leak p in libxl__wait_for_backend libxl: remove unsigned less-than-0 comparison libxl: actually abort if initializing a ctx''s lock fails libxl:
2012 Dec 13
[xen-unstable test] 14682: regressions - FAIL to boot because the BIOS is not able to access the device. This is a regression from Xen 4.1, which is able to boot from "file:/" based backends when using stubdomains. [ By inspection, this patch does not change the flow for the non-stubdom case. -iwj] Signed-off-by: Roger Pau Monné <> Acked-by: Ian Jackson <> --===============4225535325976605124== Content-Type: text/plain; charset="us-ascii" MIME-Version: 1.0 Content-Transfer-Encoding: 7bit Content-Disposition...