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2006 Mar 01
library file for R''s nmath routines
Hi, I am wondering where the library file for R''s nmath routines are? Doing a search on libR gave me the following: /usr/lib/ /usr/lib/ /usr/lib/R/lib/ /usr/lib/R/lib/ /usr/lib/ /usr/lib/ None of these have the functions in
2005 Oct 07
trouble installing AnalyzeFMRI package: please help
Hi, Tried to install AnalyzeFMRI on Linux (FC-4) and got the following: > install.packages("AnalyzeFMRI") trying URL '''' Content type ''application/x-gzip'' length 308066 bytes opened URL ==================================================
2005 Aug 31
eigen-decomposition of symmetric BCCB matrices
Hi, Can anyone please point to how to decompose BCCB (Block-Circulant-Circulant-Block) matrices? I am interested in the derivations: I do know that this can be numerically done using 2-dimensional FFTs. Many thanks and best wishes!
2006 Jan 30
OT: code for non-central t-density/cdf
Hi, This is not an R question, but can anyone please point me to C/Fortran (C preferred) code which calculates the non-central t-density or the cdf? Many thanks and best wishes! GT