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2011 Jan 19
/etc/rc.conf on CentOS 5.5?
Hi All I am investigating an Apache change I was told about that involved adding apache22_http_accept_enable="YES" to /etc/rc.conf, but I don''t think this exists on CentOS 5. Can anyone help me decide where to make this change? -Jason
2005 Dec 14
belongs_to and multiple foreign keys
Hi all, I''m confused about how I''m supposed to specify a belongs_to relationship when the table includes multiple columns that reference the same parent table. In my case I have a "schedules" table with "opened_by" and "closed_by" columns, that both reference the "users" table. In theory, they can be two different user ids. table
2006 Oct 31
6216819 smserverd''s use of asynchronous cancellation needs investigation
Author: arutz Repository: /hg/zfs-crypto/gate Revision: 27575db763e2bf926e8c2aaedcb607e5eaf31a72 Log message: 6216819 smserverd''s use of asynchronous cancellation needs investigation Files: update: usr/src/cmd/smserverd/smediad.c update: usr/src/cmd/smserverd/smediad_err.c update: usr/src/cmd/smserverd/smserver.h
2005 Aug 07
Reswigged link error
After reswigging I get link problems: Functions.obj : error LNK2001: unresolved external symbol _mWxruby2 Mac.obj : error LNK2001: unresolved external symbol _mWxruby2 Events.obj : error LNK2001: unresolved external symbol _mWxruby2 ... Which is intriguing since it seems to be defined in wx.cpp
2017 Sep 07
investigate & troubleshoot speed bottleneck(s) - how?
hi guys/gals I realize that this question must have been asked before, I sroogled and found some posts on the web on how to tweak/tune gluster, however.. What I hope is that some experts and/or devel could write a bit more, maybe compose a doc on - How to investigate and trouble gluster's speed-performance bottleneck. Why I think such a thorough guide would be important?
2007 Mar 14
OpenBSD IPv6 remote kernel buffer overflow. FreeBSD has this too?
Good day. Just spotted the new advisory from CORE: Not an expert, but FreeBSD''s src/sys/kern/uipc_mbuf2.c has the very simular code. Robert, anyone, could you please check? Thank you. -- Eygene
2004 Jun 18
Sharing bandwidth
Hi there, I''ve got the following problem on my hand..... I''m a sysop for a school in the netherlands. We have a network with 5 different schools (and 1 administration). Each of those have their own ip range in the private network ( and so on). For all these schools we have an internet uplink of 2mbit. And this bandwidth should be shared as fairly as possible.
2005 Aug 12
Functions that return objects...
I was investigating why the find dialog causes an error when you close it. It seems that wxRuby2 is returning a new ruby object when you call Event.get_dialog. This causes some big problems when you''re expecting you''re going to get back the same ruby pointer that you put in. In a brief check over the source I don''t see anything that preserves the original ruby
2012 Apr 04
Samba4 high cpu load
OpenSUSE 12.1 Version 4.0.0alpha19-GIT-7290a62 Upon starting, s4 burns the CPU for around 5 minutes: PID USER PR NI VIRT RES SHR S %CPU %MEM TIME+ COMMAND 3672 root 20 0 72780 20m 2388 R 95.4 1.1 0:36.84 samba After which all is well. Maybe this is just openSUSE as on Ubuntu it''s less than 5 minutes (but still there). Any ideas? Cheers, Steve
2010 Sep 08
domU paravirt vfb problem
Hello! I''m investigate strange behaviour of vfb in paravirt domU (centos 5) VNC servers started after creating domain, but information in xenstore appears sometimes after 1-2 minutes after start. Why this happening? And how can i get VNC port immediate after creating of domU? Thank''s. -- Vasiliy G Tolstov <> Selfip.Ru
2012 Nov 17
[Bug 9407] New: rsync transfers cause zero window packets Summary: rsync transfers cause zero window packets Product: rsync Version: 3.0.9 Platform: All OS/Version: Linux Status: NEW Severity: major Priority: P5 Component: core AssignedTo: ReportedBy:
2007 Sep 04
virt-factory investigation (Server setup)
Hi, I was trying to get virt-factory on my CentOS 5. First I set up virt-factory repo (with fc6 packages). Then following installation documentation I''ve typed: ------------------------------------------ yum install virt-factory-server ------------------------------------------- Wich returned: ----------------------------------------------------------- Error: Missing Dependency:
2007 Sep 04
virt-factory investigation (Server settings)
Hi, Next step is setting up mirrors fo virtual guest deployment This requires editing: ---------------------------- /etc/virt-factory/settings ---------------------------- This time I''ll use FC6 mirrors to test product functionality. When editing this file setup local IP (not localhost) of the server. Next step is to start management server:
2007 Sep 07
virt-factory investigation
Version 0.0.4 is out, but unfortunately unly for F7 According to: EL5 will be soon available. All depends on busrpc(AMQP) package - available only in f7 for now. So we need to wait even more.... ----------------------------------------------------------------- ??? ? ??????? ???? ????, ?????? ????
2006 Nov 14
Krauler UP-M500VA investigation
Hi, All! I've recently bought an UPS. It is Krauler UP-M500VA, it has USB port and is a HID device. But as I discovered the only HID application it supports is 0x860004, so it isn't claimed by both hidups and newhidups drivers, because it uses a vendor-specific values. I tried to discover values in that x86 page, but I failed. How can I do it? And after I get values how to understand
2010 Jun 26
Bug#587150: #587150: d-i netinst cd doesn't boot, isolinux error: further investigation
Holger Wansing <linux at> writes: > I found, that this not only a problem of the netinst cd, but > also hardware dependent. > I can boot my old 486 Toshiba Satellite laptop with this cd, > but on my IBM Thinkpad T23 the cd produces the isolinux error: > > Error: no configuration file found. > > (The T23 does not contain the original optical drive, I
2005 Dec 02
UserEngine: stack level too deep
Hi, I''m trying to get the UserEngine running. I have installed the LoginEngine, added the essential lines to environment.rb / application.rb and application_helper.rb. Worked fine. Then I did the same with the UserEngine and when trying to set up the db: rake engine_migrate ENGINE=user I get: Migrating engine ''user_engine'' rake aborted! stack level too deep
2013 Oct 24
known MSI errata?
On Fri, Oct 25, 2013 at 7:43 AM, Robert Morell <rmorell at> wrote: > On Mon, Sep 30, 2013 at 10:44:12AM -0700, Lucas Stach wrote: >> Hi, >> >> recently we tried to enable MSI interrupts with nouveau. Unfortunately >> there have been some reports of things failing with certain cards, where >> it isn't entirely clear if this is a GPU errata or
2013 Sep 30
known MSI errata?
Hi, recently we tried to enable MSI interrupts with nouveau. Unfortunately there have been some reports of things failing with certain cards, where it isn't entirely clear if this is a GPU errata or some other component in the PCIe chain failing. Could you perhaps investigate if there are any known Nvidia GPU erratas with regard to MSI interrupts, or maybe tell us the generations of cards
2011 Dec 20
Xen interfaces / hooks
Hello all, I have been looking through the internet and through the wiki, trying to find something which explains in details the available interfaces with which one might be able to insert some code to make some slight additions to Xen functionality. I am doing some research on the possibility of adding some extra functionality to Xen, and my supervisor has mentioned that these are things worth