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2007 Aug 24
SSHFS installation
....x86_64 1.616-1.el5.rf rpmforge fuse-smb.x86_64 0.8.5-1.el5.rf rpmforge fuse-unionfs.x86_64 0.18-1.el5.rf rpmforge But.... [root at pandora /]# sshfs root at my_remote_server:/root /mnt root at's password: fuse: device not found, try 'modprobe fuse' first OK, let's to try the system's advice... [root at pandora /]# modprobe fuse FATAL: Module fuse not found. I've tried to use depmod command without success. ............. -- Thanks, Jordi Espasa Clofen...
2007 Jul 05
Postfix and mysql
Hi all, ?Is Postfix package provided without mysql database suport? It seems yes: [root at ares ~]# postconf -m btree cidr environ hash ldap nis pcre proxy regexp static unix ???? If definitively yes ?is there some way to activate mysql suport?
2007 Jun 05
CentOS Based Linux Firewall Document
I know that some of you from the list have asked me in the past for a copy of my CentOS based Linux Firewall document. There are also those that have no clue what I am talking about. This is for the former group... There is a new version of my document out. It's changed quite a bit since the last person asked me for it. Some of the changes are: * Updated the scripts in the Useful Shell
2007 Aug 29
Chroot tool
Hi, Currently I'm working on building chroot environment for a several users. The needs of those users are different, so the binaries and their libraries are differents too. The building process tends to be so tedious. I'm using a odd script to automatize the copy of needed libraries, but it not works very fine. ?Is there some tool to automatize the chroot jails
2007 Jun 18
Correct xen domains path
Hi all, Two questions 1. According to it would be /srv/xen or even /var/lib/xen/images. ?What is the correct absolute path to put into the xen domains files? 2. Moreover, if you want the domU(s) boot together dom0, you should put the domains files (images) into
2007 May 14
Trying to install CentOS 4.4 as a domU
Hi all, Few days ago I installed a CentOS 5 domU on a xen-box with CentOS 5 dom0 also. All worked fine; I used virt-install assistant and I created a local http repo for increase the process speed. I've tried to do the same with CentOS 4.4 domU, but always I get an error relationated with unavailable HTTP resource. It's curious... so I downloaded the x86_64 complete DVDs for 5 and
2007 May 02
Virtual Machine Manager DNS resolver
Hi all, I'm trying to install CentOS 5 as a domU in a CentOS5 dom0 system and I use Virtual Machine Manager to do it. I've dumped all CentOS5 CDs contents in /var/www/CentOS to make a local http media source. It works fine in dom0 browser. When I arrive in "Locating installation media[*]" step I point out to http://localhost/CentOS (which is perfectly
2007 Jun 22
VGA boot options in XEN kernel
Hi all, I've got a new LCD 19" monitor. It's a good device, but I always work into a shell environment, so the fonts size is too big for comfortable activity. I've tried to increase the resolution adding the vga=VALUE parameter in kernel-xen line, but it seems not work. Some useful info: [root at horus ~]# uname -a Linux horus 2.6.18-8.1.6.el5xen #1 SMP Thu Jun 14 18:01:24
2007 Jun 25
iptables rule (MAC filtering)
Hi all, I've a CentOS box which as two NIC; this box is also a router for LAN subnet: ------------------------------------ | eth0 (external) | | eth1 (internal) | ------------------------------------ | LAN clients ( I want to allow http acces only for two LAN boxes; an only http access, which means that others protocols as smtp, pop3,
2007 Jul 02
Bacula in CentOS 5
Hi all, I'm planning to use Bacula in production environment. I've seen the Bacula packages are not provided neither by any official repo nor any third popular repo (as rpmforge). ?Anyone use bacula in CentOS 5? -- Thanks, Jordi Espasa Clofent
2007 Aug 08
mysql.users deleting
Hello, Today I was working with MySQL in a test box (CentOS 5.0 x86_64) using phpMyAdmin interface. Accidentaly I've removed user table in mysql database (so, mysql.users)... :S I've two interesting questions: 1) Despite of it, ddbb server seems to work perfectly. I use 3/4 diferent databases with their mysql users... and it works yet! I don't understand, because