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2009 Jan 27
paravirtualized vs HVM disk interference (85% vs 15%)
...s not supported on it. However we suppose that could be possible put the two disk images in different HDD''s and use the iostat tool from the sysstat suite (which allow to sees disk activity in a per-device basis) to observe the behavior. - Is the behavior ok? We mean, we consider that this interference is undesirable for certain deployments (anyone with paravirtualized and HVM guests in the same box, like in example Linux+Windows2003, and you want a fair share of the disk transfer rate). What we are asking is if this is a consequence of the Xen design and a known behavior, and if there is a worka...
2010 Apr 27
Record call without caller interference
Hello list, can a conversation be recorded without the caller or callee having to press some combination that is defined in features.conf ?? Like in queues.conf you have the ability to record a conversation with MixMonitor when the caller is connected to an agent/member of the queue. Can this auto-recording also be implied on normal Dial(something) ?? So that when the call is picked up
2011 Feb 11
windows/fonts files interference (bug?)
Hello. I''m running wine-1.3.12 on Fedora 14 and I found out that, since the last update, wine has issues when additional .ttf files are put in windows/fonts directory - wine picks them as a default font for GUI rendering. I tried putting in/out several different ttf files, and the results were mixed. Sometimes the font was picked. Sometimes ignored. And sometimes it caused wine
2004 Dec 30
Network interference? Settings?
I have a problem. I''ve purchased 2 different brand NAS devices that both use Samba in some form as their "sharing" mechanism. When I attach them to the LAN I get dreadful speed. To the tune of under 3.5GB per hour transfers. I''ve even done tests on the same subnet. Two Windows servers on that vlan can move files at great speeds. Map one of them to the NAS and it crawls.
2006 Mar 12
alias_method interferes ApplicationHelper
Hello, I''m using Ruby 1.8.4 (darwinport), rails-1.0.0 (gem) , Powerbook / Mac OS X 10.4.5 , Webrick. How come Rails always raises NoMethodError for my helper (must_fill and rp or number_to_currency_rp) in application_helper.rb ? I doubt that alias_method is the culprit, but if i give # comment then there will be no errors at all ... :/ what am i doing wrong? is it a bug or stupid
2006 Sep 07
comments on handbook chapter
``You do not want to overbuild your security or you will interfere with the detection side, and detection is one of the single most important aspects of any security mechanism. For example, it makes little sense to set the schg flag (see chflags(1)) on every system binary because while this may temporarily protect the binaries, it prevents an attacker who has broken in from making an easily
2008 Nov 17
Question about running SecuROM under WINE
I am new to WINE, and Unix-based systems in General. I have up until recently been using Windows XP Home, but after installing Spore, SecuROM was also installed onto Ring 0 of the Kernel and has pretty much fried my computer. Apparently, because of where it installed itself, it interfered with other programs and now I can''t get anything to work right. So I switched to Ubuntu 8.10 for
2006 Sep 19
Effect.Highlight interferes with Effect.toggle
I''m using something like an accordion, but the div containers have some elements in them that use Effect.Highlight (i.e. InPlaceEditor and Ajax.Checkbox, one of my SAU classes). If I click the element that starts the Effect.SlideUp or some other similar effect, and then mouse over an element starting an Effect.Highlight, the highlight cancels the SlideUp. Or, if the Effect.Highlight
2011 Mar 03
Does RSpec interfere with Pathname#dirname or Pathname#realpath ?
Hi, I starting a new project, and have run into behavior I cannot replicate in irb, (i.e. outside of using rspec) when the directory? returns true, so I thought I''d ask here, in case any one has seen this badhavior. ruby-1.9.2-p136 rspec (2.5.0) rspec-core (2.5.1) rspec-expectations (2.5.0) rspec-mocks (2.5.0) When I try to run this spec: require Pathname(__FILE__).ascend { |d|
2004 Feb 01
Assistance with data import from Statistica
...If you are not the intended recipient, please contact the sender by reply e-mail and destroy all copies of the original message. I do not represent, warrant and/or guarantee that the integrity of this communication has been maintained nor that the communication is free of virus, interception or interference or errors caused by virus, interception or interference." [[alternative HTML version deleted]] ______________________________________________ mailing list PLEASE do read the posting guide! ht...
2006 May 23
Shaping of pppoe clients
Guys After reading through the archives I found some insightful ways to be able to shape traffic to pppoe clients from the server. I have two questions on the topic of setting up a pppoe server however... 1. The clients will all be connected to each other using a normal ethernet network, the segments connected with managed switches. The capacity is roughly 500 nodes. Will these pppoe sessions
2005 Nov 29
Optimizing linux for the routing of realtime video
I''m currently trying to optimize a linux machine which acts as a Layer 3 router of RTP H.263 video. Occassionally I''ll get delays related to layer 2 wireless retries, thus rendering the video on the recieving end stale/useless. Is there way to optimize a linux machine to route realtime video? In my case, losing a few frames of H.263 is better than having the video
2008 Mar 23
redcloth gem ragel code doesn''t build in jruby
I tried to install RedCloth-3.274 in jruby (trunk) but the install failed when RedCloth tried to build the C code using mkmf: I forget whether SuperRedcloth ever did build in JRuby?? I know Hpricot (which also uses ragel which can compile to Java code) works in JRuby -- with the patch here: I might be confusing the
2007 May 06
Channel Bank
Can someone recommend a good quality 24 or greater port channel bank? Steve -------------- next part -------------- An HTML attachment was scrubbed... URL:
2007 Aug 07
NTLM proxy auth against a Samba 3 server
...nication are those of the individual sender, except where the sender specifically states them to be the views of a member of Adelix Ltd. Adelix Ltd. does not represent, warrant or guarantee that the integrity of this communication has been maintained nor that the communication is free of errors or interference. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Scanned for viruses, spam and offensive content by CensorNet MailSafe Professional Web & E-mail Filtering from
2008 May 12
Escape characters or replace function
Hello, I need to use the ${DATETIME} macro inside the filename saved by Record, but the colons ('':'') used in the time interfere with the command (everything after the colon is interpreted as the format I wish to save to): My command is: Record(/path/to/voicemail/${EXTEN}-${DATETIME}-${UNIQUEID}:wav) I need some function to escape the colons inside DATETIME...
2006 Nov 21
pdc on linux and not 200 server
Hi, I have on the same domain a linux server runing samba as a PDC, and a 2000 server. I want the linux box being the boss. What do I have to do on the W2K box to avoid any interference. thanks in advance Philippe
2005 Sep 29
Interfaces basic question
...ble. I know it''s stupid, but it is the network I have to use for a demo. I have in mind to construct an HTB class tree for some network limitations for the outgoing traffic. The question is: can i use the HTB class mechanism on 2 subinterfaces of the same physical network card without any interference? Please let me know as soon as possible. I need to know if I start working on this or I have to change the hardware. Thank you, Marius _______________________________________________ LARTC mailing list
2005 Apr 01
[ANNOUNCE] ESFQ for Linux 2.6.12-rc1 This version no longer interferes with the original SFQ; unlike previous versions, you can still use an unpatched tc with SFQ. Patching tc is still needed for ESFQ, though. I''ve tested this patch with Linux 2.6.11 as well. Please tell me if you have any problems. I''m
2008 Mar 18
Running multiple mongrel to "serve" the same rail application with active scaffold
Hi, I want to run more then one mongrel for the same rail application on the same machine, using the same rails files. This application use "active scaffold" when I start one mongrel some files are writes in the public/plugin_assets/ folder. If I start more then one mongrel it is possible these files become scrambles ?, there is also some files in