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2007 Feb 08
Best phone for easy provisioning
Does anyone have any recommendations for a phone that has easy to understand/implement central provisioning? I've used CISCO 79XX phones, and they're great (but too expensive). I like Grandstream phones, but their provisioning sucks. What is everybody else using in large environments where individual config is not an option? ---------------------------------------- Rod Bacon
2020 Jul 12
pedido de ayuda
...r y quisiera saber si pudieran ayudarme dándome algunas pistas para bajar los paquetes que se necesitan para activar muchas de las funciones que aparecen en la pestaña de Análisis y empezar a aplicar algunos análisis. Yo sé que tal vez se dediquen sólo a trabajar con R (pero yo recién descubro esta interfase del RCmdr y me resulta más amigable, soy psicóloga y hago psicometría) Desde ya, muchísimas muchas gracias desde Argentina!!!!!  Dra. Ana Kohan Cortada     CIIPME-CONICET        155 0441827 [[alternative HTML version deleted]]
2002 Aug 30
Old linuxbox as BwM
...B. What i''m wondering is if with a AMD 100Mhz (stealed from a museum ;-), 16Mbps RAM i can do bandwidth management to 20 network hosts, which connect wirelessly (not all, but mostly of these) sharing a wireless link of 800 kbps (kbit in tc grammar) and i''m simulating an external interfase of 256 kbps. The ASCII art is as follows: ____________ e0| |e1 ____ _________ to client --------| Linuxbox |----|HUB |----|Wireless | 800kbps devices | 100MHz16MB | |____| |AP | ) ) ) ) (PC,Hheld) |___________...
2011 Sep 20
Fichero de parametrización
Hola,   No encuentro ningún enlace en el cual poder ver ejemplos de ficheros de texto destinados al paso de parámetros (para suplir la carencia de interfaz gráfica) y me vendría bien para perfeccionar mi estilo. Entiendo que la estructura debe facilitar la importación de esa info desde el programa en R, y a su vez facilitar la tarea al usuario final, que es quien indica el valor de los parámetros.
2004 Apr 30
Configuration on a Vonage Motorola VT-1000
...etween the cablemodem and a home gateway. Therefore, I understand, it has no ip on it's own, it uses the ip that the home gateway gets from the DCPH server at my cable provider. How can I access this VT1000? should I do it from the inside my network or from the internet? I know it has an http interfase, I just cannot figure out how to get there... what IP? what port? where from? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Hernan -------------- next part -------------- An HTML attachment was scrubbed... URL:
2004 May 25
spandsp hylafax asterisk and confusion
I have been attempting to download, compile and configure spandsp to function with * without much luck. I am guessing that some assumptions were made regarding the users knowledge level of Linux. Sadly, I must not live up to those assumptions. My problem begins when after compiling spandsp I look for the app_rxfax.c, app_txfax.c, app_dtmftotext.c and makefile.patch files to place in the