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2013 Jan 17
Fwd: Re: Inconsisten declaration of ssh_aes_ctr_iv()
Oops, I meant to CC the list on this. -- Iain ----- Forwarded message from Iain Morgan <Iain.Morgan at> ----- Date: Thu, 17 Jan 2013 14:51:01 -0800 From: Iain Morgan <Iain.Morgan at> To: Damien Miller <djm at> Subject: Re: Inconsisten declaration of ssh_aes_ctr_iv() On Wed, Jan 16, 2013 at 21:26:39 -0600, Damien Miller wrote: > On Mon, 14 Jan
2010 Dec 02
Integral of PDF
The integral of any probability density from -Inf to Inf should equal 1, correct? I don't understand last result below. > integrate(function(x) dnorm(x, 0,1), -Inf, Inf) 1 with absolute error < 9.4e-05 > integrate(function(x) dnorm(x, 100,10), -Inf, Inf) 1 with absolute error < 0.00012 > integrate(function(x) dnorm(x, 500,50), -Inf, Inf) 8.410947e-11 with absolute error <
2011 Jun 06
Taking Integral and Optimization using Integrate, Optim and maxNR
Dear All, Hello! I have some questoins in R programming as follows: Question 1- How to take the integral of this function with respect to y, such that x would appear in the output after taking integral. f(x,y)=(0.1766*exp(-exp(y+lnx))*-exp(y+lnx))/(1-exp(-exp(y+lnx))) y in (-6.907,-1.246) It is doable in maple but not in R. At least I could not find the way. p.s: result from maple is:
2005 Jul 28
using integrate with optimize nested in the integration
Hi guys im having a problem getting R to numerically integrate for some function, say f(bhat)*optimize(G(bhat)), over bhat. Where id like to integrate this over some finite range, so that here as we integrate over bhat optimize would return a different optimum. For instance consider this simple example for which I cannot get R to return the desired result: f <- function(bhat) exp(bhat) g
2007 Aug 22
Hi, I am trying to integrate a function which is approximately constant over the range of the integration. The function is as follows: > my.fcn = function(mu){ + m = 1000 + z = 0 + z.mse = 0 + for(i in 1:m){ + z[i] = rnorm(1, mu, 1) + z.mse = z.mse + (z[i] - mu)^2 + } + return(z.mse/m) + } > my.fcn(-10) [1] 1.021711 > my.fcn(10) [1] 0.9995235 > my.fcn(-5) [1] 1.012727 >
2007 Dec 17
Dear All, I need to perform a numerical integration of one dimensional fucntions. The extrems of integration are both finite and the functions I'm working on are quite complicated. I have already tried both area() and integrate(), but they do not perform well: area() is very slow and integrate() does not converge. Are in R other functions for numerical integration of one dimentional
2008 Mar 12
Types of quadrature
Dear R-users I would like to integrate something like \int_k^\infty (1 - F(x)) dx, where F(.) is a cumulative distribution function. As mentioned in the "integrate" help-page: integrate(dnorm,0,20000) ## fails on many systems. This does not happen for an adaptive Simpson or Lobatto quadrature (cf. Matlab). Even though I am hardly familiar with numerical integration the implementation
2007 Dec 06
Integral implicit function
Hi, Could somebody help me with the following. I want to calculate the integral over an implicit function. I thought to integrate over a function depending on uniroot. In previous topics I found a thread about finding the root of an integral. And that works. But the other way around, does not work. Does R support this? I included the following example. The function in the example is very easy
2010 Jun 23
integrate dmvtnorm
Hello, everyone, I have a question about integration of product of two densities. Here is the sample code; however the mean of first density is a function of another random variable, which is to be integrated. ## f=function(x) {dmvnorm(c(0.6, 0.8), mean=c(0.75, 0.75/x))*dnorm(x, mean=0.6, sd=0.15)} integrate(f, lower=-Inf, upper=Inf) ## error message Error in dmvnorm(c(0.6, 0.8), mean =
2011 Jun 22
numerical integration and 'non-finite function value' error
Dear R users, I have a question about numerical integration in R. I am facing the 'non-finite function value' error while integrating the function xf(x) using 'integrate'. f(x) is a probability density function and assumed to follow the three parameter (min = 0) beta distribution for which I have estimated the parameters. The function is integrated
2004 Sep 13
an integration question
Dear all, I'm stuck on a problem concerning integration..Results from the analytical expression and numerical approximation (as returned by integrate()) do not match. It probably depends on some error of mine, so apologizes for this off-topic question. I'm interested in computing the integral of f where: f<-function(x){exp(-3-.2*pmin(x-7.5,0))} x<-seq(0,15,length=50) plot(x,
2007 Jan 12
Integration Testing - Wait, Watir, or Selenium
I''m evaluating what to use for integration testing: SafariWatir - integrates nicely with RSpec - doesn''t work with Ajax because of Safari event firing issues Selenium - Works with Ajax - doesn''t integrate with RSpec What is the best guess timeframe for RSpec integration testing? Will it be able to test Ajax application in the early iterations? Thanks, Brian Yamabe
1999 Nov 09
Re: numerical integration {better than integrate(.)} ?
> > {{I first wanted to send this to R-devel; > but then thought, maybe first hear of you all.. > and added a bit more > > Still could ask on R-devel later -- MM} > > - In R, there's currently the "integrate" package from Mike Meyer, ported to > R by Thomas Lumley which really relies on multi-dimensional integration > "adapt" and
2006 Apr 06
Integrics ITSP 1.6 released
Integrics is pleased to announce the release of ITSP version 1.6. This version has the following new features: - Comes in 2 editions: * Carrier edition, for 250 to tens of thousands of users on hosted systems. Integrics sells this edition directly and through partners. * Office edition, for 10 to 250 users. This edition is sold only through our partners, for them to sell as PBX systems at
2011 Dec 22
[RESEND] [PATCH v2] Btrfs: runtime integrity check tool
Sigh. In the previously sent v2 patch the mail 1/4 exceeded the archaic 100,000 chars limit of (no complains from though). Therefore I now prepared a git-daemon for pulling. Please pull from git:// integrity-check-patch-v2 Changes v1-v2: - Merge with updated disk flush code - Use bdevname to print the
2007 Mar 19
rSpec on Rails Integration Testing
I see that there is an integration testing example in the plugin code. What is the thinking about integration specs? Thanks, Steve
2008 Apr 26
integration error when I use "optim" and "integrate" simultaneously
Dear R users, When I use two functions, 'optim' and 'integrate', simultaneously, I always get an error like this -------------------------------------------------------------------------- numint = function(z) { dlnorm(z,mu[1],sqrt(exp(g[1]))) * dnorm((z-mu[2])/sqrt(exp(g[2])))/sqrt(exp(g[2])) } integrate(numint,lower=0,upper=Inf)$value Error in integrate(numint, lower
2004 Jun 08
Integration with a Siemens HiCom 150E / HiPath 3750
Hi * :-) I found in the online WiKi docs some information on how to integrate Asterisk with "old PBX"... ...but I couldn't find anything on integration with a Siemens HiCom 150E. Later on we'll migrate to a HiPath 3750 so information covering this model would be nice too... Do you know if any of the
2010 Jun 15
Integration problem: error in invoking an outside function
Dear all, Currently I am trying to integrate a function which depends on four variables, two of which are given, one is given in the integrate function, so there is one variable to integrate on. The code is as follows: Pmatrix = function(th) { P = matrix(nrow=6, ncol=6, data=0) P[1,1] = P[2,1]=P[3,2]=P[4,3]=P[5,4]=P[6,5]= exp(-th) P[,6] = 1-exp(-th) return(P)} lim.verd =
2013 Jan 30
Integration of mixed normal distribution
Hi, I already found a conversation on the integration of a normal distribution and two suggested solutions ( 1) integrate(dnorm, 0,1, mean = 0, sd = 1.2) and 2) pnorm(1, mean = 0, sd = 1.2) - pnorm(0, mean = 0, sd = 1.2) where the pnorm-approach is supposed to be faster and with higher precision. I want