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2012 Feb 05
Would difference in size (and content) of a file on replicated bricks be healed?
Hi... Started playing with gluster. And the heal functions is my "target" for testing. Short description of my test ---------------------------- * 4 replicas on single machine * glusterfs mounted locally * Create file on glusterfs-mounted directory: date >data.txt * Append to file on one of the bricks: hostname >>data.txt * Trigger a self-heal with: stat data.txt =>
2005 Aug 24
AGI + Ruby
I would like to write AGI script in Ruby Would anybody please show me right direction.. Thanks
2012 Nov 07
Samba4-rc4 Internal DNS && ACL sync problem
Hello, I am trying to connect to samba4 internal DNS server from Win7 using DNS manager. but I cannot connect to it; however I am able to connect to the same on windows server. the samba4 dns is however working fine. I can resolve hosts properly. do I need may be to configure anything, or set server role parameter to something? My second issue is: I am trying to?synchronize a folder
2007 Dec 06
Error 451 when clients try to send emails
Hi Everyone. I am trying to gifure out why I am getting a 451 error when clients are trying to send email: Client error: Task ' - Sending' reported error (0x800CCC6A) : 'Your outgoing (SMTP) e-mail server has reported an internal error. If you continue to receive this message, contact your server administrator or Internet service provider (ISP). The server responded:
2005 Aug 15
Switch between FXS ports
Hello, I have two FXS port on my TDM card. channel 4 is attached with a telco line that I use frequently. And channel 3 have another telco line. but I dont publish that number to my friends. If I receive a call through channel 4, how can I handover that call to channel 3 that I can keep channel 4 open for incoming call. Thanks,
2013 Oct 24
Empty Mails from MAILER-DAEMON with Dovecot-Antispam and DSPAM
Hallo, I've installed the dovecot-Antispam extension to my dovecot IMAP installation in conjunction with DSPAM. But when moving Mails from e.g. INBOX to Spam or vice versa, empty mails from MAILER-DAEMON appear after the original mail has been moved. This happens using Thunderbird 17esr, K-9 Mail on Android and Apple Mail (Mountain Lion). (Perhaps also when using a Webmail IMAP client)
2006 Jan 16
AGI variables
When I read variables in AGI scripts, I see only the follwing 13 variables agi_request agi_channel agi_language agi_type agi_uniqueid agi_callerid agi_dnid agi_rdnis agi_context agi_extension agi_priority agi_enhanced agi_accountcode beside these, I found following variables documented on several sites. agi_calleridname agi_callingpres agi_callingani2 agi_callington agi_callingtns Where can I
2014 Mar 16
dovecot2-antispam segfault
I'm sorry for messing up postfix and dovecot in the title, I have a good lack of sleep today. ^_^ 16 ????? 2014 ?. 6:09 ???????????? "Nikolay Amiantov" <nikoamia at> ???????: > Hello, > I've got a segfault with postfix2-antispam. > Versions: > Linux: Arch Linux x86_64 > Dovecot: 2.2.11 > Antispam: latest hg (revision 51) > > Antispam
2006 Dec 03
checking for libusb in
Peter, similar to the OpenSSL test and "with_ssl", can we make the libusb test in depend on "with_usb=yes"? It's not as important as not linking against OpenSSL unless requested, but it caused a bit of confusion when I was trying to rebuild. I forgot that "--with-drivers=all" does not imply "--with-usb", and it was not registering that the
2012 Nov 14
Additional Zones with Samba4 DNS
Hi, we plan to migrate to Samba4 from Samba3 and also from Bind9 to Samba4 DNS. One question is open, everything else works really great. We need multiple domains for virtual hosts in our development enviroment. Example: samba.local as samba domain, additional anotherdomain.local for hosting. How can we add those zones in Samba via command line tools. The reverse zone for our IP
2009 Jan 18
deliver rejection bounces
Is there any reason not to make (for v1.2) 1) deliver -e behavior the defaut? 2) not even provide the option for the current default (have deliver send bounces itself)? The only reason it even works like it does currently is because I just mostly copied what Cyrus did.
2017 Feb 12
Replacement for antispam plugin
Den 12. feb. 2017 21:44, skrev ebroch at > > > Any opinion on dspam's interoperability with this? > > Just follow the wiki and replace sa-learn scripts with calling dspam. Dspam direct pipe needs mail-line-endings (\r\n) translated into unix line-endings (\r). like so: ----- --------- #!/bin/sh sed -e 's/\r$//' |
2009 Feb 23
sieve-test again
I'm not sure what it is I'm doing wrong here, perhaps my 'test' mail is not in the format expected by sieve-test. The 'test' file is a file taken directly from a dovecot maildir - so is in the normal format of having headers, a new line, then the body. There is nothing exceptional about this email. Notice how the header below is 'innocent', however it appears that
2008 Sep 14
Data format for BiodiversityR
Greetings dear friends. Please, I really find problems having the program read my datasets (here attached). Have converted datasets to csv, imported but always not reaching the target. Would be very happy if some one out can help me on time. Thanks Ndoh Mbue Innocent International corporation office China University of Geosciences 388 Lumo road 430074, Wuhan-China Tel: 0086 27
2014 Dec 29
[LLVMdev] 3.5.1 Testing Phase II Begins
The most relevant of these is r222856 which reverted a set of broken optimizations in r210006. I'd be happy with just including r222856. Optionally, we could take r222868 and r222871 which correctly restore the optimization. On Mon, Dec 29, 2014 at 2:39 PM, Chandler Carruth <chandlerc at> wrote: > Hey Tom, > > David has pointed out to me that we have some *really*
2013 Jul 27
Unable to use dovecot-antispam plugin
Hello everybody, I'm trying to use the Dovecot antispam on Debian Wheezy (dovecot version 2.1.7), but it's not working, each time I put a mail in the "Spam" folder, it is send in its original folder. What bother me the most is that I don't see anything in the log. Here is my dovecot config related to the antispam plugin : plugin { antispam_allow_append_to_spam = yes
2009 Jan 10
[LLVMdev] How to represent zero-sized string?
Hi all, int main() { t(""); return 0; } On Mac OS X, llvm-gcc compiles the zero-sized string to: .lcomm LC,1,0 gcc: .cstring LC0: .ascii "\0" The difference seems innocent enough. However, in objc if the zero- sized string is part of a cfstring, it causes a problem. The linker expects it in the readonly __cstring section, but llvm puts it in the
2013 Apr 30
dovecot antispam plugin is not woking
?Hi All, I am using dovecot? version 2.0.9 DSPAM Anti-Spam Suite 3.10.2 (agent/library) ClamAV 0.97.7/17102 and dspam antispam plugin ?dovecot-antispam-plugin-43880985e3dd and plugin configuration is given below: protocol imap { ? mail_plugins = " antispam autocreate" } protocol pop3 { ? mail_plugins = antispam autocreate } plugin { ? antispam_allow_append_to_spam = YES ?
2005 Aug 01
g729 liscence question
I have a TDM400P with one FXS and one FXO.. how many liscence(2) I will have to buy? Thanks
2012 Jun 09
Dovecot antispam plugin bug: got an empty message
It is few months ago I requested help with combination dovecot - dovecot- antispam plugin and dspam. Now I got into troubles with a lot of spam delivering to users inbox. Problem described bellow is now better hidden but stil remains: When moving a message from INBOX to Junk, dspam got an empty message. I made a wrapper about dspamc and there is no input on stdio. The dspam was not trained