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2007 Jul 13
imposing constraints on the covariance matrix of random effects in lme4?
Hello all, I am using lme4 to fit some mixed logistic regressions. I need to impose an identification constraint of the following form: (1 sig12) (sig12 sig22) and have not figured out how to do it, i.e., sig11 = 1 but the rest of the parameters are free to vary. Is this possible and, if so, how? I've been looking through the archive and help to no avail, but perhap...
2013 Jul 19
mgcv: Impose monotonicity constraint on single or more smooth terms
...plot are obtained from ## unconstrained fit Once I have replaced the coefficients in the model b with the constrained coefficients, I suppose I can use all the usual tools to get first differences with the constrained model and get the slope estimates of the constrained smooth term? If I want to impose constraints on two terms, can I then do this just by adding the constraints at once, i.e. adding more columns to G$Ain? Any help is much appreciated! Kind regards, Kathrine [[alternative HTML version deleted]]
1998 Jan 07
Imposing permissions on directories under a share
Hi, Does anyone know of a way to impose permissions on files in a directory under a share but not on the top level of the share itself ? eg. The share name is [share] - path=/share, we have a directory of /share/test and we want to force all files in that directory to be world readable. I know create mode works at the share...
2006 Mar 10
possible to impose limit on R's use of resources?
When I run some large optimizations in R under Windows it puts a heavy load on the CPU, which makes other applications that run at the same time very slow. Is it possible to instruct R to be less aggressive in its use of computer resources, so I can use my computer for other purposes while running R (probably considerably slower) in the background? Han de Vries -------------------- This email
2012 Dec 09
Error message "cs_lu(A) failed: near-singular A (or out of memory)" the model C2 ~ 0 + â1.Y1 + â2.Y2 C3 ~ 0 + ã1.Y3 + ã2. Y4 I've created columns in my data frame with values of 0 for variable C3 and values of 1 for Y1, Y2, Y3, Y4 and C2 I'm using the systemfit package to solve a multiple equation system using the SURE method, and using a matrix to impose the restrictions on the coefficients (i.e., that the â1 in all equations is the same value, and the same for all the other coefficients). When I try to run the model without the restricting equations (C2, C3) it runs just fine, but when I add these two equations I get the error: "Error in so...
2010 Jul 05
[LLVMdev] Data layout hard coded for X86 target
...7544. OTOH, I know that if language implementation exchanges data with C/C++, it must follow certain platform-dependant data layout, but if the language does not share structs with C/C++ then it is free to align the data members as it pleases, as long as it does not violate the constraints imposed by the hardware. It is surprising to see that LLVM imposes the C/C++ platform's data layout on its users. I would expect this on X86Subtarget::getDataLayout: if target layout already setted by user return it else return the platform's C standard
2020 Oct 26
SV: Looking for a guide to collect all e-mail from the ISP mail server
>> why not just point them at a hosting service like google apps, and let google keep things up to date? Costs money, and also the problem is that gmail imposes heavy spam filters and "reputation blocks" meaning smaller providers with low email volumes, are put in the spam folder, even if they never send spam, just because their email volume is so low (ergo, they must prove they don't spam before getting out of ispam folder) Another thing i...
2012 Jul 15
Imposing more than one condition to if
...    5 30     3     0       9     5 30     8     8       9     5 30     9     20     9     5 This is the code for data frame d: day= rep(1:30, each=10) n= length(dia); x= c(1:24) time= sample(x, 300, replace= T) light= rep(c(20,10,6,0,0,0,0,0,8,20), 30) d=data.frame(day,time,light) I'd need to impose a double condition like the next but if does not take more than one: attach(d) for (i in 1: n){ if (light[i-1]>2 & light[i]<2){ d$dusk<- time[i-1] } if (light[i-1]<2 & light[i]>2){ d$dawn<- time[i] } } detach(d) d Thank you for your help [[alternative HTML version delete...
2018 Oct 19
LXC with --filesystem - control/impose filesystem(/ in container) size limits - how?
hi guys container was created off a template with --dir. Is it even possible? I mean, as it is with filesystem, without moving/migrating to LVM, ZFS, etc? The very brute solution which comes to my mind - xfs project quotas - if it even could work. But that outside of libvirt/lxc. many thanks, L.
2006 Sep 21
imposible authenticate dovecot, but authtest and testsaslauthd can
Hi all, Im new and have a problem, With authtest, i have Authentication [root at dc9f8f585 ~]# authtest esimon at example.tld Authentication succeeded. Authenticated: esimon at example.tld (uid 501, gid 501) Home Directory: /home/vmail/domains/ Maildir: (none) Quota: (none) Encrypted Password: (none) Cleartext Password: (none)
2013 Nov 01
Impose constraint on first order derivative at a point for cubic smoothing spline
Hello,        Dr. Simon Wood told me how to force a cubic spline passing through a point. The code is as following. Anyone  who knows how I can change the code to force the first derivative to be certain value. For example, the first derivative of the constrained cubic spline equals 2 at point (0, 0.6).        I really appreciate your help!        Thanks!                 Best             Victor   
2014 Jul 23
imposible to set EFI_VENDOR
I am trying to build xen on arch linux it stops a this point. I run export EFI_VENDOR=arch install -m0644 -p /data/dev/xen/xen-git/src/xen-build/xen/xen.efi /data/dev/xen/xen-git/src/xen-build/dist/install/boot/efi/efi/arch/xen-4.5-unstable.efi; \ elif [
2019 Jan 04
Función mosaicplot() con alpha segun valor.
Feliz año a todos! Y al que sepa y tenga tiempo, una duda: Quiero hacer un análisis de distribución de léxico (supongo que da igual eso) mediante mosaicplot(), en particular me interesa que me muestre el peso de la distribución según una proporción que ya conseguí sacar; la de el uso de x termino en un espacio determinado. Ejemplo: Distribución de los términos, totales (tabla1) sitio1
2010 Jul 05
[LLVMdev] Data layout hard coded for X86 target
...that if language implementation exchanges data with C/C++, > it must follow certain platform-dependant data layout, but if the > language does not share structs with C/C++ then it is free to align the > data members as it pleases, as long as it does not violate the > constraints imposed by the hardware. It is surprising to see that LLVM > imposes the C/C++ platform's data layout on its users. It doesn't, just leave it empty. -Chris
2009 Feb 24
Does any have experience with E1 telephony support plus asterisk in costa rica ? Regards, Luis Morales -- --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Luis Morales Consultor de Tecnologia Cel: +(58)416-4242091 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "Empieza por hacer lo necesario, luego lo que es posible... y
2015 Apr 28
Real sh? Or other efficient shell for non-interactive scripts
...pdf See page 85 (PDF page 60) see the lower half of the paragraph numbered "23". > > In other words, if you can legally combine BSD code with GPL code, you can do > > with GPL and CDDL as well. > > No, you can't. Section 6 of the GPL states that "You may not impose any > further restrictions on the recipients' exercise of the rights granted > herein." CDDL however, does contain additional restrictions. I recommend you not to repeat false claims from uninformed people. If you did read the CDDL, you did of course know that the CDDL places...
2018 Jul 12
Imposible instalar FactoMineR (KUbuntu 18.04)
Buena tardes. La descripción es el asunto del mail y la salida que me da la siguiente: ``` * installing *source* package ?FactoMineR? ... ** package ?FactoMineR? successfully unpacked and MD5 sums checked ** R ** data ** inst ** preparing package for lazy loading Error in dyn.load(file, DLLpath = DLLpath, ...) : unable to load shared object
2006 Feb 13
Acts_as_taggable pluralize
I am implementing a messaging system, which requires broadcast to group feature. Instead of a relatively clunky habtm group structure, I am using tags. Form a usability standpoint, it would be helpful to avoid redundant tags. Like, friend vs friends OR client vs. clients. Is it practical to filter tags, before entry, to avoid duplicate tags like plural vs. singular? -- Posted via
2011 Mar 08
[LLVMdev] MSVC compiling issue
...version under MSVC 9 leads to a compiler error due to a mix of different types in a call to upper_bound. I have attached a hot-fix but I'm rather unsure if it should be applied as it is, since IMHO the reason is a MSVC library bug ("IMHO", because I don't know the requirements imposed to the predicate by the standard). Best regards Olaf Krzikalla Index: lib/CodeGen/LiveInterval.cpp =================================================================== --- lib/CodeGen/LiveInterval.cpp (revision 127221) +++ lib/CodeGen/LiveInterval.cpp (working copy) @@...
2011 Mar 01
Cordial saludo. Estoy instalando la nueva version de R (2.12.2), esta version me instala bien pero cuando voy a abrir R me aparece un error que dice "imposible restaurar los datos en .RData" alguien me puede ayudar ? ANDRÉS FELIPE FLÓREZ RIVERA UNIVERSIDAD NACIONAL DE COLOMBIA ESTADISTICA 2010 [[alternative HTML version deleted]]