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2006 Jun 27
iframe ... does it have an innerHTML ?
If I dynamically create a hidden iframe, how could I add a document in a string to that element? e.g., var sDocument = ''<html><head></head><body>Hello world.</body></html>''; I''ve tried several variations of appendChild, innerHTML, document.innerHTML, create...
2007 Jul 24
How to pull the title and url from an iframe?
I have an iframe in which the user can browse. When they hit the ''add this page'' button i need to retrieve the url and the title of the page currently shown in the iframe. Does anyone know how to do this? Do i need to assign a variable name to my iframe? (currently it just sits in my template...
2008 May 15
Facebooker support for iframe apps
Hi facebooker-ers, It looks to me like facebooker does not currently support iframe facebook apps - or am I missing something? My first problem as I understand it is as follows - When you are logged into facebook, and access a facebook application, facebook tacks on a whole lot of extra fb_sig parameters to the request (including fb_sig_user) that the application can then valida...
2006 May 29
IFRAME based RJS - responds_to_parent
** File uploads with AJAX mojo ** Respond with RJS to your parent window with a form action targeted to a hidden IFRAME. Handles all the painful situations like scoping your JavaScript to your parent window generating the script block for execution and clearing the IFRAME after execution so the back button doesn''t re-execute the action. `plugin install
2009 May 07
Controller redirect_to to leave iframe
Inside an iframe, I want the controller to redirect_to to the parent (i.e. target =''_parent''). Any ideas? (Everything I''ve tried- via redirect_to - just keeps it inside the iframe)
2008 Jun 03
Iframe shenanigans
...lem. Unfortunately I have the need to load up fully qualified html documents into my page. (think tens of thousands of mini sites). I also have the need to be as handicap accessible as possible. (So ajax is essentially out, screen readers aren''t up to snuff yet). Thus I''m using an iframe. The unfortunate part is that I have navigation menus that appear over the iframe.. but when the mouse hits an element over the iframe firefox believes this to be a mouseout and hides the navigation. (IE6 , 7 and Safari seem to respect the z-index of my navigation.) Has anyone here run into this?...
2006 May 09
Dynamically printing a page
Does anyone know of a cross browser solution to print a page/url after a user clicks a button? Currently, I''m using a "hidden" iframe to do my bidding. But from my experience, IE requires that the iframe''s src attribute be set initially to the url, in order for the page to open properly. I wasn''t able to add the iframe to the page dynamically, either. So this doesn''t work with IE, but it does with F...
2005 Sep 15
IE iframe bug with Autocompleter over HTTPS
...// The autocomplete works, but the first time it fires, you get a "Downloading non-secure content from a secure Web site" warning. I eventually found a clue at: The problem is with the (generated) iframe missing the src attribute (the attribute was set dynamically later on by Javascript). The iframe tag in question gets generated by lines 89 - 91 of controls.js: ''<iframe id="'' + + ''_ief...
2007 Nov 09
ruby on rails + ajax + iframe image uploader that contain following function: this site contain a html file upload control, which allow user to upload image only. once the image had been uploaded, it will automatic display on the current page without refresh entire page. when the image is saved, it will return javascript that embed in a iframe (which is also in my current page) that can load the image into my page ( say in <div id="photo container"> element). however, when upload an invalid file (I use attachment_fu''s validate_as_attachment), the error result is return to iframe due to iframe is the target of f...
2006 Jun 29
dynamic generation of iframes and writing to them
...end a request to a 3rd party server (for ads) and a response is received from them. - Currently, I display it inline on the page and things work fine but page loading is slow and the 3rd party response can mess up styles, js on my page. - So, I want to capture this response and dynamically generate iframes and write the response into that. This way the other site wont mess up things on my site. Now, the response is not always a simple plain gif, it could be an iframe with lots of stuff happening or it could be a URL that further calls some other ad. So, this is what I did - - Send a request to t...
2006 Apr 18
Security considerations with displaying uploaded HTML
I have an application where I am allowing users to upload (or refer the app. to) arbritrary HTML that I am (currently) displaying in an IFRAME on a page. The users will be authenticated so it''s not open to the entire universe. I was always uneasy with this, but after reading the security chapter of AWDWR, I am even more concerned. What kinds of applications do people have out there that provide snippets of HTML that could...
2006 Jun 26
Drag''n''drop DOM elements between (I)FRAMEs
I am quite disappointed in the drag ''n'' drop support in Mozilla Firefox. What am trying to achieve is dragging an element from one IFRAME/FRAME into another IFRAME/FRAME. But upon dropping the element, I do not want the target IFRAME/FRAME to open/load it. I want it simply to handle the event, such as parsing the element/data dropped. Such uses as dropping an element into a table inbetween rows 2 & 3. I...
2006 Jul 13
Iframe upload indicator
I''m using the iframe trick to upload files with form_tag and a target pointing to the iframe. All is working, but I would like to display an indicator of the upload. All I want to do is show a hidden animated gif via With form_remote_tag, i could use the :loading and :complete callbacks to do an Element....
2006 Apr 09
RJS across iframes
I have an inline iframe which has a form in it, when the form is updated, I would like to call an RJS template that will update the parent page. +-----------------------------------------------+ | | | <div id="mydiv"> Update with RJS </div>...
2006 Jul 20
Can this be done?
What I want: I get a normal http request containing a URL from a remote server. Instead of redirecting to that URL, I want to load it into an iframe on an existing page. I''ve tried a number of approaches with no success. Can anybody suggest a good way to do this? Alternatively, if you can say "this is bloody impossible, because....", that would be helpful, too. --Al Evans -- Posted via
2006 Jan 29
Works with iframe, but not ajax... ?!?
Hello all, I''ve run into trouble attempting to replicate something in ajax that worked when done with an iframe... In both cases I have a table inside a div that is being periodically refreshed every few seconds... The 1st column of each row in the table contains a link to a DHTML popup menu. I have the popup menu working in the ajax version. The problem is that in the ajax version the popup menu disap...
2008 Jan 01
Ajax.Updater from within an IFrame
Hello together. I''m trying to call an Ajax.Updater from within an IFrame to update an element in the parent window. It is working, but I receive an error from Firefox when I do so. What I want to do is to upload a file, and then after the file has completed uploading, automatically reload a section of the page with information about the file to post-process it. However...
2008 Jun 03
Clicking on links within facebook iframes (facebook apps)
Hello, I have a problem with clicking on the links in facebook apps due to iframes. I am trying to write a little script to run through the funwall app. I used IE Dev toolbar to get the name of the id of the iframe (those iframes how no name attribute). So I run this command: $ie.frame(:id, "app2378983609_fb_frame").link(:text, ''View this post'').cl...
2007 Nov 09
iframe is reloading during each sortable drag/drop point
We are creating a simple widget portal for our site and trying to use Sortables. Each of our widgets is an iframe. But when you try to drag an element containing an iframe the Sortables api causes the iframe to reload at each possible drop point. This causes the ui to shutter and become unusable. I have narrowed the issue down the onEmptyHover where dropon.insertBefore is called. Is there a way to stop th...
2007 Mar 13
mime types
I''m trying to use the ajax.Updater function to send a message to the server and display an error message. Ok so far. However if the server detects no error with the data sent I want to open a PDF file in a new window. When I try to do this (using fpdf) the returned PDF is opened as text in the error div. Can anyone point me in the right direction. rgds gmcb