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2013 Apr 24
pglm package: fitted values and residuals
...t do it. I tried with the command fitted.values using the following procedure without results: library(pglm) m1_S<-pglm(Feed ~ Cons_PC_1 + imp_gen_1 + LGDP_PC_1 + lnEI_1 + SH_Ren_1,data,family=binomial(probit),model="random",method="bfgs",index=c("Year","IDCountry")) m1_S$fitted.values residuals(m1) Can someone help me about it? Thanks ****************************************************************************** IL MERITO DEGLI STUDENTI VIENE RICONOSCIUTO Il 5 per mille all'Universita' degli Studi di Napoli "Parthenope" incre...