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2017 Aug 08
Problem with serialization via readRDS() on a textConnection()
Hi All, I had working code under R v3.2 that serialized an object, stored the serialized object in a database, and then successfully retrieved and hydrated that object. I recently updated to R v3.4.1 and the same code now fails. Here is the code in question (simplified), and the resulting error: > zz = textConnection('tempConnection', 'wb') > saveRDS(c("a", "b", "c"), zz, ascii = TRUE) > ser...
2012 Jan 06
Enhanced Podcasts with Ogg Vorbis (Chapter Marks)
Hello list! Since it is more and more common these days to create enhanced podcasts (= audio files with additional chapter markers [1]), I am searching for an alternative to the currently used MP4 format. ID3 also puplished an official standard for chapters [2], but nobody seems to use and support it. Now I am trying to get something similar with vorbis audio (and maybe an additional