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2009 Mar 11
ZFS on a SAN
Hi All, I''m new on ZFS, so I hope this isn''t too basic a question. I have a host where I setup ZFS. The Oracle DBAs did their thing and I know have a number of ZFS datasets with their respective clones and snapshots on serverA. I want to export some of the clones to serverB. Do I need to zone serverB to see the same LUNs as serverA? Or does it have to have preexisting,
2008 Nov 26
rsync command exclude option
Hi I do rsync -avz oldUnicelFiles hostB:/home/kaushal --exclude-from=exclude.txt but it rsynced the excluded files too my exclude.txt file contains #################### /home/kaushal/oldUnicelFiles/*.gz /home/kaushal/oldUnicelFiles/*.txt #################### Any ideas as what am i doing wrong T...
2003 Sep 12
Agent Forwarding Anomalies on OpenBSD 3.3/OpenSSH 3.6.1
I have a curious situation with four OpenBSD 3.3 hosts. Each of these has public/private keys on each other for inter-host authentication using RSA2 keys. For instance, they''re called hostA-to-hostBCD, hostB-to-hostACD, hostC-to-hostABD, and hostD-to-hostABC. The sshd_config files, on each host, look as follows... #; #; /etc/ssh/sshd_config #; Port 22 Protocol 2 ListenAddress HostKey /etc/ssh/ssh_host_key HostKey /etc/ssh/ssh_host_r...
2006 Apr 12
powerd not behaving with an Asus A8V-MX and Athlon 64 X2 3800+
....pci.4.%driver: pci dev.pci.4.%parent: pcib4 dev.agp.0.%desc: VIA 8380 host to PCI bridge dev.agp.0.%driver: agp dev.agp.0.%location: slot=0 function=0 handle=\_SB_.PCI0.VIAN dev.agp.0.%pnpinfo: vendor=0x1106 device=0x0204 subvendor=0x1106 subdevice=0x0204 class=0x060000 dev.agp.0.%parent: pci0 dev.hostb.0.%desc: Host to PCI bridge dev.hostb.0.%driver: hostb dev.hostb.0.%location: slot=0 function=1 handle=\_SB_.PCI0.NBF1 dev.hostb.0.%pnpinfo: vendor=0x1106 device=0x1204 subvendor=0x1106 subdevice=0x1204 class=0x060000 dev.hostb.0.%parent: pci0 dev.hostb.1.%desc: Host to PCI bridge dev.hostb.1.%driv...
2008 Jun 17
AGP bridge detected as pcib
Skipped content of type multipart/mixed-------------- next part -------------- A non-text attachment was scrubbed... Name: not available Type: application/pgp-signature Size: 187 bytes Desc: This is a digitally signed message part. Url :
2009 Mar 03
xm migrate headache
Hi, I am trying to (live-)migrate a paravirtualized machine from hosta to hostb: -----8<---- hosta:~ # xm list pvm Name ID Mem VCPUs State Time(s) pvm 64 384 1 -b---- 0.5 hostb:~ # xm list pvm Error: Domain ''pvm'' does not exist. hosta:~ # xm migrate pvm 19...
2008 Aug 13
ProxyCommand and ExitOnForwardFailure = leftover process
Hi, I''m having a small problem when using ProxyCommand and ExitOnForwardFailure in combination with OpenSSH 5.1 under Ubuntu 8.04. In order to enable multihop scp and port forwarding, I have enabled automatic public key authenticated tunneling from hostA to hostC via hostB using ProxyCommand in my private .ssh/config file on hostA. <end of .ssh/config>: host hostB user X hostC ProxyCommand ssh hostB nc hostC 22 Now, on hostA, I want to forward local port 3333 to port 5433 on hostC from a script using: ssh -x -N -L 3333:hostC:5433 -o Ba...
2003 May 12
[Bug 560] Privsep child continues to run after monitor killed.
...erity: normal Priority: P2 Component: sshd AssignedTo: ReportedBy: When the privileged monitor is killed (eg via a SIGHUP) cleans up the utmp entries and exits, leaving the child still running. hosta$ ssh -p 2022 hostb hostb$ sudo rpm -q redhat-release redhat-release-8.0-8 hostb$ w 9:26pm up 9 days, 9:53, 2 users, load average: 0.23, 0.39, 0.60 USER TTY FROM LOGIN@ IDLE JCPU PCPU WHAT dtucker pts/0 laptop 9:25pm 0.00s 0.20s 0.03s w hostb$ ps -eaf |grep &q...
2006 Jun 20
[PATCH] openssh pseudo-terminal bug
...e doing is connecting to from host A to host C via host B. from host A to host B public key authentication is used, between host B and C password autentication is used because public key is not possible. (hostA is either tru64 with commercial SSH (working) or solaris 10 with openssh (non-working), hostB is always solaris 10, hostC is an embedded system) A -> (public key auth) -> B -> (password auth) -> C what we''re doing from host A is basically: ssh -a -x -t -t -l userB hostB ssh -a -x -l userC hostC this command is inkoved from within a daemon. stdin/stdout of the c...
2013 Feb 06
FreeBSD-9.1 would not boot on pentium3 laptop
Hello! I have an old Dell Latitude C800 laptop (with Pentium3 CPU in it). FreeBSD 6.3-STABLE was running fine on it, but I decided to update the machine to 9.1-STABLE. Well, neither my own custom kernel, nor even the official 9.1-RELEASE CD1 would boot... In both cases the boot process runs up to detecting uhub0, then either hangs forever or shuts off after a short while. Again, I thought I
2007 Dec 12
How do you backup a LVM LV?
I have a virtual machine in a Xen LV, that I would like to backup from hostA to hostB because hostA is software broken. How do I copy and recreate that LV on hostB? Greets, Chris -------------- next part -------------- An HTML attachment was scrubbed... URL:
2006 Sep 11
[HELP] Mutlicast over GRE tunnel
... LAN-A--------------RtrA-------------RtrB--------------LAN-B RtrA interfaces: eth0 eth1 HOSTA in LAN-A eth0 RtrB interfaces: eth0 eth1 HOSTB in LAN-B eth0 Here is the setup script on RtrB: 1 #!/bin/sh 2 3 END_L= 4 END_R= 5 GRE_L= 6 GRE_R= 7 MGROUP= 8 SUBNET_R= 9 10 /usr/sbin...
2003 Aug 22
ifconfig hw ether and -arp
Hi, Just thought I''d mention that I spent a while battling with tinc today. I had quite a weird behaviour - in routing mode, tinc would come up fine on both hosts, but pinging hosta from hostb wouldn''t work until hosta pinged hostb. I''ve used an earlier version of tinc before in a different environment with no problems, and vaguely remembered a more complicated tinc-up script, so I dug about in the archives. My tinc-up now looks like: ifconfig "$INTERFACE" h...
2009 Dec 14
Argument processing with sftp
...mmand-line syntax supports retrieving a file as follows: $ sftp hoastA:file1 file2 But it does not support a similar syntax to send a file. In other words, $ sftp file1 hostA:file2 is not currently supported. Moreover, the following command does not do what you might expect: $ sftp hostA:file1 hostB:file2 Instead of transferring a file between hostB and hostA, it retrieves a file from hostA to the local host and names it hostB:file2. Are there any plans to addres this part of sftp''s command-line syntax in the near future. Since the stted goal is to make sftp a drop-in replacement fo...
2006 Nov 29
ssl certificate problem
I''ve tried to implement puppetmaster High Availability (mon+heartbeat). Herefore, the puppet client and puppet master are running on both servers. When the puppet client starts up, it generates a certificate, public and private key for the machine it runs on. When the puppet master starts up, it changes something so that the puppet client have no valid certificate anymore (the
2006 May 08
firewalling / netfilter / iptables / tcpdump on the vpn
Hi ! I tried tinc, i''m very happy with it ; however, i have difficulties firewalling on the vpn itself ; here is my situation and what i''m experiencing: hosta ----| vpn server hostb ----| my interface is named vpn1 i can firewall connexions starting from host a and b to the vpn server (on the vpn server) (iptables -A INPUT -i vpn1 bla bla) i can firewall connexions starting from host a to host b (on host a and b) i can NOT firewall connexions starting from host a to ho...
2002 Oct 27
rsync with large gzip files.
...ferring a lists of large g-zipped files, rsync tends to take a much longer time to transfer those files and at times, it even hangs. I''m invoked rsync to transfer these large file-systems from Host A to Host B as follows: From Host A: # rsync -avz /fs10/archives/archive.gz hostB:/fs10/archives When transferring filesystems without large g-zipped files, the rsync process would reach its completion: building file list ... done dir1/file1 dir2/file2 wrote 100 bytes read 36 bytes 358.00 bytes/sec total size is 51 speedup is 0.28 In the case of transferr...
2012 Aug 13
iptables: cannot port forward
...ii skills): [hostc]---------------[Firewall] (EXTIF: eth0) / (INTIF: eth1) (wan) |(lan) | +-------------[hosta] (port 4242) | +-------------[hostb] (port 2424) All of those machines are vms I created using virsh/libvirt. In fact, the "wan" is a network that exists only inside virsh. "lan" is a vlan my desktop also belongs to; I did that so I could always connect even when I screwed the firewall up. So, using...
2003 Aug 18
dynamic IPSEC: Holy grail sighted
Hi, Thanks to some pointers from Christian Kratzer, I am now able to join the office VPN from a random WiFi hotspot. With the configuration files changes detailed below, from a public WiFi hotspot I can now use this 3 step procedure to login to the office VPN. 1) While at hotspot, boot up my -STABLE laptop. 2) Insert wireless card. 3) "rsh server" This procedure works for a DHCP
2001 Nov 14
[PATCH]: Patch to fix hang on exit bug under Linux and add optional exit delay
...47;readconf.c openssh-3.0p1J/readconf.c --- openssh-3.0p1/readconf.c Wed Oct 3 11:39:39 2001 +++ openssh-3.0p1J/readconf.c Tue Nov 13 16:09:00 2001 @@ -115,7 +115,7 @@ oKbdInteractiveAuthentication, oKbdInteractiveDevices, oHostKeyAlias, oDynamicForward, oPreferredAuthentications, oHostbasedAuthentication, oHostKeyAlgorithms, oBindAddress, oSmartcardDevice, - oClearAllForwardings, oNoHostAuthenticationForLocalhost + oClearAllForwardings, oNoHostAuthenticationForLocalhost, oSleep } OpCodes; /* Textual representations of the tokens. */ @@ -187,6 +187,7 @@ { "sm...