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2007 Feb 02
Horizontally maximized window on last viewport
...anks for all the effort you put into making it. I am using the latest git version of compiz and it really works great for being an "unstable" version. Anyway, I noticed the following strange behavior and was wondering if anybody else experince the same: When I have a window maximized horizontally on the last viewport (4) and try to switch to that window (using either switcher or scale) from the first viewport (1), the cube rotates to the proper viewport (4) but the window is moved to the first viewport (1). Shocked If I then swap to the first viewport (1) again to see the horizontally...
2011 Oct 28
How can we horizontally scale Dovecot across multiple servers?
Hi, How can we horizontally scale Dovecot across multiple servers? Do we require to install independent instances of Dovecot on each server? We are planning to use a NAS/SAN device using ZFS or EFS for email storage. Each logical unit will be of 10TB and similarly as the no: of user increases we are planning to add m...
2004 Sep 29
How to print landscape from script in Windows: dev.print(win.print, printer="local printer name", ...) does not accept horizontal=TRUE
...ripts or the command line with > dev.print(win.print,printer="local windows printer name") I would like to print in landscape mode. From the menus, I can accomplish this by changing the properties of the printer before clicking "print". However, I tried adding "horizontal=TRUE" to the command, but it gives an error message: > dev.print(win.print,horizontal=TRUE,printer="\\\\RhoSvr01\\HP LaserJet 8150 PCL 6") Error in device(...) : unused argument(s) (horizontal ...) I can see from ?device and then ?win.print that, sure enough, there is n...
2020 Aug 19
Question about llvm vectors
Hi, I love llvm vectors, yet I wonder why some advanced vector operations are specific to some CPU targets? Let me take an example: /// Horizontally adds the adjacent pairs of values contained in two /// 128-bit vectors of [4 x float]. /// /// \headerfile <x86intrin.h> /// /// This intrinsic corresponds to the <c> VHADDPS </c> instruction. /// &...
2011 Aug 08
heatmap is producing unwanted horizontal and vertical lines?;- data.matrix(data)  and then produce the heatmap with:   data_heatmap <- heatmap(data_matrix,Rowv=NA,Colv='Rowv',margin=c(0,0)) The heatmap is displayed in a separate window as expected and looks correct apart  from fine white banding lines spaced out evenly over the image running horizontally  across the image? At first I thought it was my data but I checked that and its not. If I resize the image I then see white vertical lines and different horizontal lines appear? I've tried a number of different settings but can't seem to get rid of these lines. If I can get rid of the...
2010 Jun 04
horizontal and vertical line with arrow in a plot
Hi r-users, I would like to add a plot of vertical line segment with arrow from (77,.6) to (77,0) and also a horizontal  line segment with arrow from (0,0.6) to (77,.6) .  So far this is what I have: plot(sq, cdf, type="l", lwd=4,col="blue",xaxs="i",yaxs="i", xlab= "Rainfall (mm)", ylab= "Random no.", main="Random number  and rainfall totals (mm)&qu...
2017 Jan 18
[PATCH 5/6] drm: Delete "mandatory" stereographic modes
On Wed, Jan 18, 2017 at 04:33:43PM +0000, Damien Lespiau wrote: > On Wed, Jan 18, 2017 at 11:27:16AM -0500, Ilia Mirkin wrote: > > Damien - did you ever test these mandatory modes on an actual > > commercial 3D TV or similar device? > > My main testing device was a Samsung TV with this 3D_present bit set and > all the advertised modes were working. Can't quite remember
2006 Aug 25
horizontal direct product
II am translating some gauss code into R, and gauss has a matrix product function called the horizontal direct product (*~), which is some sort of variant on the Kronecker product. For example if x is 2x2 and y is 2x2 the horizontal direct product, z, of x and y is defined (in the Gauss manual) as: row 1 = x11*y11 x11*y12 x12*y11 x12*y12 row 2 = x21*y21 x21*y22 x22*y21 x22*y22 Or in R code...
2006 Feb 27
Help!!! horizontal scroll doesn''t appear on the browser!!!
Hi, in my rhtml, I have two parts, the main part and a partial, the main part has a width almost the same, but the partial is much longer and width. when it happens. the vertical scroll appear correctly on the browser, but the horizontal scroll doesn''t appear on the browser, it appears instead on the partial render part, so I have to scoll down until the end of the partial, that use the horizontal scroll... it is something I can do to make the scroll appears on the browser???? thanks you very much!!!! Saiho _____...
2018 May 20
I would like to get horizontal numbers on the both axes: X and Y. I got horizontal numbers only on the Y axis when adding las=2, How to obtain a horizontal orientation for number on scale also for the X axis (now they are vertical)? Here is my code: plot(survfit(Y~addicts$clinic), fun="cloglog", las=2) [[alterna...
2006 Nov 07
...182 7 7 1 1 680.203 8 8 1 2 607.766 9 9 1 1 726.232 and I want to make a boxplot of the Y values for each Batch. How would I go about this? I tried boxplot(data.ceramic[ data.ceramic$Batch == "1", ]$Y ~ data.ceramic[ data.ceramic$Batch == "2", ]$Y, horizontal=T,xlab="Y", ylab="Batch") but was completley wrong Thank you for your help. Ben
2008 May 09
Gnome-terminal's backslashes look like Ws with a horizontal line through -- how to get a backslash?
Hello! I've just started trying gnome-terminal (instead of xterm) because of its "tabbing" facility. However, I note that with it backslashes appear something like a W with a horizontal line through it. Any known way to get a backslash to appear as a backslash? To see what I mean, use gnome-terminal with echo '\' in bash, ksh, etc. Regards, Chip Campbell
2007 Oct 09
lattice/xyplot: horizontal y-axis labels with scales(relation="free")
I would like to create an xyplot with varying y-axis limits and horizontal labels at the y-axis tickmarks. The following does not seem to work, although I think it should, going by the documentation for par. R version 2.5.1, Windows XP Prof. Thanks for a clue. Andreas Krause library(lattice) # axis labels for y-axis are horizontal xyplot(Sepal.Length ~ Sepal.Width...
2018 Apr 27
install dovecot 2.2.35 debian jessie
Got 2.2.34 running using debian strech image + strech-backports repos! Regards, Webert Lima DevOps Engineer at MAV Tecnologia *Belo Horizonte - Brasil* *IRC NICK - WebertRLZ* On Thu, Apr 26, 2018 at 9:37 PM, Webert de Souza Lima <webert.boss at > wrote: > Oh thank you Cedric, I hadn't check that. So 2.2.35 is unstable, huh? > I'll deploy 2.2.34 instead. > > Thank you! > > > Regards, > &g...
2006 Jan 18
some EPS rotated in journal preview in the right orientation and 4 are rotated clockwise 90 deg in the preview. I used the right click save to PS option and I used the command line postscript("c:/temp/fig04.eps",bg="transparent",onefile = TRUE ,pointsize=20,paper = "letter",height=8,width=8,horizontal=FALSE,family = "Helvetica", font = "Helvetica") I treed Horizontal=TRUE Ghostsript show the rotated image but not the preview from the journal. :-( Is there anything to change that the - unknown system - of the journal will be forced to display the image in the right direct...
2017 Sep 22
Lattice stacked barplot vertical bars
Dear all, I have made a barplot using lattice in which the bars are stacked horizontally. I would like to stack them vertically, but if I use the parameter 'horizontal = FALSE' I get the error: 'Error in FUN(X[[i]], ...) : invalid 'type' (character) of argument'. The problem I face is that, in drawing the bars vertically, the y variable becomes numeric rathe...
2018 Apr 26
install dovecot 2.2.35 debian jessie
...;dovecot 2018-04-26 16:43 GMT-04:00 Webert de Souza Lima <webert.boss at>: > hmm I think I should use stretch instead of jessie, OR I should use a > stretch-backport repos, right? > > > Regards, > > Webert Lima > DevOps Engineer at MAV Tecnologia > *Belo Horizonte - Brasil* > *IRC NICK - WebertRLZ* > > On Thu, Apr 26, 2018 at 5:39 PM, Webert de Souza Lima < > webert.boss at> wrote: > >> Hi, I can't figure how to install latest stable dovecot version 2.2.35 in >> Debian Jessie >> >> If I follow this...
2006 Feb 10
Sortable + Draggable : doesn''t follow the mouse horizontally
When a ''draggable'' element is made ''sortable'', it no longer follows the mouse horizontally when you drag it. Is there a solution/workaround? TIA Alain
2011 Sep 22
[LLVMdev] Patch to synthesize x86 hadd instructions; need help with the tablegen bits
Hi Bruno, > Some comments: > > + // Try to synthesize horizontal adds from adds of shuffles. > + if (((Subtarget->hasSSE3()&& (VT == MVT::v4f32 || VT == MVT::v2f64)) || > + (Subtarget->hasAVX()&& (VT == MVT::v8f32 || VT == MVT::v4f64)))&& > + isHorizontalBinOp(LHS, RHS, true)) > > 1) You probably want...
2020 Aug 20
Question about llvm vectors Topper <craig.topper at> wrote: > I'm not sure everyone would agree that the behavior of a > __builtin_vector_hadd should do what the X86 instruction does. It takes two > vectors and produces a result with elements from both vectors. Someone > might argue that a horizontal add should just take one source and produce a > vector with half the number of elements. Someone else might argue that a > horizontal add should sum all the elements to a single scalar value. With > different implementation choices like that its hard to say it should be a > generic op...