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2013 Jul 30
Vagrant Puppet Provision VM
....iso ├── puppet │ ├── Puppetfile │ ├── environments │ ├── manifests │ └── modules └── r10k.yaml Puppet will execute the puppet/manfests/default.pp for executing all the modules include within in. Now, I have the following modules list in this default.pp, include stdlib i*nclude hiera_config* include confluence_facts include confluence_setup One thing to note is that by default, hiera.yaml was installed at /etc/hiera.yaml, yet puppet is looking for hiera.yaml at /etc/puppet/hiera.yaml. As a result, hiera_config is created to remedy the problem (puppet will comp...
2013 Apr 03
Using single hiera hash for two create_resources, and mounting filesystems
..._mount_points and use create_resources with the same hash, and just though away what I dont use.... maybe there is a better means? Here is the mount class: class fstab::mounts ( $config = undef ) { $defaults = { atboot => true, ensure => ''mounted'', } $hiera_config = hiera_hash(''fstab::mounts'', undef) if $hiera_config { create_resources(fstab::create_mount_points, $hiera_config ) create_resources(mount, $hiera_config, $defaults) } } the define define fstab::create_mount_points ( $config = undef ) { file{ $name: ensur...
2013 Jul 29
puppet apply --hiera_config --> Error: Could not find class
...ncl puppet 3.2.3 and I want to install puppet master, puppetdb, mod_passenger & apache with "puppet apply". So when this is complete, I should have an puppet master server running so I can create new hosts etc. So this is the command and error: [root@vserver-151 ~]# puppet apply --hiera_config /etc/puppet/hiera.yaml --modulepath=/etc/puppet/modules/management/ /etc/puppet/manifests/site.pp --environment management --debug Info: Loading facts in /etc/puppet/modules/management/staging/lib/facter/staging_htt...
2013 May 29
How can I use "puppet apply" with hiera?
I''m running Puppet v2.7.14. I have a puppet master server with Hiera and it works great. I also want to be able to apply my manifests locally on a node. I have installed Hiera on my node and I can verify using the Hiera command line application that values can be looked up: user@tag5-4-qa-sjc:~$ hiera corp_puppet_server region=northamerica datacenter=sjc environment=qa --debug DEBUG:
2013 Jun 04
Share Hiera configuration between 2 nodes?
Hi, I am trying to use Hiera in puppet 3 and I have two nodes that both need the same configuration. In this case they are two web servers which have the same apache configuration. Rather than creating two seperate hiera files for node1.yaml and node2.yaml is there a way to group these by role (e.g. webserver.yaml)? I want to avoid duplicating the configuration if possible and keep the data