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2011 Sep 12
coxreg vs coxph: time-dependent treatment
...ces results slightly different than that of coxph (from survival) in the following time-dependent treatment effect calculation (example is used just to make the point). Will appreciate any explaination / comment. cheers, Ehsan ############################ require(survival) require(eha) data(heart) # create weights follow <- heart$stop - heart$start fit <- glm(transplant ~ age + surgery + year + follow, data=heart, family = binomial) heart$iptw <- ifelse(heart$transplant == 0, 1 - predict(fit, type = "response"), predict(fit, type = "response")) summary(he...
2007 Jan 06
<:: Heart - Profile ::>
*Heart Profile* [image: Heart Attack Preventions] <> *Heart attack* * Heart Surgery* *Treatment* *Tests* * diagnosis For patients From medical authorities* ** *an Informative Spot.* http://heart-att...
2007 Mar 19
...ration, please send me $250,000. I need a new house. I never thought this would happen to me but termites have eaten my entire home. All I have left is a lamp and an end table. Please help me. Thanks, reefer mike wrote: > hello i always figured this would never happen to me but my heart is having serious issuses do to a birth defect (i was born with a hole in my heart)and need money to have the surgery to get the hole fix so i am asking for donations to help with the cost since i dont have insurance so if you have a paypal account please look into your heart and donate a dollar or...
2008 Sep 26
Vista Games
Hello, bought a notebook with Vista preinstalled and before ripping it off I decided to copy some of it's stuff to run it under wine. I really like the new games... But they don't work in wine. Code: whisper at potf:~/.wine/drive_c/Program Files/Microsoft Games/Hearts$ wine Hearts.exe wine: Call from 0x1022b10 to unimplemented function KERNEL32.dll.WTSGetActiveConsoleSessionId, aborting err:seh:cxx_frame_handler invalid frame magic 19930522 wine: Unimplemented function KERNEL32.dll.WTSGetActiveConsoleSessionId called at address 0x1022b10 (thread 0009), starting...
2006 Aug 03
bullseye or polar display of "circular" data
I have data for several rings of a left heart chamber, and which I would like to display in concentric rings, with color-encoding of the values. Each ring corresponds to one slice through the heart, and the rings correspond to positions from the base to the apex of the heart as you move from the outermost ring to the innermost one. The data ha...
2007 Sep 13
Multivariate, multilevel regression?
Dear WizaRds, This is mostly a statistics question, but I'm figuring that R is the right solution (even before I start!) I have some bio data of heart rate versus time (rats taken from resting to maximal heart rate). I want to regress heart rate on time. The data have been normalized such that resting heart rate is zero at time=0, so that all curves intersect at the origin (and at the origin only). The regression function is monotonically increas...
2011 Nov 11
Lost Saga / Rusty Hearts compatibility
Hello everyone, I'm a big fan of Lost Saga but despite we can finally use the launcher and update the game, it'll still not start because of X-trap (like Rusty Hearts). I read that Wine's developers doesn't want to solve the problem because of privacies problems, but personally I don't care that much [Wink] If they want to take informations about my computer (and do we know which informations they take actually?), so be it, I just want to play :)...
2013 Aug 28
can you please give guidance for generating future prediction values from existing heart disease data
Hi can you please give guidance for generating future prediction values from existing heart disease data and we want to know the which type of models are using for generating the future prediction. can you please tell me how can i write the formula for future predictive values. can you see the following attachment and send me solution for that problem..... -- Thanks and Regards, B...
2008 Nov 06
Cluster Heart Beat Using Cross Over Cable
...ip with class c subnet (bond0 ) --- floating ip ( cluster ) Since it is a very critical and busy server may be due to heavy network load some hear beat signal is getting missed resulting in shifting of service from one node to another. So i planned to connect crossover cable for heart beat messages, can any one guide me or provide me the link that best explains how to do the same and the changes i have to made in cluster configuration file after connecting the crossover cable. Regards, Lingu
2004 Sep 12
:)) to excercise your heart
...^o.t pies very comforting to their hands on cold mornings. O'CONNELL Trust me, -----Original Message----- From: Trinidad George [mailto:jovfrx at] To: simon fleury; ali melendez; sheldon gienger; jason back; dick zeigler Sent: Friday, April, 2004 11:05 AM Subject: to excercise your heart He p.i^cks her up and throws her over the sidebelong to?(with irritation) raju17ujsf02 zdrowsze dwuplat zmiezyc
2005 May 24
Wine on Macs ?
Now that MacOS is Unix-based, can Wine be run on them ? -- Andrew You can be the captain I will draw the chart Sailing into destiny Closer to the heart Closer to the Heart by Rush (A Farewell to Kings, 1977) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
2005 Mar 29
Xen on OpenSSI?
Any thoughts on running Xen on OpenSSI? We have an app we''d like to cluster but is expressly and completely incompatible with the OSes that OpenSSI are supported on, but if we can run several Xen domains on a cluster we can run those OSes and, naturally, that app. Thoughts? CD _______________________________________________ Xen-users mailing list
2007 Apr 23
Re: [nfs-discuss] Multi-tera, small-file filesystems
On Apr 18, 2007, at 6:44 AM, Yaniv Aknin wrote: > Hello, > > I''d like to plan a storage solution for a system currently in > production. > > The system''s storage is based on code which writes many files to > the file system, with overall storage needs currently around 40TB > and expected to reach hundreds of TBs. The average file size of the >
2010 Sep 15
Help me Out!!!!
It is with deep sorrow and broken heart that am sending you this mail. Am in deep need and? my situation is lamentable.? my family and I decide to come visit Wales,United Kingdom for? a short vacation. To our greatest dismay we were attacked and ripped apart at the park of? the hotel where we were lodging,all cash,credit cards and cell p...
2011 Jun 09
Open your heart and know already will no longer is hard to f
Everyone's experience is a book, as to write well write bad, writes thick writes thin, write well written mediocre, depends on yourself, others have no way to start writing instead. The cold winter, a group of porcupine crowded together to keep warm, but their prickles forcing them immediately separate; Warm instinct make them together again, pain makes them again divided. So after several
2018 Mar 13
plot problem
Hi, I am just curious why does this happen: I use Goldencheetah to analyse my run. It can call R to do further analysis. I run into interesting problem (for me at least). If I plot data using plot(d$time,d$heart.rate) everything is OK if I use plot(d$heart.rate~d$time) I got error: Error in inDL(x, as.logical(local), as.logical(now), ...) : unable to load shared object TC:/Programs/Sci/R/R-3.4.3/ library/stats/libs/x64/stats.dllr: LoadLibrary failure: The specified modu...
2018 May 05
Za question is... "do I look like Einstein, tho?"
...#47;lists/lt.php?id=YUgDBQBQGAFTUh1QWlQKVF0F> .. France, Taylor <> ... dance. <> It doesn't look like much at first, but the hearts of words are a big thing for God and his message; and here we see Tennessee keys to the verifiable pattern proving video games and virtual reality come to us from Heaven... from above. The ten it begins with shows us the heart of hearts, the Microsoft Xbox--because of it's connection to Gates...
2005 Aug 14
ogg causing me heart burn
Dear forum, I have a install of asterisk using AMP. I followed the install guide off the AMP site. When I start using amportal start or asterisk -ccccv I received this in my log. The last line is that ogg failed. I have found nothing on the web about this, and I am not even sure where to start
2017 Apr 01
how do you test (nagios) that upsmon is connected?
On 04/01/2017 03:14 PM, Dan Craciun wrote: > On my Nagios monitoring system I use check_nut_plus (that in turn > calls upsc) to monitor the status (ups.status), load (ups.load), > battery charge (battery.charge) and runtime (battery.runtime). > > If these return "unknown", it means upsd is no longer monitoring the > UPS. As long as you get data, upsd is working.
2019 Sep 14
Changing UPS to a bigger APC 1500 1000WA, what driver?
I've drug it as far under the table as I can get it on a 30% heart. Yeah, I'm getting on, I'll be 85 in about 2 weeks. Heart surgury will be scheduled in the next few days to replace a worn out, leaky aortic valve. Piece if cake if my veins are big enough. So what driver do I use with a Smart-UPS_1500??? Never mind it was found and accessed by the b...