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2012 Oct 09
Error in if ( || n > 65536L) stop("size cannot be NA nor exceed 65536") : missing value where TRUE/FALSE needed
Dear useRs, i am using NbClust to determine appropriate number of cluster for hclustering. i am consistently getting the following error Error in if ( || n > 65536L) stop("size cannot be NA nor exceed 65536") : missing value where TRUE/FALSE needed Does any one know where i am wrong?? thanks in advance eliza [[alternative HTML version dele...
2013 Nov 21
how can I import a number of datsets in a folder in my working directory to a list in R
Hi, Suppose, if I create 15 files in my working directory. set.seed(48) lapply(1:15,function(i) {m1 <- matrix(sample(1:20,1686*2,replace=TRUE),nrow=1686,ncol=2); write.table(m1,paste0("file_",i,".txt"),row.names=FALSE,quote=FALSE)}) ?D <-dir() D1 <- D[order(as.numeric(gsub("\\D+","",D)))] D1 ?res <- t(sapply(D1,function(x) {x1<-
2010 May 07
Cluster procedure using geographical neighborhood
...our, but I am not able to understand the DS> source code that I dowloaded from the Cran web site. DS> So, my questions are: DS> could you help me in solving the problem? DS> Or, alternatively, could you send to me the agglomeration procedure DS> applied by R in hcluster() as a programme written in command of R or as DS> a code for Visual Basic. These two programming language are the only two DS> that I am able to understand. DS> Thank you in advance for any suggestion or help you will give me. DS> Best regards, DS> Dario Sacc...
2008 Sep 14
Error Running TinnR with R
Hello All, I am using Tinn-R (v integrated with R (v 2.7.2) on a 32-bit Windows Vista system. When I try to run a code and send it to R from Tinn-R, I get the following error message; ?Error in source(.trPaths[5], echo = T) : object ".trPaths" not found? I was using an earlier version of Tinn-R and R and I was not having problems till recently when R-sending started freezing
2006 Dec 26
Colored Dendrogram
..."V3" "V4" "1" 1 0.96 0.86 0.68 "2" 0.96 1 0.75 0.84 "3" 0.86 0.75 1 0.58 "4" 0.68 0.84 0.58 1 Matrix c "" "V1" "1" 7.450000 "2" 5.962963 "3" 0.473462 "4" 0.682300 R code: hc<-hcluster(m, link="ave") dhc<-as.dendrogram(hc) dendrapply(dhc, function(n) str(attributes(n))) local({ colLab <<- function(n){ if(is.leaf(n)){ a <- attributes(n) i <<- i+1 attr(n, "nodePar") <- c(a$nodePar, list(lab.col = mycols[i], lab.font=i%%3)) } n } #mycols &lt...