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2007 Sep 17
2 commits - libswfdec/swfdec_bits.c
...more bad duplication diff --git a/libswfdec/swfdec_bits.c b/libswfdec/swfdec_bits.c index bddef90..2d1551a 100644 --- a/libswfdec/swfdec_bits.c +++ b/libswfdec/swfdec_bits.c @@ -599,12 +599,14 @@ swfdec_bits_get_rgba (SwfdecBits * bits) } static inline SwfdecGradient * -swfdec_bits_do_get_gradient (SwfdecBits *bits, gboolean alpha) +swfdec_bits_do_get_gradient (SwfdecBits *bits, gboolean alpha, gboolean morph) { SwfdecGradient *grad; guint i, n_gradients; n_gradients = swfdec_bits_get_u8 (bits); + if (morph) + n_gradients *= 2; grad = g_m...
2011 Feb 10
Newb Prediction Question using stepAIC and predict(), is R wrong?
...roblem?) The dataframe that I use to build the model is the same as the data I'm using to predict with. Here is a portion of what is happening.. This is the value it is predicting = > [1] 9.482975 Summary of the model Call: lm(formula = reservesub$paid ~ reservesub[, 3 + i] + reservesub$grads[, i] + reservesub$Sun + reservesub$Fri + reservesub$Sat) Residuals: Min 1Q Median 3Q Max -15.447 -4.993 -1.090 3.910 27.454 Coefficients: Estimate Std. Error t value Pr(>|t|) (Intercept) 5.71370 1.46449 3.902 0.000149 **...
2007 Apr 22
3 commits - libswfdec/swfdec_bits.c libswfdec/swfdec_font.c libswfdec/swfdec_movie.c
...>finish_movie) klass->finish_movie (movie); swfdec_js_movie_remove_jsobject (movie); diff-tree 375960447cf4f4286d6bab0e36656dfb6df89d30 (from ef2514da947a3aeb0d8210cba619fdd350281e94) Author: Benjamin Otte <> Date: Sun Apr 22 14:06:41 2007 +0200 break out of gradient loop when no more bits are available diff --git a/libswfdec/swfdec_bits.c b/libswfdec/swfdec_bits.c index 0f7e4c9..7077cdc 100644 --- a/libswfdec/swfdec_bits.c +++ b/libswfdec/swfdec_bits.c @@ -585,11 +585,15 @@ swfdec_bits_get_gradient (SwfdecBits * b n_grad...
2012 Aug 31
fitting lognormal censored data
Hi , I am trying to get some estimator based on lognormal distribution when we have left,interval, and right censored data. Since, there is now avalible pakage in R can help me in this, I had to write my own code using Newton Raphson method which requires first and second derivative of log likelihood but my problem after runing the code is the estimators were too high. with this email ,I provide
2011 Sep 06
error in logs, but system appears to work
...43 eclogite dovecot: [ID 583609] auth(default): passwd(ebradley, lookup Sep 2 17:31:43 eclogite dovecot: [ID 583609] auth(default): master out: USER 37 ebradley system_groups_user=ebradley uid=6633 gid=100 home=/u1/home/grad/ebradley Sep 2 17:31:43 eclogite dovecot: [ID 583609] POP3(ebradley): Effective uid=6633, gid=100, home=/u1/home/grad/ebradley Sep 2 17:31:43 eclogite dovecot: [ID 583609] POP3(ebradley): mbox: data=~/mail:INBOX=/var/mail/ebradley Sep 2...
2010 Apr 12
How to derive function for parameters in Self start model in nls
...n?? thanks SSgompertz function (x, Asym, b2, b3) { .expr2 <- b3^x .expr4 <- exp(-b2 * .expr2) .value <- Asym * .expr4 .actualArgs <- as.list([c("Asym", "b2", "b3")]) if (all(unlist(lapply(.actualArgs, { .grad <- array(0, c(length(.value), 3L), list(NULL, c("Asym", "b2", "b3"))) .grad[, "Asym"] <- .expr4 .grad[, "b2"] <- -Asym * (.expr4 * .expr2) .grad[, "b3"] <- -Asym * (.expr4 * (b2 * (b3^(x - 1)...
2012 Nov 23
Add column index number to str() output
I often find it would be very useful when inspecting a data structure using str() to know the column index number in order to rearrange the data in a manner amenable to my purpose. Is there a way to modify the display options of the str() function to add column index? I know this is really a trivial matter but it would increase the utility of the str() function for me and increase the speed with
2015 Jul 24
[LLVMdev] Transforming SwitchInst to BranchInst the same manner but was not done. Thus to transform these SwitchInst to if-condition looks a viable alternative for us. To illustrate, I give a simple C snippet with 'switch' and the expected transformation. ---------------------------------------- Original program: * char grade; ... switch(grade) { case 'A' : printf("Excellent!\n" ); break; case 'B' : printf("Well done\n" ); break; default : printf("Invalid grade\n" ); }* may be transformed to something like *if (grad=='A')...
2005 Feb 16
How can i send the same traffic to 2 different interface
Hi! I am making some tests here, and i wanna miror all the traffic going to a ip from one interface to another ip. example: all packets going to should be transmitted by ppp0 to internet and by eth2 to the adress Someone know how can i do it using iptables or ip route/ip rule? Tks in advance! Fernando Favero _______________________________________________ LARTC
2013 Mar 12
[LLVMdev] Internship opportunities for grad students at Samsung Research America - Silicon Valley (San Jose, CA)
Our Advanced Software Platform team at Samsung Research America - Silicon Valley at San Jose, CA is working on some GPGPU-related projects including OpenCL, WebCL, and WebVision, and we have an open position for summer internship for graduate students. A candidate who is good at programming clang/LLVM (required) and ARM instructions (desired) and has knowledge on OpenCL (required) and ARM architecture (desired) can apply for this position. If you're interested, please send me your resume. Regards, Won -------------- nex...
2011 Jan 29
wine poll for grad student
...take 10 minutes to complete this survey. Your answers will be completely anonymous. If you would like to be entered into a prize draw for a $50 Amazon gift card, please provide your email (optional). Winner will be notified on Friday, February 11. Your feedback will inform a Columbia University graduate student's thesis on boxed wine.
2001 Sep 11
Differential Equations Using R?
To whom it may concern, I am a student at Macaleste College, and next semester Macalester is going to offer a course for CellBio that is mainly statistically based. For the most part the students will be using R for analysis. The problem is there will be some simple differential equations for the students to solve. The committee that in charge of the classes corriculam would like only to
2010 Sep 15
[LLVMdev] getAnalysis<LoopInfo> from ModulePass
...return true; } virtual void getAnalysisUsage(AnalysisUsage &AU) const { AU.setPreservesAll(); AU.addRequired<LoopInfo> (); } }; } char bb_info::ID = 0; static RegisterPass<bb_info> Y("bb_info", "testing .."); -- Mariusz Grad
2007 Jan 08
R scripts to plot Taylor Diagram
Dear All, Are there any existing scripts to plot Taylor Diagram (definition see ) ? Thanks a lot! Linda [[alternative HTML version deleted]]
2018 Mar 20
Struggling to compute marginal effects !
...error >> >> > message above. >> >> > >> >> > Please HELP !!!! >> >> > >> >> > Willy >> >> > >> >> > >> >> > -- >> >> > Willy Mulimbi B. >> >> > AEAB Grad Student & Fulbright Scholar >> >> > Tel. (+1) 479-316-5981 >> >> > Fayetteville, AR >> >> > >> >> > [[alternative HTML version deleted]] >> >> > >> >> > ____________________________________________...
2010 Sep 15
[LLVMdev] getAnalysis<LoopInfo> from ModulePass
hi, On Wed, Sep 15, 2010 at 8:21 PM, Mariusz Grad <mariusz.grad at> wrote: > Hi, > > I wrote tiny ModulePass which iterates over functions and then uses getAnalysis<LoopInfo> in order to get informations about the loop. > It compiles smoothly, but whenever I try to run it I got error like this: > opt: .. PassAn...
2012 Apr 03
R+netcdf, resultados de WRF
...iándome en R y no he encontrado ejemplos de cómo graficar los archivos netcdf que genera el modelo meterológico WRF. ¿Alguien tiene por ahí algunos scripts que me permitan ir interiorizándome en el uso de paletas de colores, mapas y graficas de variables de este modelo? Anteriormente lo hacía vía GrADS, convirtiendo el NetCDf a GRIB, pero con las potencialidades de R podría, además de graficar, analizar la información del archivo y generar otro tipo de gráficas como series de tiempo, todo con una sola herramienta. Saludos y gracias ! [[alternative HTML version deleted]]
2010 Mar 05
[LLVMdev] How to increase the size of a basic block?
...king on Instruction Set Extensions and I am looking for a way to increase the sizes of a basic block. Besides the loop-unrollers is there any code laying around which could be used to that purpose (like superblock formation, hyperblocks, predicate execution ..)? Best regards, Mariusz. -- Mariusz Grad
2010 Sep 16
[LLVMdev] Linking shared library
...reference ... collect2: ld returned 1 exit status Which means that the is not picked up from the Debug/lib directory. In other words linker does not look into Debug/lib folder. I can fix this with LDFLAGS but I believe the intention is different? Greetings, Mariusz. -- Mariusz Grad
1997 Apr 30
R-beta: Small problems with R0.49
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