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2007 Dec 04
what the H is this virbr0?
Hi, I just tested in the lab the new CentOS 5.1 Xen and find out it breaks network connectivity, at least in my setup. It seems it is somehow making use of the 3.1 Xen version (altought I am not sure about that) but whatever changes it introduce is not documented at the location one would expect, the obvious new thing (at least for me) is this thing I will call out of guessing a virtual
2005 May 29
I am googgling right now but am unable to find a simpler description of how to get logrotate to do what i want it to do. I have a cs 1.6 server that generates quite a bit of logs. That log generation is going to increase significantly with one of my plugins i am going to be installing(logD and the impressive...
2006 Jun 07
NUT on AIX 5.2 with Tripplite_usb?
...for my ups). So I started looking at the make files and noticed there were no entries in drivers/Makefile under USB_DRIVER_LIST. I added tripplite_usb and tried make build-usb. I now get an error message that usb.h does not exist. It's not in the include directory with the source code. Googgling various combinations of [usb.h AIX NUT download] didn't produce any useful results. Any thoughts? Scott Hoffman Systems Administrator Mesher Supply Company PO Box 14768 Portland, OR 97293 voice: (503) 236-4148 fax: (503) 517-0532 -------------- next part -------------- A non-text attachm...