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2008 Mar 04
Device-mapper-multipath not working correctly with GNBD devices
...idea is not to have a single point of failure on the machine exporting the storage. For concept testing I am using one machine on which I have configured 2 GNBD exports, which are exporting exactly the same disk. These are configured with: # /sbin/gnbd_export -d /dev/sdb1 -e gnbd0 -u gnbd # /sbin/gnbd_export -d /dev/sdb1 -e gnbd1 -u gnbd They are exporting with the same id, so the multipath driver will automatically configure them as alternative paths to the same storage. Now on one of the cluster nodes used for running services I am importing these...
2010 Jul 01
GNBD/LVM problem
...rored LV with the imported GNBD volume and a local disk: fdisk /dev/gnbd/node1_lv01 then create an LVM partition fdisk /dev/sdb then create an LVM partition I can then create a volume group with those two disks: pvs vgcreate mirrorvg /dev/sdb1 /dev/gnbd0 The problem occurs when I try to create a mirrored LV using the above VG. [root at vm-helios-002 ~]# lvcreate --mirrorlog core -L 256M -n mirroredlv01 -m 1 mirrortestvg Insufficient suitable allocatable extents for logical volume : 64 more required Unable to allocate extents for mirror(s)....