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2011 Apr 16
calling dovecot exported auth from Java
As far as I have been able to figure out, dovecot auth always works over a Unix domain socket. I believe it is not currently possible to operate dovecot auth over an Internet domain (TCP) socket. Am I correct? I want to call dovecot's exported authentication from a Java application. Java doesn't natively know how to talk to a Unix domain socket, so there are inconveniences. There
2013 Feb 25
Definition of DATA in regress/
Hi, I noticed that DATA is defined twice in regress/ % grep -n DATA 12:DATA=/bin/ls 13:DATA=/bsd 33: < ${DATA} ) 2>&1 | getbytes 54: < ${DATA} ) 2>&1 | getbytes % The second definition will override the first, however /bsd is not present on all operating systems. Perhaps using something like $OBJ/sshd would be more portable. -- Iain Morgan
2002 Nov 14
[Bug 436] New: SSH client API
...Java-stype pseudo code: // create connections and forward ports SSHClient ssh = new SSHClient(); ssh.setUserAuthenticationHandler(new PasswordDialog()); ssh.setHostAuthenticationHandler(this); SSHSocket con = ssh.connect(""); con.getOutputStream().write("hello".getBytes()); ssh.localForward(80, "", 80); ssh.remoteForward(80, "", 80); // access configuration SSHConfiguration sshConfig = ssh.getConfiguration(); SSHHostConfiguration hc = sshConfig.getHostConfiguration("*"); hc.setForwardX11(...
2005 Feb 28
Manager "Message: Originate failed" beinggenerated when callee does not pick up
<<I am getting "Message: Originate failed" even the phone is ringing on the other end of the line.>> Originate will ring your own extension first and when you pick up, call the other number. If you don't pick up your extension, you will receive the message you see. Bill Seddon ________________________________ From: on behalf
2013 Mar 11
[PATCH] Portability improvements for regress/
...================================== RCS file: /cvs/openssh/regress/,v retrieving revision 1.10 diff -u -r1.10 --- regress/ 19 Feb 2013 19:53:30 -0000 1.10 +++ regress/ 11 Mar 2013 18:19:14 -0000 @@ -5,12 +5,13 @@ getbytes () { - sed -n '/transferred/s/.*secs (\(.* bytes.sec\).*/\1/p' + sed -n -e '/transferred/s/.*secs (\(.* bytes.sec\).*/\1/p' \ + -e '/copied/s/.*s, \(.* MB.s\).*/\1/p' } tries="1 2" -DATA=/bin...
2005 Apr 22
IAX help
I am trying to send calls from (telx-NY17S) to (telx-nyc) via an IAX2 channel. However the call is being rejected on the (telx-nyc) server. See error below copied from telx-nyc CLI> Apr 22 13:56:57 NOTICE[147465]: chan_iax2.c:5390 socket_read: Rejected connect attempt from I have icluded the following conf files 1. extensions.conf (telx-nyc) 2. iax.conf (telx-nyc) 3.
2014 Dec 19
[LLVMdev] [Patches][RFC] What to do about bitcode streaming.
Hi Rafael, Would you mind waiting for Derek to come back from vacation to discuss this? We do use this code and could improve how it's used and tested within LLVM. Derek is the best person to discuss this, he'll be back in mid-January. Thanks, JF On Fri, Dec 19, 2014 at 6:41 AM, Rafael EspĂ­ndola < rafael.espindola at> wrote: > > > I CC'ed llvmdev to put a
2014 Dec 19
[LLVMdev] [Patches][RFC] What to do about bitcode streaming. thing here, but will have to be careful. ===== Misc review comments: class DataStreamer { -public: - /// Fetch bytes [start-end) from the stream, and write them to the - /// buffer pointed to by buf. Returns the number of bytes actually written. - virtual size_t GetBytes(unsigned char *buf, size_t len) = 0; + uint64_t Size; + const uint8_t *Data; + + virtual bool advanceToPosImpl(uint64_t Pos) = 0; +public: + const uint8_t *getPointer(uint64_t Pos, unsigned Size); + DataStreamer(); virtual ~DataStreamer(); -}; -DataStreamer *getDataFileStreamer(const st...