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2012 Oct 14
plotting principal components on geographic map
Dear all, I have a dataset representing several geographical points (locations), each one having a specific value after performing a PCA. Now I'm trying to understand how to separately represent on a geographic map (of Europe) the pattern of PC1,2, ecc.with colors (e.g.heatmap) I have to add that the dataset includes relatively few points. Therefore, I w...
2011 Apr 11
Geographic distance between lat-long points in R?
Dear R, I have a bunch of geographic locations specified by lat-long coordinates. What's an easy way to calculate geographic distance between any two points? OR, perhaps there is a function for calculating a distance matrix for K sites? Sincerely, Scott Chamberlain [[alternative HTML version deleted]]
2007 Nov 01
monster method (too hard for my skill level)
I need to write a method for calculating the fee for medical procedures with respect to area. I have all the tables and data but its hard to give that here. Can someone take a look at this ''stub'' method and help me out? def calculate_fee # strip out the first 3 numbers of the user entered zip code # use those 3 numbers to identify row in [zipcodes table] (between upper and
2009 Nov 06
map of a country and its different geographical levels
Hi R users I need the map of France?s ? communes ? (towns) to build a map Is there a way to get it? More generally: How to do to get the map of a country and its different geographical levels? Best regards -- View this message in context: Sent from the R help mailing list archive at
2003 Nov 10
OT : For the SQL gurus..
SQL help needed.. If I have a MySQL table with dialing codes and a corresponding description (see below) and I want to lookup the best match for a phone number.. What would the SQL look like to do it? or would it take more than just SQL to get to the best result? Thanks.. Later.. Example numbers, (random end digits so I don't know who's they are.) 00442085673456 - UK London
2007 Oct 11
Specifying geographic related facts
Let''s say I have two different geographic sites. They are pretty much identical ie. each site has a machine called web1 which is a web server, etc. Except there are couple site-specific settings ie. outgoing DNS servers are different, SSL certs are different etc. On the puppetmaster I can put in a file called e.g. /etc/sideid which would uniquely identify a site ie. siteX
2010 May 07
Cluster procedure using geographical neighborhood
...d with the dist() procedure in R) that DS> refers to pairs of points that are not neighbours. Deleeting is not ok; you should make them "large" in some way. I think you should just define your dissimilarities by *both* the "variability" (your current dist()) *and* the geographical distance, maybe giving much more weight to the geographical distance, something like D_{i,j} := d_{i,j} + w* d~(X_i, X_i) where d_{i,j} are your dist() or daisy() dissimilarities, 'w' is weight factor and d~(u,v) is e.g. the geodesic distance between u and v. I'm CC'ing th...
2011 Jan 01
automated remote cloning
Good morning/day and Happy New Year. We have a geographically distributed environment (marketing speak: cloud) where we regularly need to migrate individual systems to new hardware (for bigger disks or for better geographical placement, for example). We currently use Cobbler to do our base installs automatically and I am now looking at integrating Clonezil...
2007 Feb 27
RDA and trend surface regression
Dear all, I'm performing RDA on plant presence/absence data, constrained by geographical locations. I'd like to constrain the RDA by the "extended matrix of geographical coordinates" -ie the matrix of geographical coordinates completed by adding all terms of a cubic trend surface regression- . This is the command I use (package vegan): >rda(Helling ~ x+y+x*y+x^2+...
2012 Nov 20
[lattice] how to overlay a geographical map on a levelplot?
r-help lattice adepts: I have a question which is somewhat geospatial, so I posted to r-sig-geo rather than here: > summary: How to overlay a geographical map on each panel in a lattice > (or Trellis), e.g., of levelplot's? Note I am not inquiring about > creating choropleth maps[,] which Sarkar 2008 covers quite well (and which is supported by latticeExtra::mapplot): I just want to appropriately overlay a garden-variety boundary-line map...
2018 Mar 06
Half Off Topic Questions
Hi Group, we're just wondering, in German we call the different types of phone-numbers (Geographic,mobile,national,VoIP...) Rufnummerngassen (phone number alleys ;-) ) Is there an english word for this? -- ----------------------------- Markus Weiler markus_weiler at -----------------------------
2005 Feb 13
Bubble Plot with Pie Charts
Hi there! I have seen that someone had this question some years before, but there was only a rough answer to it and I was wondering if actually someone was able to accomplish it or maybe even wrote a function... How do you make a bubble plot where you have pie charts instead of bubbles? I have a geographic map and need to plot attribute-sized pie charts representing a second attribute at
2008 Jun 27
Automatic site selection for dowload
I would like to ask that more flexibility be built into automatically choosing sites for downloading. I have just upgraded to CentOS 5.2. When I look for a mirror, I get many choices from Taiwan. Since I am in Hong Kong this makes sense geographically but .... not in terms of bandwidth. Although Taiwan is very close, it is almost the slowest connection I can make. Some .jp sites are good but I find .sg or the US is usually best. This morning I tried to update to the new kernel (92.1.6). My system seemed to die during the download. After s...
2008 Aug 14
Complete National Geographic For Windows:DOSMEM_MapDosLayout
I am trying to run The Complete National Geographic For Windows, I think is the name. Around 1997, NG sold a pricey package of CD's with every page of every magazine since the beginning through around 1997, in a fancy box. It was designed to run on Windows 95. There is an installation program, and this program takes the individual .jpg images, one for each page, and presents two pages at a
2018 Apr 24
dovecot HA setup across large geographic distances
Hi, I have a working postfix/dovecot config on Debian located in Europe[EU]. I would like to provide either an HA/load balanced setup with a second site in Australia[AU] because of users located between EU/Asia/AU. The site to site traffic would be tunneled through either SSH or a VPN * Has this been done with Doevcot over such great distances? * How can the delay between
2009 Oct 13
How to draw more geographical boundaries
Dear R-users, I am trying to plot in the same map both NUTS 2 (i.e. regional) and NUTS 3 (i.e. provincial) boundaries for Italy but I couldn't find how to plot more than one level boundary in the same map.// // I have shapefile both for regions and provinces in Italy and I tried to use the "maptool" and "maps" packages without success. Thank you in advance
2005 Jul 07
Re: Braodvoice - UK Non Geographic Numbers wrote: > > Of course these are BT retail rates but I fully expect wholesale > rates based on call prefix will be available for carriers / ITSP In some countries there's a company (companies?) providing access to a database which telcos
2012 May 14
Geographic filtering for Sendmail on CentOS 5
I tried to google, but find no directions for configuring this. I would like to 1) limit greylisting only for messages that come from other countries 2) give higher spam level to these messages (preferably only for certain receiving email addresses) I already have installed geoip.x86_64 (1.4.6-1.el5.rf). How to proceed? Or should I move to CentOS 6 for this? - Jussi
2005 Jul 07
IAXphone -> ip address -> extension number.
Hi, I'm trying to set up two ACT SIP/IAX capable phones to communicate with each other on the same internal network, using asterisk 1.0.9 on SuSE 9.3 (because I intend to grow the situation after this basic setup is functioning) The phone IPs are set to and 202 respectively. I've had a look at iax.conf and extensions.conf but cannot see how to tie these IPs to an
2005 Oct 10
country code list
I was wondering if anyone has put together a comprehensive list (that is reasonably maintained) that lists country codes, landline numbers, mobile numbers, etc. The particular requirement is for a dialplan to know what is going to be charged to whom. For example, mobile and landline rates are the same in the US the US has a unified numbering plan of 1NXXNXXXXXX, while the UK has: 441xxx