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2014 Jan 20
newlines with write-append
Silly bash scripts have stuff like below to get things done, but equally silly guestfish scripts fail to add the required newline. Why is that? echo "$dev1 $mnt1 $fs $opts 1 2" >> /etc/fstab echo "$dev2 $mnt2 $fs $opts 1 2" >> /etc/fstab write-append /etc/fstab "$dev1 $mnt1 $fs $opts 1 2" : \ write-append /etc/fstab "$dev2 $mnt2 $fs $opts 1 2" : \ Even adding variants of \n does not help. Simple testcase: write /etc&...
2016 Feb 23
Re: guestmount without fstab
On Tue, Feb 23, 2016 at 06:21:34PM +0100, Pino Toscano wrote: > On Tuesday 23 February 2016 15:21:17 Richard W.M. Jones wrote: > > As for the particular question about lack of /etc/fstab. Are you > > getting some kind of error when using the guestmount -i option? It > > used to be (a long time ago) that libguestfs inspection[1] could not > > handle guests that did not have /etc/fstab, but that should be fixed > > in recent versions. > > Not...
2008 Jan 17
Do you need to reboot after adding an entry to fstab?
man mount.davfs provides an entry in fstab for -t davfs. Does simply adding this into fstab complete the task, or is a reboot needed? (or some service restarted).
2011 Jun 02
Managing /etc/fstab options with augeas
Hi again, I''m trying to manage mount options in /etc/fstab with Augeas but can''t figure out how to add more than one option. augeas { "/etc/fstab": context => "/files/etc/fstab", changes => [ ''set *[file = "/tmp&quo...
2014 Oct 10
missing btrfs subvol support
...file or directory ><rescue> mount -vo subvol=@/var/spool,ro /dev/sda2 /sysroot/ [ 123.995343] BTRFS info (device sda2): disk space caching is enabled [ 123.996238] BTRFS: has skinny extents mount: /dev/sda2 mounted on /sysroot. ><rescue> exit fstab is: UUID=d538a81f-9778-424d-96cc-e48dd2d4a323 swap swap defaults 0 0 UUID=65b72f12-eccb-4cf2-a4f4-9c4bb462456f / btrfs defaults 0 0 UUID=65b72f12-eccb-4cf2-a4f4-9c4bb462456f /var/spool btrfs subvol=@/var/spoo...
2016 Feb 23
Re: guestmount without fstab
[A question about whether it is possible to use guestmount on a guest which does not have /etc/fstab. I've no reproduced this because I'm CC-ing my reply to a public mailing list] It's definitely possible. I would suggest first using $ virt-filesystems -a disk.img --all --long -h to get an idea of what's inside your disk image, then you use a command such as: $ guestmount...
2016 May 19
[PATCH 1/3] tests: specify the image format when possible | 1 + sysprep/ | 8 ++++---- sysprep/ | 2 +- test-data/phony-guests/ | 6 +++--- tests/gdisk/ | 4 ++-- tests/md/ | 6 +++--- tests/md/ | 8 ++++---- tests/md/ | 2 +- tests/mountable/ | 4 ++-- tests/ntfs/ | 2 +- tests/ntfs/test-ntfsclone...
2014 Oct 10
Re: missing btrfs subvol support
...ue> mount -vo subvol=@/var/spool,ro /dev/sda2 /sysroot/ > [ 123.995343] BTRFS info (device sda2): disk space caching is enabled > [ 123.996238] BTRFS: has skinny extents > mount: /dev/sda2 mounted on /sysroot. > ><rescue> exit > > fstab is: > UUID=d538a81f-9778-424d-96cc-e48dd2d4a323 swap swap defaults 0 0 > UUID=65b72f12-eccb-4cf2-a4f4-9c4bb462456f / btrfs defaults 0 0 > UUID=65b72f12-eccb-4cf2-a4f4-9c4bb462456f /var/spool btrfs subvol=@...
2013 Apr 11
How to change 'fstab' when you cannot boot the machine?
Hello All, So My Drobo finished formatting and I added an entry to fstab for it and now I cannot boot the machine. I get an error about fsck.ext3: is a directory while trying to open /drobo and then a mention of a valid super block I had mounted the Drobo as /drobo and in 'fstab' I copied the line for '/' changing to ext3 where it was ext4....
2006 Jul 01
cifs mounts in smbfstab
Hello, I have the following in /etc/samba/smbfstab; //msserver/share /mnt/smb-share cifs file_mode=0777,dir_mode=0777,credentials=/etc/cifsusers/admin,rw However, when using 'mount /mnt/smb_dir' I get; mount: can't find /mnt/smb_dir in /etc/fstab or /etc/mtab U...
2015 May 29
[PATCH 1/3] inspection: Add func for merging fs inspections
...if the inspection + * information for an OS are gathered by inspecting multiple file systems. + * + * Returns: 0 = success + * -1 = error + */ +int +guestfs_int_merge_fs_inspections (guestfs_h *g, struct inspect_fs *dst, struct inspect_fs *src) +{ + size_t n, i, old; + struct inspect_fstab_entry *fstab = NULL; + char ** mappings = NULL; + + if (dst->type == 0) + dst->type = src->type; + + if (dst->distro == 0) + dst->distro = src->distro; + + if (dst->package_format == 0) + dst->package_format = src->package_format; + + if (dst->package_man...
2008 Feb 14
how do you mount mountconf (i.e. 1.6) lustre on your servers?
As any of you using version 1.6 of Lustre knows, Lustre servers can now be started simply my mounting the devices it is using. Even an /etc/fstab entry can be used if you can have the mount delayed until the network is started. Given this change, you have also notices that we have eliminated the initscript for Lustre that used to exist for releases prior to 1.6. I''d like to take a small survey on how those of you using mountconf (...
2016 Jul 14
[PATCH] appliance: touch /etc/fstab when enabling the network (RHBZ#1224795)
Sadly, the dhclient-script shipped as part of isc-dhcp-client in Ubuntu unconditionally reads from /etc/fstab without checking for its existence. Since no package holds /etc/fstab, this file will not exist in the appliance, cause dhclient to fail (actually keep looping calling the failing dhclient-script) when the network is requested. As a workaround, touch /etc/fstab just before enablin...
2011 Nov 04
kinit, fstabs and mountpoints on the command line
...construct" the environment dynamically from the "outside". Not all VMs will have block devices (many will likely be using 9p heavily). We'd like to continue to use kinit for this purpose, though at the moment, kinit is processing the root*= flags as the equivalent of a one-line fstab, though we'd like to also mount other mountpoints before execing the "init=" flag. Now, I'm wondering if it would make sense to extend the command line flags understood by kinit to allow specifying other mountpoints (fstype, source, options), or if the right approach is to use a...
2020 Nov 06
Centos 8 and xfs_quota
Folks I'm trying to use xfs_quota to keep track of disk space usage for my users. The documentation states that I should specify "uquota" as an option on the mount data in /etc/fstab. Yet, I cannot find the entry in fstab that corresponds to the Logical Volume that ends up being mounted on /home1. The system in question was installed on a single disk system. Later, after install, I added a second disk, created a Logical Volume on it, and mounted it as /home1, whe...
2019 Nov 20
C8 and NetworkManager problem >> shares. > > Are the shares mounted as systemd mount or automount units that wait > for networking? > > <> Really I don't know,? I can say that they have an entry in fstab and I have several mnt-share.mount unit as generated.
2012 Jul 31
Long processing time using Augeas
Hi! I using Augeas to handle dump and passno for certain mount points in /etc/fstab. Each mount point is defined as it''s own augeas block: augeas { ''homeLV'': context => ''/files/etc/fstab'',...
2007 Feb 09
err: Found a bug: Field dump is required
what can i do to find the bug when puppet print this: err: Found a bug: Field dump is required -- Cordialement, Ghislain _______________________________________________ Puppet-users mailing list
2005 Jun 24
mounting ocfs2 partitions on boot
...9 SP2 RC2 which shares (via a SAN) a database volume and a quorum (ocr and voting). This volumes are formated with ocfs2 - so far no problem. At the moment I''m stuck with the mounting of these volumes at boot time. The user-guide of ocfs2-tools mentions to add the corresponding lines to fstab - but at the time when fstab is processed the ocfs2 cluster isn''t available (it will be started later). Is there any way (without hacking rc scripts etc.) to load this volumes as boot time? Thanks Jan Schmidt
2012 Aug 23
System will not boot - faulty fstab?
I believe that I made a boo boo recently when recovering some unused disk space. Without going into painfully embarrassing detail I need to delete an entry in fstab for a now non-existent logical volume. The system reports that the there is a bad superblock for said logical volume. Mainly I expect because there isn't one anymore. How do I edit fstab so as to remove the mount request? For some reason the system will not boot from the cdrom and the I for...