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2008 Sep 30
error in fBasics package
When I try to load "fBasics" package, I get following error/warning : > library(fBasics) Loading required package: fImport Loading required package: fSeries Loading required package: fBasics Loading required package: fImport Loading required package: fSeries Loading required package: fBasics Loading required package: fImport Loading required package: fSeries Loading required package: fBasics Loading required package: fImport Loading required package: f...
2005 Apr 20
fSeries Technical Analysis rsiTA problem
fSeries Technical Analysis rsiTA problem Hello, I?m trying to use the rsiTA() function but keep getting this error: >rsiTA(tsx,14) Error in "[.timeSeries"(close, 1:(length(close) - 1)) : only 0's may be mixed with negative subscripts Here?s is the first three lines of my data:...
2013 Jan 30
fSeries not found in R
Hello all, When I tried to install fSeries in R, I got the following error messages: install.packages("fSeries",dependencies=T) Warning message: package 'fSeries' is not available (for R version 2.15.2) Is this package changing/merging to another package? Thanks, Rebecca -------------------------------------------...
2006 Apr 26
garchFit from fSeries
Dear R People: I'm trying to use the garchFit function from the library(fSeries) However, R freezes every time that I use it. Is anyone else having this problem, please? Thanks in advance! R Version 2.2.1 Windows. Sincerely, Erin Hodgess Associate Professor Department of Computer and Mathematical Sciences University of Houston - Downtown mailto: hodgess at
2008 Jun 02
Help : R-packages : Problems loading package fSeries
Hi. I am trying to load the package fSeries, in order to load the package fGarch after. However, it says the following message. > local({pkg <- select.list(sort(.packages(all.available = TRUE))) + if(nchar(pkg)) library(pkg, character.only=TRUE)}) Loading required package: fBasics (Error : ... infinite recursion) Loading required pa...
2005 Dec 04
fSeries: garchOxFit - is really the example provided not runnig?
Dear R-helpers, I have just loaded the fSeries package and I wanted to run the example provided in the documentation of garchOxFit but I got the following: > library(fSeries) > ?garchOxFit > library(datasets) > ?garchOxFit > ## Not run: > ## garchOxFit - > # Load Benchmark Data Set: > data(d...
2007 Jul 19
fSeries GARCH(1,1)
Hello all, I am trying to use the "garchFit" function in the fSeries Package to fit a Garch(1,1) Model with t distribution. I am using the following codes. fit <- garchFit(~garch(1,1),data,cond.dist="dstd") fitted(fit) I was expecting the fitted(fit) would return the fitted volatility, but the result turns out to be a series of repeated same value. I...
2003 May 16
Hi there, Does anyone know how to predict ARMA? It doesn?t have either predict or forecast methods. I found couple of packages called fbasic and fseries at, which has ?arma.predict? in it, but it doesn?t seem to be working. Any help in this regard would be appreciated. Thanks in advance. Regards Skanda Kallur "Prediction is very difficult, especially if it's about the futu...
2007 Jul 19
Questions regarding R and fitting GARCH models
Dear all, I've recently switched from EViews to R with RMetrics/fSeries (newest version of july 10) for my analysis because of the much bigger flexibility it offers. So far my experiences had been great -prior I had already worked extensively with S-Plus so was already kind of familiar with the language- until I got to the fSeries package. My problem with the document...
2004 Oct 08
Survey of "moving window" statistical functions - still looking f or fast mad function
...lar=T) 4. apply(embed(x,k), 1, mean) 5. mywinfun <- function(x, k, FUN=mean, ...) { # suggested in news group n <- length(x) A <- rep(x, length=k*(n+1)) dim(A) <- c(n+1, k) sapply(split(A, row(A)), FUN, ...)[1:(n-k+1)] } 6. rollFun(x, k, FUN=mean) - (fSeries package) 7. rollMean(x, k) - (fSeries package) 8. SimpleMeanLoop = function(x, k) { n = length(x) # simple-minded loop used as a baseline y = rep(0, n) k = k%/%2; for (i in (1+k):(n-k)) y[i] = mean(x[(i-k):(i+k)]) } 9. running(x, fun=mean, width=k) - (gtool...
2008 Apr 07
tcltk issue remains
Dear R-help, I'm trying to load the fGarch package and keep running into problems with tcltk: After succesfully instaling fGarch (and dependencies) I get: >library(fGarch) Loading required package: fBasics Loading required package: fImport Loading required package: fSeries Loading required package: robustbase Loading required package: fCalendar Loading required package: MASS Loading required package: fEcofin Loading required package: fUtilities Loading required package: RUnit RUnit 0.4.17 loaded. Loading required package: spatial Loading required package: tcltk Lo...
2006 May 29
Hi, I'm trying to work with TsayData in fSeries package. How can i fetch any time series data of this package. Please advice. Thanks, Sumanta Basak. Send instant messages to your online friends
2007 Jan 18
problem in adf command
this command is used in tseries adf.test(x, alternative = c("stationary", "explosive"), k = trunc((length(x)-1)^(1/3))) this command apply adf test on data given in x .here general equatiuon that is, equation with constant and trend is used.if i did not include constant or trend in the equation and run the command then how i can run this command in
2011 Jul 01
How to fit ARMA model
Hello, I am having some problems with fitting an ARMA model to my time series data (randomly generated numbers). The thing is I have tried many packages [tseries, fseries, FitARMA etc.] and all of them giving very different results. I would appreciate if someone could post here what the best package is for my purpose. Also, after having done the fitting, I would like to check for the model's adequacy. How can I do this? Thanks. -- View this message in context:...
2007 Aug 08
Error: Cannot Coerce POSIXt to POSIXct when building package
...ish_United Kingdom.1252;LC_NUMERIC=C;LC_TIME=English_United Kingdom.1252 attached base packages: [1] "tcltk" "stats" "graphics" "grDevices" "utils" "datasets" "methods" "base" other attached packages: fSeries nnet mgcv fBasics fCalendar fEcofin spatial MASS "251.70" "7.2-34" "1.3-25" "251.70" "251.70" "251.70" "7.2-34" " 7.2-34" I would sincerely appreciate any help. [[alternative HTML version delet...
2006 May 02
urppTest Z-tau? Z-alpha?
...rence between running urppTest with Z-alpha and Z-tau in type=c("Z-alpha", "Z-tau")? Is this the underlying equation: delta_y(t) = mu + tau*timetrend+(1-rho)*y(t-1) + alpha_1*delta_y(t-1) + ... + alpha_k*delta_y(t-k) + error term ? I looked at Banerjee et al. mentioned in the fSeries documentation, but that didn't help. Thanks a lot, Katrin
2007 Mar 03
GarchOxFit Interface
Hello, I am having problems with the GarchOxFit. I have my Ox Console instaled in c:\Program Files\ox, and when I execute the GarchOxFit the result is C:\Ox\bin\oxl.exe not found. I there any posiblility to execute the command without installing again Ox in c:\? My OS is windows XP. Thankyou for your help. Pilar Grau
2005 Jul 08
Garch in a model with explanatory variables
Dear helpers, does anyone know a function to fit a model with: - y mean that is regressed on a set of explanatory variables - y variace behaving as a garch or as a garch in mean Thank you so much for your help, Carlo
2006 May 05
extract p-value from urppTest
Dear List, How do I pick the p-value out of the urppTest result? For adfTest the p-value can be extracted by A2 at test$p.value following A2 <- adfTest(myData[,i], lags=2, type=c("c")) What do I do for urppTest? The above doesn't seem to work. There is a slot @test with $output, which is a list of various test results that didn't want to give away only the p-value
2008 Jun 17
read.spss {foreign} doesn't work over network?
...A~1/R/R-27~1.0/library" "2.1-0" foreign "foreign" "C:/PROGRA~1/R/R-27~1.0/library" "0.8-25" fortunes "fortunes" "C:/PROGRA~1/R/R-27~1.0/library" "1.3-4" fSeries "fSeries" "C:/PROGRA~1/R/R-27~1.0/library" "260.72" fUtilities "fUtilities" "C:/PROGRA~1/R/R-27~1.0/library" "270.73" gee "gee" "C:/PROGRA~1/R...