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1999 Jul 23
Getting R graphics into MS Word (more)
...gram: > win.graph(width=5, height=3) > data(women) > plot(women) Then, in the graph window, I select the command Save as metafile using the right mouse button, and save the file in c:\temp\women2.emf Then, in Microsoft Word (97 SR 2) , I can import this file using Insert/Picture/FromFile When I do this, the picture is truncated to about 70% of its correct width and height. I have looked at the metafile produced by R, and can make it import correctly into Word by increasing the FrameRight and FrameBottom parameters (at offset 0020x and 0024x in the file) by a factor of 1.49. Usi...
2007 Jul 13
Dconf trouble
..., in ? main() File "/etc/cron.weekly/dconf", line 450, in main mail('changes to %s' % os.uname()[1], diff(os.path.realpath(previouslog), os.path.realpath(latestlog))) File "/etc/cron.weekly/dconf", line 267, in diff fromfd = dzopen(fromfile) File "/etc/cron.weekly/dconf", line 142, in dzopen return, arg) File "/usr/lib/python2.3/", line 49, in open return GzipFile(filename, mode, compresslevel) File "/usr/lib/python2.3/