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2005 Jul 03
no sound. "Failed to write frame"
...iki-index.php?page=Asterisk+quickstart. I installed it on a Slackware 10.1, by using no more than "make && make install && make samples". Then I proceeded with installing asterisk-addons and asterisk-sounds as suggested. Oh, and I used a different install prefix for *all* forementioned packages. (all the same, of course) The thing is, soon as I get SJPhone to connect to asterisk (which happens fine), I tried the echo service by dialing 600. Then I get: -- Executing Playback("SIP/julio-5ae7", "demo-echotest") in new stack -- Playing 'demo...
2010 Jan 23
Problems with :onchange for radio_button_tag
Greetings, I''ve been hitting my head to the wall over this for quite a while now and don''t seem to be able to wrap my forementioned head around it. Basically I have a list of users in a selection box and I have two radio buttons: Sort by first name and sort by last name. This is what I have in my view: <%= radio_button_tag ''sort_by_last_name'', ''true'', :checked => true, :on...
2007 Aug 02
[Bug 11820] New: two mplayers using Xv make DMA queue hang
...quot;nouveau: rip out card init, everything except modesetting." to be the first bad commit. Before this the hang does not seem to happen. However, this and the previous commit both bumped the patchlevel, so I started to bisect DRM. Bisecting DRM found good and bad commits, all when using the forementioned DDX commit. The first bad DRM commit is 5f05cd7086c54bccf1c2f0b003b78a08dc55472a "nouveau: NV04/NV10/NV20 PGRAPH engtab functions". Commits before that work fine. The following is an excerpt from Xorg log: (II) NOUVEAU(0): Fifo dump (lockup 0x004b,0x004b): (II) NOUVEAU(0): [...
2009 Aug 14
Printing from wine problem - loosing my hair
I have a Ubuntu 9.04 minimalist setup runing on a XEN vps. I only installed a few things like Wine, NX, cups (and cups-pdf), XFCE4. Works like a charm in every way except printing from Wine. I can print from native Linux apps to PDF but I get an error in Notepad and any other wine running app for that matter, StartPage failed. There are no errors in the /var/log/error_log or any
2007 Feb 21
Xen domU''s and iscsi initaitor problems.
Hello, I have been using Xen now for several months and have been quite successful until attempting to utilize iscsi within my domU''s. My research has turned up many posts of people using iscsi with no problems, and I have found no others with the problem I seem to be experiencing. If this has been covered on this list in the past, please accept my humble apologies. Configuration: