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2013 Feb 17
zfs raid1 error resilvering and mount
hi, i have raid1 on zfs with 2 device on pool first device died and boot from second not working... i try to get flash and load from it with zpool import when i load zfs.ko and opensolaris.ko i see this message: Solaris: WARNING: Can''t open objset for zroot/var/crash Solaris: WARNING: Can''t open objset
2012 May 30
Why Are You Using FreeBSD?
Hi Everyone, This is off-topic, so please feel free to disregard it, but I''m sending it to this list in the hope that it will reach a largish number of users. I am currently looking at updating some of our advocacy material (which advertises exciting new features like SMP support), and before I do I''d like to get a better feel for why the rest of you are using FreeBSD. If
2012 Nov 27
How to clean up /
Hello. I recently upgraded to 9.1-RC3, everything went fine, however the / partition its about to get full. Im really new to FreeBSD so I don?t know what files can be deleted safely. # find -x / -size +10000 -exec du -h {} \; 16M /boot/kernel/kernel 60M /boot/kernel/kernel.symbols 6.7M /boot/kernel/if_ath.ko.symbols 6.4M
2012 Apr 12
PF - pf not loading non-persist tables from main ruleset on 8.3-PRERELEASE
Hello list, I installed a box recently and updated it to 8.3-PRERELEASE on 2012/04/11 I''m experiencing this extremely weird behavior where PF refuses to load standard and const table definitions from the main ruleset. - persist tables load just fine - normal and const tables inside anchors load just fine Does anyone else have the same problem ? I''ll try to update