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2010 Aug 13
NFS issue with ZFS
I have Solaris 10 U7 that is exporting ZFS filesytem. The client is Solaris 9 U7. I can mount the filesytem just fine but I am unable to write to it. showmount -e shows my mount is set for everyone. the dfstab file has option rw set. So what gives? Phillip -- This message posted from
2012 Oct 04
Serial Console Not Connecting to Dom0 on Ubuntu Server 12 Running Xen 4.1.3
...[ OK ] * Starting deferred execution scheduler [ OK ] * Starting CPU interrupts balancing daemon [ OK ] * Starting crash report submission daemon [ OK ] * Starting Block the mounting event for NFS filesytems until statd is ru[ OK ] * Stopping Block the mounting event for NFS filesytems until statd is ru[ OK ] * Starting libvirt daemon [ OK ] * Exporting directories for NFS kernel daemon... [ OK ] * Stopping save kernel messages...
2006 Aug 18
ZFS Filesytem Corrpution
Hi, I have been seeing data corruption on the ZFS filesystem. Here are some details. The machine is running s10 on X86 platform with a single 160Gb SATA disk. (root on s0 and zfs on s7) ...Sanjaya --------- /etc/release ---------- -bash-3.00# cat /etc/release Solaris 10 6/06 s10x_u2wos_09a X86 Copyright 2006 Sun Microsystems,
2006 Dec 18
ZFS on Mac - new sighting
There''s been another sighting of ZFS on Mac. The latest developer release of Leopard (Mac OS 10.5) has a dialogue box calling out the "Zettabyte File System (ZFS)" as an option. The first publication I saw this is a French website called Mac4Ever - news/27485/zettabyte_sur_leopard/ I put up a Babelfish translation at my site,
2008 Jul 24
ORA-19870 and ORA-19502 During RMAN restore to OCFS2 filesystem
....data1", blockno 1409 (blocksize=8192) ORA-27061: waiting for async I/Os failed Linux-x86_64 Error: 5: Input/output error Tried various Oracle init parameters for filesystem i/o SETALL, ASYNCH, DIRECT and also disk_asynch_io settings. After this failure tried to used a non ocfs2 filesytem (ext3) for the source RMAN backup files, however the error still occurred. For testing purposes specified a non ocfs2 filesystem ( ext3 ) as restore target filesystem and the RMAN restore completed successfully without any errors. Let me know if you have any suggestions. Thanks, Ed ------------...
2010 Mar 17
How to reserve space for a file on a zfs filesystem
Hi all, How to reserve a space on a zfs filesystem? For mkfiel or dd will write data to the block, it is time consuming. whiel "mkfile -n" will not really hold the space. And zfs''s set reservation only work on filesytem, not on file? Could anyone provide a solution for this? Thanks very much Vincent
2005 Feb 02
Help for Linux
...t password for maintenance(or type Control-D for normal startup) When the filesystem check failed, I will log in by specifying the root password and run the fsck program manually. When I have typed in the root password, I am presented with the following prompt:(Repair filesystem) # How can I repair filesytem? Best regards,AndySystem EngineerE-mail:
2003 Mar 20
[Patch] ext3_journal_stop inode access
Hi Andrew, The patch below addresses the problem we were talking about earlier where ext3_writepage ends up accessing the inode after the page lock has been dropped (and hence at a point where it is possible for the inode to have been reclaimed.) Tested minimally (it builds and boots.) It makes ext3_journal_stop take an sb, not an inode, as its final parameter. It also sets
2012 Oct 18
lfs_migrate question
...nt point. 2. All systems are running using ip over infiniband. 3. None of my client-only systems have lfs or lfs_migrate. I think this is because they are ubuntu and only the lustre kernel modules are installed. Thus I can''t run it there. 4. Oh, and that also means that the lustre filesytem is mounted on the oss''s too. 5. lfs_migrate and lfs did not seem to operate correctly on the oss''s that are 1.8.6. Works ok on 1.8.8 though. 6. AND the two systems I am running lfs_migrate on are probably the very systems with free ost space on them. In other words, file blo...
2010 Jul 27
core dumps eating space in snapshots
I have many core files stuck in snapshots eating up gigs of my disk space. Most of these are BE''s which I don''t really want to delete right now. Is there a way to get rid of them? I know snapshots are RO but can I do some magic with clones and reclaim my space? -- This message posted from
2008 Jun 20
RE: Recover disk space after deletion files in CitrixXenserver
...9;o''code will create and format a new sparse filesystem, and use tar (or two tar''s actually) to duplicate the old filesystem to the new. You could easily break this into two scripts as well and actually store the tar for backup purposes if you wanted. cd /location/of/filesytem/image dd if=/dev/zero of=sparse_filesytem_image bs=1 count=0 seek=4GB mkfs.ext3 -F sparse_filesytem_image mkdir /mnt/dest mkdir /mnt/source mount sparse_filesystem_image /mnt/dest -o loop mount old_filesystem_image /mnt/source -o loop cd /mnt/sour...
2006 Jun 23
Needed help to fix corrupted ext3 fs
I have been trying very hard to seek help with my very complex issue but so far none have been successful. So I would like to try this mailing list, maybe there are some experts who know what they're talking about. Please refer to my experts-exchange question, all the required information will be there. It is more practical to send you to the webpage than paste out what I've done.
2011 Jul 01
Aion 2.5.0.x on Sabayon 6
Guys I''m making this post because the wine tests details section get truncated but most of it was for Sabayon users: ---- -What Works- PvE, PvP, menu''s etc... I was getting pretty good frames too depending on where and what I was doing between 30-90FPS I would say average PvE around 70FPS and in cities with PvP between 30-60FPS. What Doesn''t Work 64-bit client
2007 Nov 25
Massive problems with ''PCI-DMA: Out of SW-IOMMU space for XXX bytes [..]'' with 3Ware controller
...el paramter. It looks like there are some problems in conjunction with the 3Ware controller that have not been there on XEN 3.0.4 on 2.6.16 (32bit). The complete piece of the logfile can be found here: And this is just from writing a 5MB initramfs to an ext2 filesytem (which had some corruption afterwards). Thank''s for your help! Regards, Markus Schuster _______________________________________________ Xen-devel mailing list
2007 Sep 13
question about modification of dd_parent_obj during COW
>From the online document of ZFS On-Disk Specification, I found there is a field named "dd_parent_obj" in dsl_dir_phys_t. will this field be modified or kept unchanged during snapshot COW? For example, consider a ZFS filesytem mounted on /myzfs, which contains 2 subdirs(A and B). If we do the following steps: 1) create a snapshot named /myzfs at now. 2) rename /myzfs/A to /myzfs/A1. I think the directory objects of /myzfs/A and /myzfs will be COW''d during the rename ope...
2005 Nov 01
Linux/Mac OS X Systems Programmer -
...gabytes per second for file copy operations is required. Additional work products include detailed project schedule, status reports, design documentation, an installation and de-installation system for the filesystem module, and documentation describing how to install, use and de-install the filesytem module. Skills required: - OS X or FreeBSD/Mach kernel development experience - Network systems programming - Filesystem development - Excellent communication and documentation skills If you are interested, please email me. The position is located in Sunnyvale, California....
2006 Aug 13
learing to make shell scripts
Is there a good book out there that a newbie can understand to learn how to make shell scripts professionally and properly? Mr. X
2012 Feb 08
Para-virtualized linux kernel release for the Tegra2 harmony board.
...ra-virtualized linux kernel. You will find it on "git://" In case of xen-arm source, please visit to "git://" - Build Instructions: - 1. extract root filesytem contents as following(This requires the root privilege)     sudo tar -xvpf rootfs_dom0.tar.bz2 2. cp config_dom0 .config 3. make ARCH=arm ** Turn on target board, and download the xen-arm image(xen) and the kernel image(vmlinux.out0). ** download addresse is : ***** xen-arm : 0x8000 ***** guest...
2007 May 01
Image Science vs. RMagick
...that could chime in with some feedback? Also, I have a couple specific questions: 1. Can Image Science dynamically create images without creating files in the filesystem? For example, if I want to dynamically render an image with different size constraints but only want the original file in the filesytem. 2. Can Image Science apply any compression to .jpg''s? Thanks, Tom --~--~---------~--~----~------------~-------~--~----~ You received this message because you are subscribed to the Google Groups "Ruby on Rails: Talk" group. To post to this group, send email to rubyonrails-ta...
2013 Jun 30
why check f_path.mnt is equal for source and dest in btrfs_ioctl_clone()?
This gives EXDEV for clone operations that btrfs could otherwise execute and with slight change of circumstances will actually execute fine. Imagine we have a btrfs on /dev/mapper/foobar with subvols /foo and /bar. Let’s also imagine top of said fs in mounted at /mnt. In this case, a cross-subvol clone of /mnt/foo/srcfile to /mnt/bar/dstfile will