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2018 Feb 05
Unfortunate results from fake-super
On 05/02/18 05:53, Wayne Davison wrote: > On Sat, Feb 3, 2018 at 5:20 AM, Dave Gordon via rsync > <rsync at <mailto:rsync at>> wrote: > > [...fake-super symlink saved as a file...] > > This results in the copy being world-writable. > > Indeed. The file initially gets created as a mode-600 file, but the code > later
2018 Feb 06
Unfortunate results from fake-super
...d, and likewise after the conversion of symlinks (et al.) to plain files. This would allow a daemon configuration containing both fake-super and an absolute setting for incoming-chmod to fulfil all three of the above. The logical flow for a push-to-fake-super-daemon would then be: 1. client sends filespecs, applying any local --chmod on the way 2. daemon receives filespecs, does *not* tweak_mode at this stage 3. ... data transfer as needed ... 4. daemon sets backup file attributes 4a. in fake mode, daemon saves user.rsync.%stat, then applies tweak_mode() to the local file. Daemon modes take precede...
2006 Mar 20
fixing a corrupt /dev/hdar .. debugfs assistance...
I used ddrescue to copy /dev/md1 to a disk of sufficient size, and re-ran e2fsck, and still get the error message that there's no root file system (I've tried most every superblock): # fsck -y -b 7962624 /dev/sdf fsck 1.36 (05-Feb-2005) e2fsck 1.36 (05-Feb-2005) Superblock has a bad ext3 journal (inode 8). Clear? yes *** ext3 journal has been deleted - filesystem is now ext2 only ***
2019 May 08
Issues trying to change the selinux context; Glob expansion doesn?t happen in double quotes. Not in Bash, anyway. Huh? I thought it didn't occur in single quotes, but did occur in quotes. Odd, I'm seeing it doesn't, at least in a basic test. On the other hand, from the example in the man page, semanage insists on having the filespec in quotes. mark
2004 Apr 05
Communication problem with rsync-2.6.0
hello, I have a following problem while using rsync: rsync: connection unexpectedly closed (0 bytes read so far) rsync error: error in rsync protocol data stream (code 12) at io.c(189) it was coused by command rsync -r source/ dest/ -e rsh I use rsync-2.6.0 with rsh. What bothers me is that folowing problem apears time to time. I already checked the location of rsync on both machines, both
2008 May 01
DO NOT REPLY [Bug 2628] hangs indefinitely at start of phase 1
...he same bug. Using rsync 3.0.2 in both Windows 2003 (cwRsync, sender, remote) and OS X 10.5.2 (receiver, local). Command line in OS X: rsync -avhiz --delete --stats -P -v -v winhost:/remotedir/ localdir But I have managed to work around the problem by specifying just one or two files in the remote filespec. That is, specifying for example winhost:/remotedir/file{1,2}.rar. If I made that *.rar it won't work either. (the remote dir also contains files not covered with the *.rar). Problem seems independent of using -v, -vv and -vvv. When using the -vvv, the last line *sometimes* is "generate_f...
2006 Nov 01
[719] trunk/wxruby2: Hide unsupported PrinterDC class on GTK (Alex Fenton)
...quot;lines">@@ -98,15 +98,9 @@ </span><span class="cx"> end </span><span class="cx"> </span><span class="cx"> def get_classes </span><del>- classes = [] - Dir::foreach($classes_dir) do | filename | - filespec = File.join($classes_dir, filename) - #puts("#{filename}: #{}) - if(File.extname(filename) == ''.i'') - classes << File.basename(filename, ''.i'') - end - end - #puts classes </del><in...
2019 May 08
Issues trying to change the selinux context
Warren Young wrote: > On May 8, 2019, at 9:31 AM, mark <m.roth at> wrote: > >> semanage -fcontext -a -t lib_t "/<elided>/smwa/webagent/bin(/.*).so? > > [snip] > >> What am I doing wrong? >> <snip> > Also, I?m confused by the parens in your file path. Whether your shell > is or not is a different question. I'm following
2002 Oct 01
Changing a directory to a symlink; rsync balks.
...wstearns/med/techdocs) : Directory not empty rsync: symlink "home/wstearns/med/techdocs" -> "articles": File exists The backup leaves techdocs as a symlink, incorrectly. For reference, the 2.5.4 client is executing: rsync -aR -e ssh --numeric-ids --delete --delete-after filespecs... and the 2.5.5 server is executing: /usr/sbin/chroot "/backups/$CLIENTNAME/current/" /rsync-static --server -logDtprR --delete --delete-after --numeric-ids . / My apologies if this is a faq or handled in 2.5.5 correctly. Cheers, - Bill --------------------------------------------...
2013 Nov 01
How do I check fragmentation amount?
How can I check the amount on fragmentation on an OCFS2 volume? Thanks, Andy
2019 Jan 18
[cfe-dev] Shortest RFC ever: I propose we rename files using `.TXT` extension to use `.txt`
I mean, I can try to get these to not be "renames" in svn... but surely modern windows SVN clients handle this correctly? (and git clienst?) On Thu, Jan 17, 2019 at 7:12 PM Michael Kruse <cfe-dev at> wrote: > The problem here might be git trying to rename 'file.TXT' to > 'file.txt', which results in an error on Windows since it sees both as
2004 Jul 11
Independent implementations?
Hullo, When people ask me what Vorbis's license terms are, I usually tell them that the bitstream format is in the public domain, that the reference libraries are licensed under a BSD-like license, and that the example programs are licensed under the GNU GPL. (Note the distinction between filespec and implementation here.) Meanwhile,'s FAQ doesn't say anything about the state of the filespec, besides this: > Yes, some portions of the VP3 codec are covered by patents. However, the > Foundation has negotiated an irrevocable free license to the VP3 > codec...
2012 Dec 31
[LLVMdev] [lld] Linker script findings.
...ndicates the "current address" that we are outputting into; this assignment creates an absolute symbol `__text_start` in the output file with the address of the location counter at that point. (3) This begins the description of the output section `.text`. (4) The basic format here is `<filespec>(<sectionspec>)`. `<filespec>` selects input files, and `<sectionspec>` selects which sections of those input files will be put into the output section. Shell-like wildcarding is permitted in both parts. So this statement says to combine all `.text` and `.text.*` sections from...