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2006 Mar 07
file_upload ... won''t
Hi, I''m just trying out Sebastian''s file_upload plugin, but I''m having problems - bound to be my fault! I can''t search gmane at the moment for examples that I''m sure have been recently posted :-( I have a MySQL table "scripts" with a field "filename varchar(255) not null, and a basic scaffold''d...
2006 Apr 25
limiting options in file_upload
Does anyone know if it''s possible to set constraints to the size & type of file that file_column will accept? I''d like to limit to image files of less than 2MB. If this isn''t possible with file_column, is there a graceful way of getting the controller to handle it? thanks dorian -- -- I do things for love or money
2006 Mar 06
Question about file_column plugin
Hi! File_column plugin saves uploaded files to "public/model/image/model_id/filename", if i understand it correctly. Does it mean that it creates new folder for every image? I have product (model) that has_many images (model). Is it possible to use (or modify) this plugin that it would save my images to different folder, so the id of the model_id part would be id of
2006 Jan 05
testing file uploads
Hi all, I was wondering about the class used when rails receives file uploads. Sometimes it appears to be a File, and other times it is a StringIO. Also it has methods such as original_filename that don''t appear to belong to either of these classes. I ask because I''m trying to work out how to test my fil upload related models and controllers. Is there some standardised way of
2006 Dec 17
file_column error: StringIO Instead of Temp_File
Hi all, i am using file_column to upload 3 images from the same form, they are all different names and DOM IDs so there isn''t a problem with the multiple upload. The problem is when i try to upload a file (or 2, or 3) sometimes it works, but sometimes i get this in the log file: "bar_image"=>{"file_temp"=>"",
2005 Dec 14
image upload (apache2.0+ lighttpd)
Hello all, I use lighttpd 1.4.8 and I have a problem with image uploads. I tried file_upload plugin, but it is strangely working sometimes and refuse to work sometimes. Function in the controller is (@user is loaded in before_filter) def update_watermark @user.watermark = params[:user][:watermark] redirect_to :action => "index" end Model is fil...
2008 Mar 11
Mechanize#get vs Mechanize#fetch_page
So I found myself wanting to call Mechanize#get with a hash for arguments like this:'''', {:method => ''flickr.auth.getFrob''... }) Granted, it looks like this isn''t supported but it led me to what looks like a bug. Namely that get calls fetch_page(abs_uri, request,
2007 Jan 30
using file_column with backgrounDRb ?
...with the file_column plugin. Unfortunatly there are only a few tutorials out there, well, more articles than tutorials in fact, and additionally the few I found are all outdated so far. Anyway: I am still wondering about the concept in a whole and asking myself, how do I shift now my working file_upload to the next step involving bgrDRb ? As for now I am just using the file_column plugin the normal way and have no clue where to start, what to pass to the worker, even what to give the worker to do..etc Well, you see, I am quite lost, so its also hard to be very specific asking you... Any hint...
2006 May 17
RJS referring to window.parent
Hi all, I''ve been doing some work on the Ajax Scaffold (, to make it work with file uploads (more specifically, the file_upload plugin). The first logical step was to get rid of form_remote_tag, since it''s impossible to send files via XMLHTTPRequests (to my best knowledge). So I referred to the iframe hack, similar to the upload progress bar here ( The w...
2006 May 30
url_for_file_column and image_tag not working right together
...folder called "/testapp". when i use "image_tag" with "url_for_file_column", i get this path: /testapp/testapp/entry/image/3/myimage.jpg the image is located at: /testapp/entry/image/3/myimage.jpg to see if it was my file_upload making the wrong urls, i tried something like: <%= link_to ''Image'', url_for_file_column... the links work perfectly fine. has anyone has the same problems? -- Posted via
2006 Mar 11
file_column value always null
Hello, I am trying to use file_column to upload images. I went through the examples and correctly have the file upload button and field working in a create form. When I save the new record the file_upload column is always null. I updated the model and everything else appears to be correct, however I assume it is some sort of configuration issue. Any guidance would by greatly appreciated. Thanks, Dan
2006 Jan 22
Ajax post to apache2/mod_ssl with client certificates ......
...ers/auto_complete_for_order_name'', {method: ''get''}) With this change - the autocomplete and subsequent form submit all works as expected. It''s an incredibly specific problem - has anyone else come across this? Or has anyone else come across the problem of file_uploads over https? Headaches.... -- Posted via
2005 Dec 14
File upload (lighttpd + apache2_
Hello all, I use lighttpd 1.4.8 and I have a problem with image uploads. I tried file_upload plugin, but it is strangely working sometimes and refuse to work sometimes. Function in the controller is (@user is loaded in before_filter) def update_watermark @user.watermark = params[:user][:watermark] redirect_to :action => "index" end Model is fil...
2006 May 02
Mechanize and file_column
...pshot%5Bprocesses%5D"=>"", "snapshot%5Bscreenshot_temp%5D"=>""} It looks to my untutored eye like the query keys are getting double-quoted on upload. Anyone else seen this, or anything like it? The code driving mechanize looks like this: img = @form.file_uploads.find{|f| == ''snapshot[screenshot]''} img_name = time + ''.png'' img.file_data =, img_name)) img.file_name = img_name img.mime_type = ''image/png'' @form.fields.find{|f| == ''snapsh...
2011 Dec 29
rmagick and imagemagick
I am having issues loading imagemagick and rmagick on webfaction. I have installed a rails app called balder that organizes images. my main problem is that i can''t seem to upoload the image sthrough balder. balder uses imagemagick and rmagick when i use the console and do this: irb(main):003:0> require ''RMagick'' => nil I don''t think rmagick is
2012 Jul 20
scheduling mails in 2.3.8
Hi all, How can i send mails in rails 2.3.8 and schedule them when i need it. i''ve tried with whenever gem but it did not work properly . can any one help me out . thanks in advance -- You received this message because you are subscribed to the Google Groups "Ruby on Rails: Talk" group. To post to this group, send email to
2007 Nov 14
BackgrounDRb version 1.0RC1 available now
...of arguments from configuration file. Again, I am not sure many people used it either, if you are passing arguments to periodic methods from configuration files, you may as well hardcode that argument in worker itself. Some people, asked, if we can do "progress bar" or "file_upload" with new code base. The answer is yes, but again, changes would be required. "progress bar" example would look like this: class ProgressWorker < BackgrounDRb::MetaWorker set_worker_name :progress_worker def create @counter = 0 add_peridic_...
2010 Sep 01
NoMethodError: undefined method `force_encoding' for "Conten
Hi everyone! Im trying to install mechanizer from I`ve clone the project into /tmp folder. When I do rake inside the folder /tmp/mechanizer it gives me this error: mac159180:mechanize renatosis$ rake (in /private/tmp/mechanize)
2006 Jun 22
Apache Security
Hello, I have a server running CentOS 4.3 with all the latest updates. The server in question has been hacked by spammers a few times. The details of the hack have been basically the same every time. I find some directory created by the apache user account in /tmp. The new directory contains an html file, and a list of email addresses to spam and a perl script that spams all those
2007 Feb 21
Critical Issue - Site down...
We have a site that is running Mongrel and is down. Below is the Mongrel log file information. The server is a Linux server with 2gb of RAM. EV1 (hosting site) says that since this is a Linux server that the RAM is cached and that there is plenty of free memory available. Can anyone make sense of this error and have some suggestion of options that I may take to correct this issue and get