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2007 Apr 18
[BUG] worker stopping abruptly
I have been facing this damn ugly issue since quite sometime. So this worker reads RSS feed from Yahoo news and stores it in a DB. The worker is scheduled to run at every 40 minutes and my background_schedules.yml looks like this: feed_worker: :class: :feed_worker :job_key: :feed_worker_key :worker_method: :do_work :trigger_args: :start: <%= + 5 %> :repeat_...
2006 Apr 29
Feedtools question
I use feedtools to generate the feeds and read them,and now they can not work well: This is the code for feed generating: class FeedsController < ApplicationController def userrss @user = User.find_by_id(params[:id]) @articles = @user.articles(:all,:order => ''updated_at desc''...
2006 Apr 30
Rss feed items disappear using feedtools?
I have met a problem on Feedtools and felt very confused about it: The feed that I generated using feedtools can not be read correctedly by feedtools,while rss from other websites can be read. Still,the code for rss generating: def userrss @user = User.find_by_id(params[:id]) @articles = @user.articles(:all,:order =&...
2006 Feb 01
SimpleRss: Poorly formatted feed
Based on the suggestions here I decided to use SimpleRSS but no matter what RSS feed I try, I keep getting the error: "Poorly formatted feed" I have tried "well formatted" RSS 0.91, 0.92 and 2.0 feeds but to no avail. Can anyone please come to my rescue? Thanks Frank --------------------------------- Do you Yahoo!? With a free 1...
2005 Nov 04
Threads and Active Reccord
Yeah, this is fun! So I''m trying to check a bunch of websites to see if they''ve been updated since the last time I check them. I''m using threads and SizedQueue to grab sets of "feed" objects out of the database, then send them off to be downloaded and compared to existing records. I sometimes get this error, which I don''t understand: [2005-11-04 13:10:15] ERROR SystemExit: /usr/local/lib/ruby/gems/1.8/gems/activerecord-1.12.2/...
2006 May 13
Asking for help again about my thread debug
As has shown,I have drawn into trouble about my thread debugging for some days,and need help to solve it urgently! This thread problem comes from the design requirements that my web application will get the rss feeds read which are generated by the web application itself. has shown my code,and the key code is the following: @feed ="http://localhost:3000/feeds/userrss/#{params[:id]}") userrss is the con...
2006 Jan 31
view vs controller - data from multiple tables.
Hi all, please pardon my question if it seems silly.. I''m trying pretty hard to learn though. :) I have 2 tables: feeds (has_many feed_items) feed_items (belongs_to feed) Let''s say Feeds has 3 feed.names: "Things that Start with A", "Things that start with B", "Things that start with C". I want to print out, on one page, something like the following: Things that start wit...
2006 Mar 20
can''t get my rss to validate with feedtools
I know that I''m doing something wrong, but I can''t figure out what. I''ve looked at every wiki and tutorial I can find on feedtools but I still can''t get my rss feed working. Here''s my code. feed = feed.entries << feed.entries[0] = "Charlie Bowman" feed.entries[0].title = @post.title feed.entries[0].link = "http://se...
2008 May 27
Help with Writing Meaningful Specs
Hello all, In yet another attempt to learn Ruby on Rails and Rspec I have started writing a simple life streaming app with will aggregate feeds from several places and save them in a database for later use. An internet search eventually led me to the following method for looping through the feeds in the database, getting the contents of the URL and then passing this into another model to prepare and save it. def self.cache_all feeds =...
2006 Feb 04
Page caching feeds and cache file extensions
I have a feeds controller which generates RSS and Atom pages. I put ''caches_page :show'' in it. The problem is that the pages are saved with an html extension. As a result, browsers display the cached feeds as HTML rather than XML, and feed validators complain. There''s an option to...
2005 Dec 28
Help needed with ActiveRecord
I am having issues with RoR/database relationships I have 3 tables Feeds (List of feeds) FeedItems (List of items, feedsID) FeedView (list of views and their list of feedsID) I would like to be able to generate a view with the feeditems For example, if the view has 2 feeds --> CNN & MSNBC and they both have 15 feeds in the feeditems table I want to be able to...
2004 Jun 26
RSS News Feed
Tom, Can you/someone get a news feed setup for shorewall announcements? If not, I''ll have to make use of the shorewall rss feeds at SF. Project RSS Feeds: shorewall BTW, has links to some cool feeds. -- Mike Noyes <mhnoyes at...
2008 Jan 13
right usage of bdrb
...i, i''m going to implement a syndication-service, which will get lists in xml with some meta-data an enclosed video files, which will get encoded at the end. The syndication run will be startet every five minutes of a full hour. So i thought to build 4 Worker. One for checking which feeds to syndicate (syndication_worker) at a specific time, one for processing the list (import_worker), one for fetching the clips (download_worker) and one for encoding (encoding) worker. In my tests all went fine, all my jobs are invoked properly. Q1) Is this procedure right in the intention of...
2006 Jun 06
RSS Generator - Can not subscribe from yahoo
Hi I have created a rss generator for my web site; it is The feed displays correctly; but when I try to subscribe from my yahoo account, after entering the feed url, I get the following message :- "There was a problem subscribing to the following feeds. Please try again later" what am I doing wrong? thanks -- Posted via http://www.ruby-f...
2006 Nov 24
[OT] I Finally Got an Atom Feed
Hi folks, I took a break from Mongrel today and instead whipped up an Atom feed generator for my site. People who love or utterly hate my essays will lover or utterly hate to subscribe to it. Let me know if it isn''t working well in your favorite feed reader. -- Zed A. Shaw, MUDCRAP-CE Master Black Belt Sifu http:/&...
2006 Jun 07
How to test RSS feeds while developing it on localhost
Hi, I am developing on windows xp and am trying to create RSS feed for an app using RoR. How do I test my RSS feed while I am developing it. I don''t know of any feed reader that would accept localhost as the input. Thanks -------------- next part -------------- An HTML attachment was scrubbed... URL:
2006 Apr 11
FeedValidator :: validating feeds RSS or ATOM
FeedValidator is an interface to the W3C Feed Validation online service, based on its SOAP 1.2 support. It helps to find errors in RSS or ATOM feeds. FeedValidator add a new assertion (assert_valid_feed) which you can use in Rails applications. This assertion implements a cache to improve the performa...
2006 Mar 21
Hi all, Is anyone else seeing silly amounts of segfaults with Feedtools? They''re regular enough to make it unusable, but I haven''t pinned down what''s triggering them yet. Here''s the error: > deadlock 0xb75970a8: run:-/usr/lib/ruby/1.8/timeout.rb:42: [BUG] Segmentation fault > ruby 1.8.3 (2005-06-23)...
2006 Mar 01
In_place_editor in a For loop
...removing the element from the page, but the in_place_editor_field doesn''t seem to like being in a for loop. I''ve got in_place_editor working for single items, but what''s the syntax for creating editors for a list of items. Here''s my code so far: <% if @feeds -%> <% for feed in @feeds %> <li id="feed-<%= %>"><%= in_place_editor_field (:feed, :url) %> - <%= link_to_remote "Delete", :update => "feed", :url => { :action => "destroy_feed", :id => fe...
2008 Mar 20
Parsing multiple RSS & Atom feed formats
I''m working on a RSS aggregator, and I''ve based the parser on a script from this post; But, being the complete newbie, I''ve found that this parser only works for specifically formatted feeds. For example, some feeds will throw a ''nil text'' error. I know that I could make this script handle ''nil'' attributes, b...