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2006 Sep 11
cant Install...?
hi i am installing scalix mailserver while installing RPM i am getting this error: Failed dependencies: compat-libstdc++-296 is needed by scalix-server- is needed by scalix-server- is needed by scalix-server- libical >= 0.24.RC4.20050413 is needed by scalix-server- is needed by scalix-...
2006 Apr 29
What version of Wine am I running?
...productions2 ~]$ wine Wine 20050830 Usage: wine PROGRAM [ARGUMENTS...] Run the specified program wine --help Display this help and exit wine --version Output version information and exit [cj@vrproductions2 ~]$ rpm -qa | grep wine wine-devel-0.9.12-1.fc4 wine-arts-0.9.12-1.fc4 wine-tools-0.9.12-1.fc4 wine-jack-0.9.12-1.fc4 winetools-0.9-3jo wine-0.9.12-1.fc4 Is Wine 20050830 the same as wine-0.9.12-1.fc4? Last fall, I installed Wine from source - that's the Wine 20050830. Do I have two Wine versions installed, or does this look normal? -- C...
2005 Aug 06
Does anyone run Asterisk on FC4? with Digium's TDM40B cards
Hi all, Does anyone run Asterisk on FC4? with Digium's TDM40B cards. any success stories? my Intel 865 M'd+ Intel 3.0GHz freezee during installation (FC4). Please any comments? Kumara
2005 Aug 22
Make asterisk 1.0.7 fail under FC4
After more investigation, I decided to just recompile asterisk (on my newly upgraded Fedora core 4 system). Make dies with this error: "No rule to make target 'usr/lib/gcc/i386-redhat-linux/3.4.3/include/stddef.h" It seems this directory is gone under FC4, and replaced by No rule to make target 'usr/lib/gcc/i386-redhat-linux/4.0.0/include/ I can't find the constant/string in the make files that points to this directory. Any ideas? Will a later Asterisk fix this (incompatability with FC4)? Thanks, -Bob- --...
2007 Aug 01
PXE, Intel, and FC4 problems
...building a PXE distro server for a company that I'm contracting for, but I'm having some problems. Here's the scoop: Some of the clients I want to install on are Angstrom blades with Intel e1000 NICs. Using the pxelinux.0 file on the FC6 distro, I can install FC6 just fine. However, FC4 bombs. The system pulls it's DHCP address just fine, and then loads the kernel and initrd.img. However, at that point, the NIC goes dead, and the install then requests the CDROM and/or user input for the rest of the install (defeating the purpose of the unattended install). As I said, t...
2008 Nov 01
Problem with widescreen display
I have a dual boot CentOS 5.2 / FC4 machine, and recently I have bought a new widescreen tft monitor. I used to use a plain 4:3 crt, and after plugging the 16:9 tft naturally X needed reconfiguring. This was easy in FC4, and seemed as easy in CentOS, but with a wrong result. Basically, what I did was to run system-config-display...
2006 Jan 27
Volume of patches for CentOS vs Fedora
I'm trying to come to a decision between CentOS 4.2 and Fedora Core 4 for use on a server. One of the things the server will be serving is X desktops so there are some advantages to Fedora. However, one thing I can't help but notice is that the patch volume for FC4 from Oct 11 2005 thru the present compared to CentOS 4.2 for the same period is about 5 times greater. In fact, since June, there are 899 RPMs in the FC4 updates directory for FC4 which seems absolutely insane. CentOS is a smaller distro, but not that much smaller. Also, I understand that Cen...
2005 Sep 29
FC4 SMP domU ?
Is anyone running FC4 SMP domU''s? I don''t recall if I tested this before and today I noticed that I can only bring up FC4 domU''s as UP even though vcpus = 2. xm list and /proc/cpuinfo are in agreement :-) Regards, Ted _______________________________________________ Xen-users maili...
2005 Aug 08
Re: asterisk rpms (was: Does anyone run Asterisk on FC4? with Digium's TDM40B cards)
Morning, I've installed asterisk on FC4 and had a few problems with zaptel stuff. Having installed it on SuSE I was able to check a few things that were different. When installed with the RPMS, the udev stuff gets put into the normal 50-udev file under /etc/udev. On SuSE, it worked when the necessary zaptel section was in...
2005 Jul 04
SysV install problem in FC4
After a fresh install, I noticed that shorewall 2.4.0 wasn''t starting automatically under FC4. The startup script installs properly from the rpm: /etc/rc.d/init.d/shorewall ... but the post install "/sbin/chkconfig --add shorewall" produces this in the runlevel symlink directories: /etc/rc.d/rc5.d/S-1shorewall /etc/rc.d/rc0.d&...
2005 Oct 28
Is it possible to install FC4 to my HD?
I have a Laptop with 6G HD, there are FD and CD-ROM port to external devices. But I only have a external floppy drive, no cd-rom. Now I boot from 1fd linux and make HD as partition, next I want to install FC4 on this laptop. But FC4 CD only support CD-ROM or USB memory, I tried to write diskboot.img to /dev/hda1 with dd command, I found all files in image bootdisk.img in /dev/hda1, but when I boot laptop, HD isn't booted, no anything on screen. It is possible to boot HD after using...
2006 Sep 17
yum update dependency problem centos 4.4
...e Reading repository metadata in from local files Excluding Packages from CentOS.Karan.Org-EL4 - Stable Finished 131 packages excluded due to repository protections Resolving Dependencies --> Populating transaction set with selected packages. Please wait. ---> Package wxGTK.i386 0:2.6.2-0.2.2.fc4 set to be updated ---> Package libXvMCW.i386 0:0.9.3-1.2.fc4 set to be updated ---> Package sylpheed-claws.i386 0:2.0.0-1.2.fc4 set to be updated --> Running transaction check --> Processing Dependency: for package: audacity --> Processing Dependency: li...
2006 Jan 18
FC4 - wine 0.9.5 - excel hangs on 'splach screen'
The system is FC4 with the latest upgrades installed. Wine is 0.9.5. The latest wine is doing the best at running Office in a long time. Word seems very stable. That said excel is hanging on the splash screen. This in an old symptom that keeps re-occurring. DCOM is installed correctly. Does anyone know what the...
2006 Mar 17
TFTP problems on FC4
...= /usr/sbin/in.tftpd server_args = -vvvvvvvvvvvv -c -s /tftpboot/ disable = no per_source = 11 cps = 100 2 flags = IPv4 } Here is the error message I get on FC4: Mar 17 09:52:52 localhost in.tftpd[22194]: RRQ from filename OS79XX.TXT Mar 17 09:52:52 localhost in.tftpd[22194]: sending NAK (0, Permission denied) to Mar 17 09:52:52 localhost in.tftpd[22195]: RRQ from filename SIPDefault.cnf Mar 17 09:52:52 localhost in....
2007 Mar 13
DST and VM timestamp
Who is tired of dealing with DST changes? I have asterisk running on FC4, FC4 has been patched and shows the correct MDT timezone and time. Email notifications of voicemail show the message time an hour early (standard time, not daylight). This si the time in the message body, not the email delivery time, so it is coming form asterisk wrong. I did a reload after...
2005 Jun 30
How to make an initrd for xen
Hi How do I make an initrd for xen. I''m trying to boot rhel3 in fc4, and it keeps getting stuck at Freeing unused kernel memory. I''ve created the device files, but it still doesn''t boot up. I''m pretty sure that the solution lies in makeing an initrd file. Currently my xenU kernel is 2.6.11-1.1369_FC4xen0. Can someone please tell me how...
2006 Apr 26
Xen 3.0 on FC4 - guest domains cant ping host domain
I am installed Xen 3.0 on a Fedora Core 4(2.6.12-1.1454_FC4xen0) machine. This machine is currently running one host domain: [root@]# xm list Name Id Mem(MB) CPU VCPU(s) State Time(s) Domain-0 0 128 0 1 r---- 49.1 fc4-vm1 1 63 0 1 -b--- 18.5 Following is the network configurat...
2006 Feb 22
Centos vs FC
Hi all, I hope I'm not starting a flame war. I'm installing Centos 4.2 for a mail server. I've been experimenting with, Centos before, and now wanting to put it into a real action as mail server. Can someone pls tell me the up and down between Centos and FC? I'm familiar with FC4 and some things that I like from it: 1. The available packages are abundant. Very easy to find packages for FC4. 2. The user list is very active and friendly too. Thank you -- Fajar Priyanto | Reg'd Linux User #327841 | Linux tutorial 16:34:47 up 8:26, 2.6.15...
2005 Nov 08
Hotplug script not working
I have problem to start domU with errors: # xm create -c x335-hien1-vm4.cfg Using config file "x335-hien1-vm4.cfg". Error: Device 0 (vif) could not be connected. Hotplug scripts not working in changeset: changeset: 7700:98bcd8fbd5e36662c10becdcd0222a22161bb2b6 tag: tip user: date: Tue Nov 8 09:48:42 2005 summary: Fix alloc_skb()
2005 Jun 23
DNS issues - FC4 - Shorewall - Bridge
...ks; I have been happily using shorewall for quite some time so this problem _may_ not be easy to resolve but I am interested in any information regarding your experience with the same setup. I was using FC3 with shorewall 2.2.3 and two NICs setup as a bridge without any issue until I upgraded to FC4. My production system would pass traffic through the bridge but local usage would not work (i.e. dns lookups). I couldn''t even connect using ssh? I rebuilt the firewall using the same kickstart script and was able to connect with ssh but I now notice that DNS doesn''t work. Has any...