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2007 Apr 17
Still having factsync trouble ...
Some time ago i sent to the list a problem i was having with facts on fedora core 6 and wasn''t able to find a solution at that time, but with the release of RHEL5 and CentOS 5 based on fc6 i have hit the problem again. i have written several facts to collect information about a clients network and i am also using the vmware fact from the wiki. i hav...
2007 May 08
Fact sync problems
-----BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE----- Hash: SHA1 Hi all, I''m having a problem pulling down new facts. On one of my nodes I''m getting this error: err: fact_collector/file=/var/lib/puppet/facts/source: Could not describe /facts: Fileserver module ''facts'' not mounted notice: fact_collector/file=/var/lib/puppet/facts: source...
2008 Jul 08
ANNOUNCE: Facter 1.5
Hi all, I''ve finally gotten around to releasing Facter 1.5. As the version bump implies, this is a relatively significant release (for a 2.3k line program, anyway). Mostly, the biggest change is refactoring the code internally so that all of the functionality is split into separate classes in separate files. Also, the facts are all loaded on...
2006 Nov 02
certificate not trusted
...certificate request for xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx info: Requesting certificate warning: peer certificate won''t be verified in this SSL session notice: Did not receive certificate info: Requesting certificate warning: peer certificate won''t be verified in this SSL session info: Retrieving facts err: fact_collector/file=/usr/local/.aqadmin/puppet/var/facts/source: Could not describe /facts: Certificates were not trusted: certificate verify failed notice: fact_collector/file=/usr/local/.aqadmin/puppet/var/facts: source pupp...
2006 Sep 15
before everything
I have some facter file to distribute before running puppet on the platform. The problem is : how can i send the facter local.rb file so the rest of the .pp file take into account the new facts created ? ex: i have sudopath as a facter fact and one sudoers class that need that sudopath to work. How do you mo...
2013 Jan 31
use name (not values!) of a dataframe inside a funktion
...of my daily examples, i am stuck with: Example 1 does work, but example 2 doesn't? How kann i tell R, that i want it to expand the string "dfb" to "dfb[,2]" inside the function. In the end i want the function to change the second variable of the dataframe dfb permanently to factor (not just inside the function). Thanks in advance! Winfried Example 1: dfa <- data.frame(a=c(1:4),b=c(1:4)) dfa[,2] <- factor(dfa[,2]) is.factor(dfa[,2]) >TRUE Example 2: dfb <- data.frame(a=c(1:4),b=c(1:4)) f.fact <- function(x) {x[,2] <<- factor(x[,2])} f.fact(dfb) is....
2013 Oct 07
Force Fact within manifest
I have a requirement where I want a Fact to be stored in PuppetDB during the manifest run and not during the initial fact gathering phase. I know I can, in my manifests, create a file in /etc/facter/facts.d or I can write a Ruby script that will then be distributed by plugin sync. But both of these methods will only publis...
2011 Aug 11
Vanishing facts
Hello all, I am running puppet 2.7.1 with mongrel and an apache proxy. I have been seeing an issue where it appears that the puppetmaster is completely ignoring any facts that are sent to it. When a client connects, any configuration that relies on facts shows those variables as being empty strings. (I have been testing this with a simple notify resource that prints out the IP address and the FQDN. Both of these are coming up as empty strings.) If I check the li...
2012 Mar 23
Plugins and Hiera
...ear all, This is a continuation of another thread, but I think the question diverged enough to create a new one. I have a hiera hierarchy like this: :hierarchy: - %{fqdn} - %{secundary_group} - %{primary_group} - %{productname} - all And I need to define the secondary/primary groups as facts, on the nodes. Gary has suggested me to use plugins, that they will provide the facts before puppet runs... but I was thinking: for plugins to give facts, taken directly from within the puppet code, puppet needs to run first, doesn''t it? So, I guess I could create a module and a ruby...
2006 Sep 29
Facts load by puppet -factsync question
fact loads: I use facter to search the rsync path and then i write this sudoers line: Cmnd_Alias BACKUPCOMMANDS = /usr/bin/rsync I call puppet like this: puppetd --factsync --server=xxx.yyy.61.131 --waitforcert 60 --test the recipe is: sudoensure_line { sudobackupcomman...
2013 Jan 22
Fact chicken and egg problem
I am trying to expose a custom fact that requires a certain gem to be installed. However, the facts are being loaded before the module is loaded (and I see why this is the case sine the fact should be made available to the module). So my question is, is there a way to avoid this chicken and egg problem? I tried putting the mod...
2007 Aug 19
Problem with adding custom facts
Hi I''m trying to add extra facts to facter. The puppetd is running on Debian Etch Amd64 as Xen 3.1 guest. I''ve follow the Wiki on adding the facts. First I used relative path in the manifest and added "factsync=true" in client''s puppetd.conf. And then tested it with "puppetd -vt". But no matt...
2007 Nov 17
oddness with fileserver, facts and plugins sync
I''m working with a pretty simple config at the moment to track down some issues I''m seeing with custom facts and plugins. I have factsync = true (default locations) and I have a simple fact in /var/lib/puppet/facts/ (actually it''s David''s netmask plugin) my pp file I''m testing with contains only: notice "netmask: ${netmask}" puppet -v test.pp giv...
2009 Jan 29
Facter - the future - your input needed
-----BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE----- Hash: SHA1 Hi all We''re currently looking at the next release of Facter and the future direction of the tool. I''d like to try and prompt some discussions on facter and what people want from it. As a starter here''s some (although not all) of the ideas we''ll be working through: 1. Namespaces - add a namespace or tiered namespace to Facter...
2010 Nov 08
extraneous messages/multiple fact loads
Hi, For a long time now when we run puppetd --test I get the following double output on our custom facts, info: Retrieving plugin info: Loading facts in scratch info: Loading facts in os_name info: Loading facts in pam_limits_d info: Loading facts in os_platform info: Loading facts in nvidia_graphics info: Loading facts in hostname_hour info: Loading facts in os_version info: Loading facts in rhn in...
2006 Oct 11
Built In Puppet Variables Documentation
-----BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE----- Hash: SHA1 I''m just getting started with using Puppet, and from what I''ve seen I really like it. However, I''m trying get started with slighly more advanced things like templates but I''m running into a roadblock with not knowing what built-in variables I have available to me. Is there someplace this is documented?
2013 Sep 18
All nodes stopped reporting to puppet enterprise console
...d and rebooted, but no change. The iptables service is stopped. I''ve scanned all the pe- logs, but I don''t see anything that stands out. Any help would be appreciated. [root@Puppet ~]# getenforce Disabled [root@Puppet ~]# puppet agent -t info: Retrieving plugin info: Loading facts in /etc/puppetlabs/puppet/modules/firewall/lib/facter/iptables_persistent_version.rb info: Loading facts in /etc/puppetlabs/puppet/modules/firewall/lib/facter/iptables_version.rb info: Loading facts in /etc/puppetlabs/p...
2013 Sep 11
getting array of hostnames of clients
I need to get an array of hostnames of clients of the puppet server. There doesn''t seem to be a simple way to do this so I''ve tried a few methods. I''ve tried a curl expression in a fact like this: curl -s -k -H "Accept: yaml" https://localhost:8140/production/facts_search/search?facts.nodetypet=testnodes where I''ve got a nodetype fact which works fine for me. Now, this used to work but doesn''t any more. Between it working and now...
2007 Aug 28
adding facts
Hello, I''m a little confused how to configure the puppermaster and puppetd to add a new fact. I''ve followed this tutorial but I''m with doubts about the factsource. In my puppetmaster I have the new fact in /etc/puppet/facts directory. fileserver.conf (on puppetmaster server): [files...
2010 Dec 03
Fact auto sync reloading
So we run puppetd as a long running ruby process on the hosts. When we update a fact that gets auto sync''d to the host it seems when puppetd wakes up and starts its catalog run it doesn''t re-sync the facts. It you run it standalone it will or if you restart the service then it will do the right thing. Do other people see this? Or have you all gone to running ou...