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2006 Jul 12
Question re: Computing a field in a DB record
I''m just learning Rails and have encountered a problem trying to set a field in a DB record based on the value of another form input field. Using the scaffold code, the create works as expected and the update (edit) also works. However, one of the DB fields (amount) is supposed to be computer from another (units): if the category field is "Mileage", amount= units *
2006 May 29
validation in a "subform"
I''ve been following the rails/osx tutorial at This develops a simple application with expenses and accounts. Near the end of the tutorial, there is a view which allows expenses to be added to an account. This view has the "parent" @account rendered, then iterates throught @account.expenses to display the
2008 Mar 08
Newbie worries with "Developing Rails Applications on Max OSX Leopard"
Hello There, As a new comer to RoR, I started to follow the article In short you create to entities and one one-to-many relation linking them. Everything was good until the establishment of the relation. I am unable to go any further than "Linking Models Together" : I can create the "vendors"
2006 Mar 31
[newbi] Create a Model
Hello All, Yesterday i put RoR with Locomotive. I am very happy :p. So I follow this tuto ( I used Sqlite. my database.yml # MySQL (default setup). Versions 4.1 and 5.0 are recommended. # # Get the fast C bindings: # gem install mysql # (on OS X: gem install mysql -- --include=/usr/local/lib) # And be sure to
2017 Dec 06
buildbot failure in LLVM on llvm-clang-x86_64-expensive-checks-win
I’ve had another look, and some of the failing tests don’t use temporary files, so I don’t think this is a case of tests having side-effects. Instead, I’ve noticed that in the build log (, llvm-tblgen.exe is built (my patch modified it),
2017 Apr 21
r300964 and the llvm-clang-x86_64-expensive-checks-win buildbot
clean buld forced the regeneration of &, which may have not happened otherwise. ‫בתאריך יום ו׳, 21 באפר׳ 2017 ב-18:29 מאת ‪Simon Pilgrim via llvm-dev‬‏ <‪ llvm-dev at‬‏>:‬ > For reasons I’m not sure about it needs a clean build every so often - > I’ve forced a build at >
2010 Jul 16
Added associations but don't see generated methods
Hi, I''ve got a Rails app working that includes two two classes, etc.: Expense & Vendor. I eventually learned that the mental concept I had of their relationship should be express in Rails as: class Expense < ActiveRecord::Base; belongs_to :vendor; end class Vendor < ActiveRecord::Base; has_many :expenses; end
2008 May 13
[LLVMdev] Iterator protocols
This is related to the general question of efficiency of unwinds. I'm mulling over whether to use the Java-style or Python-style iterator protocol for my language. The Python style is to have a special exception (StopIteration) that is thrown when the end of the sequence is reached. The Java style is to have a separate "hasNext" method on the iterator object that says whether or
2017 Apr 21
r300964 and the llvm-clang-x86_64-expensive-checks-win buildbot
Hi, One of my commits earlier today (r300964) is causing llvm-clang-x86_64-expensive-checks-win to fail with a compilation error ( <>) and I'm having trouble figuring out
2006 Apr 06
Look What 911 Will Cost in Canada
Check out the proposed prices when this is approved. BELL CANADA REPORT ON THE ECONOMIC EVALUATION FOR THE TARIFF REVISION OF Bell Canada's Access Services Tariff Item 315 ? Zero-Dialed Emergency Call Routing Service (0-ECRS) *2 March 2006 TABLE OF CONTENTS Page 1.0 GENERAL 3 1.1 Purpose of the Study 3 2.0 SERVICE DESCRIPTION 3 2.1 Service Characteristics 3 2.2
2009 Jun 09
Read only configuration.
Hi, I currently I have a Samba share configured as follows: [pub_fileshare] comment = Public fileshare path = /u02/pub guest ok = Yes writeable = Yes There is a subfolder under /u02/pub called /u02/pub/expenses/hardware that I need to make read only. How do I do this? I am new to using Samba. I configured the share /u02/pub/expenses/hardware
2014 Apr 24
Asterisk -rx, how expensive is it? Should you avoid "spamming" it?
Just like the subject sais - how expensive is it to execute a lot of these commands to keep track of different things in asterisk? I have avoided doing this because it feels a bit like a risk to spam the asterisk CLI this way, but is it really? CPU-wise it doesn't seem very expensive to do it 100 times a second (from a simple test I did), but is it possible it will affect the asterisk
2009 Aug 10
ggplot: colours to geom_segments
Just as an exercise I am tying to add colours to a geom_segment command. I can get one colour but not a sequence of colours. Can anyone suggest how I can get the green lines in the plot below to be different colours? I thought I could use a palatte of colours but that did not seem to work. Thanks ========================================================================= library(ggplot2) xx
2016 Mar 26
Existing studies on the benefits of pointer analysis
> > > > I’m still a big fan of context sensitive, flow insensitive, unification > based models. > CFL can emulate this in the same time bound. > Contrary to your claim, context sensitivity *is* useful for mod-ref > analysis, e.g. “can I hoist a load across this call”? Context sensitivity > improves the precision of the mod/ref set of the call. > > -Chris
2005 Dec 20
How to model "Expense Report" in Rails MVC
1st: I am a newbie to Rails & to pure OO. Q: I want to use rails for creating a "master-detail" form. page layout will allow users to type in an "expense report header" and as many "expense report lines" as they need to. I understand how to wrap the final submit action using "transaction" to ensure the inserts to the database happen within the same
2016 Mar 26
Existing studies on the benefits of pointer analysis
On 03/25/2016 08:26 PM, Daniel Berlin wrote: > > Yeah. > It depends entirely on your goal. In reality, often what you really > want is something to say "hey, i've got this pointer over here, and i > really want to hoist it up here. Do something, tell me if that is > possible". > And this is one motivation of my current research: how can various
2004 Oct 06
SNAT is less expensive than MASQ
hi, in the masq file''s documentation, there is a sentence: "If you have a static IP on that interface, listing it here makes processing of output packets a little less expensive for the firewall." this realy means that SNAT to the primary address is less expensive than a MASQ rules in the netfilter? is this documented anywhere in iptables/netfilter? thanks. --
2008 Sep 15
Can't get script/server (or any script to work) in beginning ROR installation
I have been following the instructions found in Apple''s Developer Guide to developing ROR with Leopard found here: I''ve gotten to the point where I''m supposed to execute "script/ server" (specifically, from the XCode run menu, but I get the same error doing it from the
2003 Aug 05
Why are FXO so expensive?
Hi, I've been browsing for FXO devices, and I'm really surprised at their costs. Why such devices are so expensive and somehow hard to get ? Samy. -------------- next part -------------- An HTML attachment was scrubbed... URL:
2017 Nov 07
Problem with 'sed' on one Windows bot?
A test I added in r317607 is passing almost everywhere, except for llvm-clang-x86_64-expensive-checks-win. Other Windows bots are happy. The test runs 'sed' on a file to generate variations of the input assembler source for Linux and Darwin. I have to say it looks like