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2011 Sep 23
Envfit, inconsistant result?
..., "be_gmk_perc", "ach_gmk_perc", "nodet_spp_gmkr_perc", "Myrceugenia as border tree (%)", "Fm_borde.", "Dc_borde.", "Be_borde.", "Rv_borde.", "Aristotelia as border tree (%)")] # the Envfit calculation exp_flor1 <- envfit(gap_flor_NMDS_chord, explain1, permu = 999, na.rm=T) Thanks a lot for your help, comments and input! ----- Rodrigo Vargas G. ----------------------------------------- Silviculture Institute Freiburg University -- View this message in context: http://r.789695.n4.nabb...