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2008 Apr 19
Re ad From EXCEL
Hello!!! I have been read a much about as read data from Excel File, but I haven?t found the necesary information to read the data. Now, I can create a channel : channel <- odbcConnectExcel("file.xls") but I don?t know as read the data?? I hope that you could help me. Thank you very much. -- View this message in context: http://www.nabb...
2009 Jul 08
RDCOMClient: how to close Excel process?
Hi, I?m using R package RDCOMClient ( to retrieve data from MS Excel workbook. I?m using the code below to count the number of sheets in the workbook and then loop the data from sheets in to a list. ############# R code ################### library(gdata) library(RDCOMClient) xl <- COMCreate("Excel.Application") sh <- xl$Workbooks()$Open(normalizePa...
2018 May 29
Excel Add-Ins Not Loaded When Using & RDCOM
Dear All, I am using package to open and modify Excel files. When I manually open Excel, all my add-ins are loaded without a problem. But when I open Excel using package, like: xls<-xl.get.excel()"MyFile.xlsx") some Excel add-ins are (installed but) not loaded. Since th...
2011 Aug 29
Problem in writing a R data frame to Excel format using RODBC package
Hi Experts, I was trying to write a data frame which has a header row, from R to Excel disk file using RODBC ( RODBC_1.3-1) package. I met with an issue:- If in sqlSave(), I set a parameter "colnames=FALSE" then I get first row as header in excel file. If ''colnames=TRUE'' then it gives me first 2 rows as header in excel file. Actually, accordi...
2010 Nov 15
Cannot switch between excel files
I have recently installed MS Office 2007 in Wine 1.2 on Ubuntu 10.04 64-bit I have noticed that I cannot switch between two excel workbooks. I can either work on only one excel at a time or do a lot of jugglery to switch between the two. It will be great if anyone can give me a solution as I need to work on multiple excels most of the time. Thanks Prasad
2006 May 18
Server out to excel
How would one server out to excel a html table with the mime/content type application/ ? In PHP it would be something like ?php header("Content-Type: application/"); ------ But how do I do this in rails? Cheers Glenn -- Posted via
2009 Jan 13
ROR - Excel Export Example
...@sort_by = ''last_name'' current_user = ''steve'' @records = Contact.find( :all, :conditions => ["created_by = ?", self.current_user.login.to_s] #, #:order => @sort_by ) # Creates OLE object to Excel excel ="excel.application") # Create the chart excel[''Visible''] = TRUE; excel.DisplayAlerts = false #Supress''s Excel warnings workbook = excel.Workbooks.Add(); excel.Range("a1")[''Value''] =...
2001 Jan 11
Reading Excel files from within R.
Dear all, I am interested in reading Excel spreadsheets (*.xls) directly into R (I am using version 1.1.1 at the moment). I have not had much luck so far. For the time being, I have been converting Excel files to comma delimited files (*.csv) and reading these into R (using commands such as "read.csv"). This works well, but it w...
2006 Apr 25
Questions to RDCOMClient
Dear list members, I''m using R in connection with the RDCOMClient and Excel. The more I use the package, the more I''m fascinated of it. The possibilities of R can be brought together with the necessities of outputing my socio-economical research results in MS Office! But I have some special questions concering the use of RDCOMClient and perhaps you can help me so...
2013 Oct 02
R Excel - Microsoft Excel is waiting for OLE action
Hi, I am hoping you may be able to help please? I am trying to use R Excel to run an R script using "RInterface.RunRFile" I have tested this command on basic scripts and they work fine. However when I try to run quite a long script which runs a number of forecasts using the forecast package, linear regressions and then tries to print and excel workbook I get th...
2007 Nov 29
MS Excel Data
I am using MS Excel (Windos Operating system), how I import/export data between MS_Excel and R. Regds Faisal Afzal SIddiqui +92-300-9297089 fasidfas at ____________________________________________________________________________________ Never miss a thing. Make Yahoo your home page.
2013 Mar 04
Excel User interface for R
HI, Assume I have the data frame generated from R as the following: Product Price market_share A 100 10% B 110 9% C 120 20% D 90 61% What I want to do is to have this kind of excel user interface by changing price of certain products, to get the impact of market share generated from R: if I change A price from 100 to 90, and change B price from 110 to 100, based on the calculation in R, I want to get the result from excel, for example, Product Price market_share A...
2011 Jul 08
Excel export date format
Hi folks, I have been tormented for some time by Excel''s habit of exporting dates to CSV files as mm/dd/yyyy format even if the dates are formatted dd/mm/yyyy in the display. What''s worse, if there are dates that are of ambiguous (6/6/2011) and unambiguous (16/6/2011) format in the same column, Exce...
2006 Jun 16
image_select_tag with name and value
What have I missed I have a .rhtml with the sandard form parameters <%= image_submit_tag("excel.gif", :alt => "Download List to Excel", :border => 0, :name => ''render_action'', :value => ''excel'' ) %> Which genenerates I believe a valid html fragment for a submit button. <input alt="Download List to Excel" border=...
2010 Oct 20
ascii or regex code for alt-enter for Excel
I need to write a table that can be opened in Excel or OpenOffice such that there are newlines embedded within cells. After much Googling and futzing, I can''t figure out how to do this. The way to do this within Excel is alt-Enter and I''ve tried ''/n'', ''/n/r'', ''/r/n...
1999 Apr 15
Excel 'save as HTML' problem with Samba 2.0
Hello, Eversince I upgraded Samba to 2.0 version I''ve gotten so many calls from the users regarding Excel ''save as HTML'' problem. What seems to be happening is that the users cannot save their Excel spreadsheet as html file when they were able to with the previous Samba version we had installed (Samba 1.9.18p10). According to MS ''knowledge database'', this is a known...
2006 Nov 16
Excel Chart
Hey at all I''ve a question about excel chart: i want to export some data into excel and generate a chart with different styles. unfortunately, the generated chart is in fullscreeen-mode. how can i set the size by generating the chart? does anybody know a page where i can find some information about excel charts? thanks a lot! Pasca...
2005 Jan 03
spreadsheet addiction
...;s a new page on the Burns Statistics website that looks at spreadsheets from a quality assurance perspective. It presents R as a suitable alternative to spreadsheets. Also there are several specific problems with Excel that are highlighted, including the status of statistical functionality in Excel. Patrick Burns Burns Statistics patrick at +44 (0)20 8525 0696 (home of S Poetry and "A Guide for the Unwilling S User")
2007 Oct 18
Nice reference to R
Just saw this in the Windows Secret blog: Get official and unofficial fixes for Excel By Brian Livingston Despite the hotfix that Microsoft recently released for Excel 2007, as I described on Oct. 11, some math errors that you should know about still lurk in both Excel 2007 and Excel 2003. I''ll bring you up to date and explain how you can get better results from Excel....
2008 Oct 14
Maximum number of pasted ''code'' lines?
Hello, I write most of my R code in excel and then paste it into R. I am wondering if there is a limit to how much I can paste? I want to paste about 19,000 lines of code should this work? I am doing this because when I did it chunks it took about an hour and half. I thought if I could insert it all and leave it for that long that would be...