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2008 Feb 08
Upgrade 1.2 -> 1.4 voice files
Hi All, I'm going to be upgrading our 1.2 Asterisk system. At the moment we use the Enicomms SLN files. Are there major differences in the 1.4 default voicefile packs, or will I be able to re-use Enicomms?? In the Make menuselect, I noticed theres no .SLN voicefile selection for the basic audiofiles - has SLN been depreciated? Thanks Adrian
2008 Jan 23
Replacement for Allison
Hi, Does anyone know what I need to do to get these: Sounds files to work? I've tried loading them, but they are completely silent (format mis-match maybe?). Specifically, when I try to enter voicemail, nothing plays... though it clearly tries. I'm looking for replacement sound files for the default Allison, as I...
2006 May 19
British English voice files are ready for download
Hi folks, With thanks to Alison Keenan (another Alison!) for the voice, Chris Bagnal for converting from 44k wav to sln and finally Terje Elde for debugging my HTML code, the British English files are now ready for download. They can be got from Thanks and don't forget to practice safe IAX ;-} Mark -- Mark Phillips <>
2006 May 11
British Voice talent records Asterisk prompts female voice bank. As I have her in my studio (yeah right; it's a cupboard under the stairs) does anyone need anything doing? She's charging a Pound a word with a minimum of 20 quid. Interested parties should drop me an script email as well as relevant funds to my paypal account ( Expect to see Alison's work up on later next week in wav format. Have a good weekend all. Mark
2006 May 23
More Alison Keenan British English files
Hi folks, I've posted uLaw, aLaw, G729 and G723 variants of the Alison Keenan British English files. Thanks -- Mark Phillips <>
2011 May 26
UK English sounds packs
Hi Does anyone know if there are any free UK accented English sounds packs? Thanks Ish -- Ishfaq Malik Software Developer PackNet Ltd Office: 0161 660 3062
2007 Jul 13
Centos on the decTOP? For $99 a nice little system with AMD Geode GX500 128Mb memory and 10Gb disk. Upgrade to 256Mb and off we go? Replace the hard drive with a Flash card, and run off a battery pack? Add Bluetooth (lower power draw that 802.11) and run IP over it to your desktop.... It does have ethernet, so a crossover cable
2006 May 16
Re: [Astlinux-users] British English Female files ready for download
...n of AstLinux - Asterisk on Compact Flash <>, Commercial and Business-Oriented Asterisk Discussion <> With thanks to comedienne Alison Keenan, the female British English audio files are ready for download at The files are currently only available in wav format (71MB) but will be converted to other formats as time permits. Please read the licence information prior to use. Thanks Mark _______________________________________________ Astlinux-users mailing list Astlinux-users...